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  1. Detruire_et_Esperer

    Better Credit Maker? Jean Bart, Hindenburg, or Yoshino?

    if you have this, use if not jean bart or tier IX prem.
  2. Detruire_et_Esperer

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    and we have to regrind everything what we have for getting a point for a reward ships man,, i dont like this event even tho the reward is suprisingly good for veteran player.
  3. Detruire_et_Esperer

    What am I doing wrong?

    your team had something wrong you did nothing, also die hard tf i only once get close quarter from cv not die hard
  4. Detruire_et_Esperer

    Russian Balans

    B A L A N S
  5. if you have the ship,, you probably know how to use it.. let's throw off some crap you say.. i already play that ship feel struggle if in CV match,, but if a normal match her torp would be devastasting
  6. because her gimmick is torp,, i cant denied that you say and her playstyle is kitting away not sit down like kutuzov
  7. Detruire_et_Esperer

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    err no,, atlanta still good at her tier
  8. Detruire_et_Esperer

    while everyone is drooling over alaska

    still enjoying khrons, than alaska imo dunno why
  9. What the hell is this? Irian is balance
  10. Detruire_et_Esperer

    All of CV are dead except Hakuryu

    All CVs are unplayable after hotfix playing CV feels like just throwing your plane on piranha
  11. Detruire_et_Esperer

    Bots Make RNGesus Cry

    Yesterday i've already seen bot from tier x to tier v, im so hopeless that bot make me lose streak
  12. Detruire_et_Esperer

    WoWS Update 0.7.8

    ur computer is potatoes labeeb
  13. Detruire_et_Esperer

    Support ships.

    my opinion is between Anshan and Gallant
  14. Detruire_et_Esperer

    About the Montana buff requirement i have read for days

    if you play montana properly .. Yamato or GK can be frightened plus Montana is Cruiser hunter ... i don't know if im right or not
  15. Detruire_et_Esperer

    Asia server best server

    don't forget SEA server have square language (characteristic SEA Server)