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  1. Lupis

    Buff the Atlanta.

    A ship that isn't a glorified waste of tonnage in my dock. I'd settle for having better shell velocity.
  2. Lupis

    Buff the Atlanta.

    As the game goes on and power creep becomes a thing, will the Atlanta receive a much needed buff or Not? because if it's kept in it's current state for any longer than all owners should be refunded and the Atlanta removed from the game since it's utter trash now compared to all the other tier 6-8 ships of it's class.
  3. Lupis

    It's nice to see.

    Yeah i forget that. yeah i guess i should have remembered about the new year.
  4. Lupis

    Should I buy Kamikaze?

    Yeah i don't have the Fujin or R. I'll be getting it and the Leningrad.
  5. Lupis

    It's nice to see.

    I'm used to that. It's people in groups of 4+ running away from 1 or 2 DD's that are lit up. Doesn't help that i'm trying to get back into WoWs and it's sister game WoT has eroded all of my patience with team based games.
  6. Lupis

    It's nice to see.

    That the concept of teamwork is still as unfathomable as ever. Is it that hard to look at a mini-map people?
  7. Lupis

    Things In The Game That Needs To Be Changed

    well many ships can do damage against ships two tiers higher because of HE. Sadly The Brits only have "P2W" HE on two ships.
  8. Lupis

    this is for the sooks in the game

    How can you tell you've been reported "X" amount of times?
  9. Lupis


    I do find it funny. In WoT the Christmas Tree and Snow KV-2 had $1 boxes but WG cited JP's gambling laws in the reason why the didn't have the $1 boxes in SEA. Seeing these "Secret Santa" boxes i'm seeing some hypocrisy and double standards.
  10. Lupis

    Love Secret Santa

    I wonder how long this runs for? *waiting for tanks advent calendar to finish*
  11. Lupis

    The WG Money Trap

    Yeah nearly fell for that trap with ships. I then Made a rule. I'd only get ships if they're history interests me. That hasn't stopped me so far.
  12. Lupis


    Okay. Well anyhoo the KM DD's seem interesting so i'll come back for a day or two.
  13. Lupis


    Sigh cable still down and a event for the one ship i wanted the most. I'd have rather been able to buy it WG since both WoT and WoWs are unplayable for anyone in Aus. Edit: huh looks like i have to wait till next month. Looks like i can buy it then. Okay that WILL get me back in bathtubs.
  14. Lupis

    NERF the Belfast

    I have found the song of this thread: You guys really are the reason we can't have nice things.
  15. Lupis

    British Cruisers confirmed

    I'd love a RAN Sydney as a tier 6 premium.