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  1. Semi casual English speaking old man here looking for a clan to play together. Came back from a long long break, currently in a dead clan 😁 Bonk me if you see me around.
  2. Jehuty_v2

    Infuriating experiences on this server.

    Why are people still playing this lousy game where the devs don't care about inputs from the playerbase. Move on guys move on. I am glad I did 😀
  3. Jehuty_v2

    CV's in or out

    I mean we can all discuss about the "best" proposed ideas about how to change CV. But if WG is going to be damn anal about not taking in players feedback and insist it is their way, then pretty much just investing more wasted time. The attitude they have been showing is pretty much take it their way.
  4. Jehuty_v2

    CV's in or out

    You guys still on this ? Just move on to other games and be done with it lol
  5. Remember they are Russians, they care more on communists stuff than Commonwealth related things. And Russians always focus on the gulag ?
  6. If a uncamo ship outperforms you who has camo equipped, does it mean you suck so bad or does it mean they are damn good ? 😂
  7. Jehuty_v2

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    And ya, the nut who keeps downvoting CV comments is Commander_GALEN https://worldofwarships.asia/en/community/accounts/2010618499-Commander_GALEN/!/pvp/overview/ Player of cry BB-abies and CV, not surprising eh, dear pinoy commander.
  8. Jehuty_v2

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    Same opinion here as most other DD players I guess. I get chased to hell from a T8 CV when i am playing my Yuugumo. Can't do shit, can only stay near allies, bottom of the scoreboard in North map cuz there is nothing I can do. 4 CVs in a match meaning they can perm spot me all the way. 483 exp on a win. Good job WG. You always have a way to screw things up royally despite the universe trying to tell you otherwise 😂
  9. Basically there are tons of work to be done and sadly we players are the guinea pigs being experimented right now to get the numbers for supposedly what WG defines is statistics and numbers before they could implement changes and hotfix, which I call reactive actions with no brains behind it. I think DD has gotten the worse shaft it up your ass treatment since the radar implementation and with lesser CV players, there were at least a healthy population of DD players USUALLY, not differentiating the bad and the good players. CVs before remake takes skill obviously to master manual torp and strafing. So new players against old is always a nightmare. Yes we all have to adapt some way or another, but such a drastic change without any form of planning and interaction with the players is of course asking us to give WG the middle finger. There can be no real true balance but at least work to keep things in moderation for the players dear WG
  10. Jehuty_v2 changelog

    I think most players are advocating for fair play. Yes we recognize that CVs played a deciding factor during WW2, but for god's sake this is an arcade SIM. People have to remember CV is in a league of its own cuz obviously they can do multiple things at the same time, and at most times sadly, does it better than what most surface ships does. And thus more care and thoughts need to be in place to ensure the game is balanced out for most players. Devs are simply over reacting to whatever the player base is putting out and obviously they didn't do their share of the work and push it out to everyone to do the stress testing. All in all, I don't pity WG at all for all the shit they are receiving cuz they rightfully deserve this shitstorm.
  11. Jehuty_v2 changelog

    Sadly, planes were and now still dominating the capital ships. Remember the time of 2 x 6 torps by Midway into a broadside Yamato ? Cross torp formation and you have no way to escape ?
  12. Obviously dear OP just want to farm easy kills and wins, he doesn't want counter play or fair play, since he/she bought out the point of not everything has counter play. Pretty much that has always been the direction of his argument lol. You know you are pretty much in communication with a kid/adult with kid mentality when all he can think of is how to abuse mechanics to his advantage instead of coming from a fair play situation
  13. Jehuty_v2


    沒辦法,WG设计师全都是笨的. 在北美,大家都头疼
  14. And oh just to add on, even the chinese general discussion forum are complaining about the CV changes. Haven't check out the japanese one yet, in a while. Tell me, scrub D, when there are 100 people, and out of those 100, 99 say this change is bad and only 1 say it is good. Scrub D only has 639 DD games, while I have 2364 DD games. WHO SHOULD I BELIEVE IN ? 😂
  15. Jehuty_v2


    You might also have to check what pedigree of ranked players you are playing with. Those at rank 18 - 20++ and beyond you can expect maybe half of them have no clue of what to do.