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  1. Ultra_Grunt

    WG’s fallacy

    +1 This really made me think!
  2. Ultra_Grunt

    BBs as usefull as tits on a bull

    its true bb is so weak right now cv dlete it from other side of map dd delete is from 20km away invisible cruiser dlete bb with fires while also invisible bb is =counter by all other classes they are so weak
  3. Ultra_Grunt

    A wierd trend in community(ies?)

    Battleships seem to have escaped the nerfhammer for quite an interesting number of patches now....
  4. Ultra_Grunt

    One year infograph

    You didn't criticise him, you attacked him the first chance you got.
  5. Ultra_Grunt

    One year infograph

    I agree with Lunatic. All you do is disregard his constructive criticisms and ignore the fact he is trying to Make SEA Great Again. Why do you still bother to turn up in these threads and waste your time posting irrelevant stuff nobody cares about?
  6. Ultra_Grunt

    One year infograph

    wtf SEA [content removed] again why are we always neglected bros Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  7. Ultra_Grunt


    CA/L are not allowed to be good. 152mm AP shells with ~1600 alpha damage, no matter how good the pen is, will deal no damage to anything but broadside targets <12km. There is a reason there are two shell types after all. Speed boost is also useless on cruisers, especially cruisers with a citadel that takes up half of your ship for no reason. As for Akizuki, I suppose Wargaming decided that having worse shells than Tachibana's 76mm guns six tiers higher (even though there is literally nothing wrong with 100mm secondary's shells) wasn't cutting it. So the easiest way to buff her was to nerf every single other DD that could shrug off her tier 1 shells instead of make her shells better. Really does make me think...