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  1. Jehuty_v2

    How to Republique?

    Pretty much I wouldn't trust a 103 battles tard posting. You basically have to pick your fights as you can't win against other T10 BBs like Conq or Yamato. The general advice is always the same, don't push alone and go with your supports.
  2. Jehuty_v2

    Salty reports

    I am surprised so many people still on this sh**ty game lol Jumping off the ship was one of the best decision I made 4 months ago. Have fun to all who are still around :)
  3. The fact that if you think they care, you are in for a huge mistake lol. You know who i am referring to.
  4. Jehuty_v2

    Well done WG

    If you think certain people over at (where I don't want to state but you know) actually cares about people whining at them, you are in for a nasty shock. Their concerns are only about $$$, thought that fact should have been established way long ago. And oh, they can't take any forms of critique from anyone lol
  5. Jehuty_v2


    Insult towards Developers and advertising another game, Post Modified, User Sanctioned ~tc1259 I've seen botters who have been reported and they are still in game botting.
  6. Jump over to War Thunder bro. Much better graphics
  7. <content removed> Well isnt it common that people like this are still around and WG ain't doing any shit about it Calling WG police from Earth. Naming and shaming. Post Edited. Thread Locked. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  8. Jehuty_v2

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Not happy about collaborations ? Just quit the game. Fastest solution.
  9. If you think WG would actually give this suggestion even a thought, you are being naive =P They continually like to break things which are fine and implement useless stuff instead of fixing the important issues at hand. We can continue more discussion at Discord cause devs always hate to see critics shooting them lol
  10. Jehuty_v2

    WELL CV need to go back in time

    If his posts even had full stops, maybe I would read it.
  11. Jehuty_v2

    Anyone knows to NOT get citadel'ed in Japanese ships?

    Well the poor OP here as you can see from his stats is pretty bad lol https://worldofwarships.asia/en/community/accounts/2008636356-Field_Marshal_Abe/!/pvp/overview/ You need to like learn the mechanics, if not it would be a royal waste of time.
  12. What is detonation, no such problem at all. Fun and engaging. Selling detonation flags if anyone wants to take them off me. (I wish)
  13. Jehuty_v2

    WELL CV need to go back in time

    Then you check his stats and realize he is a total scrub lol https://worldofwarships.asia/en/community/accounts/2012728899-TakemoriKohoto/!/pvp/overview/ Only has 1 CV and he talks like he knows alot.
  14. Jehuty_v2

    Saipan Poll

    Not completely OP ? I think you need to like go read over all the other regions. Everyone is complaining it is OP. Tell me how do you come to the conclusion that it is not OP ? lol
  15. Jehuty_v2

    IJN Cruisers Furutaka and Aoba

    Flamu's videos are not exactly a good example and players over at NA and EU uses the same boring meta as compared to Asia's turtle meta which is much more careful. Unless you get afk players, getting matched up solo against 3 ships will guarantee you a fast trip back to port. Flamu don't even want to play at Asia server cause he can't even take our meta game now. And our recent cross server matches shows that Asia meta is obviously better =P