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  1. Maikning

    Clanbattle rating system is not online?

    its solved
  2. it seems odd that no one mentioned it already. the whole rating system is working for eu and na servers but not for sea server. i mean my clan got 22 wins out of 25 battle yesterday but we are still sitting 0 points in squall 2.
  3. just replace the team button with clan. team battle has been taken over by clanwar anyways
  4. Maikning

    Ahoy TX premium sheep

    good one now here comes Tone
  5. Maikning

    Lets talk about yamato

    nerf of Yamato when it happened was appropriate. however wg just kept coming up with better new ships as well as buffing all the old ones (heidenberg montana etc). and yamato was just left there in its old glory.
  6. i guess its more abt ID rather than ships.
  7. Maikning

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    eu got their raffle prize distributed like 4 days ago. and btw prize for wining teams arent handed out yet.
  8. Maikning

    So.... I got stuck in the update of the game client

    exactly same situation here. looking forward to a fix
  9. I've recently noticed that there's a game mode called Tournament Mode(4 spectators) in Training rooms. As I've been hosting friendly matches in Training mode recently and we plan to have the games casted, I'm very much interested in how to use the spectator function. However I just could not figure out how to use the spectator function. There is no room for spectators up in the team sections, and if I remain in unassigned section and click battle start, I will simply drop out without loading into the game. I'm wondering if there is any way I can make use of this function. Thx.
  10. I'm hearing from guys in US server saying that rewards would be given to teams achieving Alpha b4 3/8. Do we have similar events in Asian server?
  11. People are not allowed to chat with their team-mates and opponents after game finishes in current settings, which seems to be inconvenient for me. We should be allowed make friends with well-played and skilful team-mates or even opponents, or maybe just share thoughts on a very close game.
  12. Maikning

    Retrieve premium ships

    trading my premiums ships for a gf. open to any offer