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  1. Yuki_Nakashima

    Best pure and all around gunboat

    Gearing, Atlanta, Clemson :^D
  2. Yuki_Nakashima

    i cant play gneisenau

    DDs should not be much of a problem if they get within the range of your secondaries. Just point your bow towards them if they're trying to do a torp run on you.
  3. Yuki_Nakashima

    Matchmaking is BROKEN

    Exactly. You should have played on low tiers more for you to improve and bought the Tirpitz and Kutuzov later on. Playing on high tiers when you don't have that much experience is hell. That is why you are having a hard time. Go play some low tier ships and you should have an easier time playing high tier games.
  4. Yuki_Nakashima

    How to cruiser?

    Play the Aoba like a light cruiser. The Aoba has very thin armor. Engage enemies at safe distances. DO NOT give your sides to a BB or any AP-lobbing ship as you can easily get citadeled. Always use your torps when you can especially when a BB gets dangerously close.
  5. Yuki_Nakashima

    Philippine Marines Do you Experience....

    server distance maybe?
  6. Yuki_Nakashima

    OBT data wipe

    I see..well, thanks for the information :^)
  7. Yuki_Nakashima

    OBT data wipe

    will we get our ships back when OBT starts?
  8. Yuki_Nakashima

    can't get into the game

    Thanks Ming it worked
  9. Yuki_Nakashima

    can't get into the game

    I get this error everytime I click play in the client.Does anybody know how to fix this? thanks
  10. Yuki_Nakashima

    There goes my CBT

    Just got in