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  1. nchnch

    Wacky acceleration behavior of Cossack

    It looks like the issue has been addressed to the devs.
  2. nchnch

    Wacky acceleration behavior of Cossack

    I checked the ship statistics on the live server (ver Royal Navy DDs do have the same acceleration multiplier as Royal Navy CLs. You may have it confused with other iterations.
  3. nchnch

    Wacky acceleration behavior of Cossack

    Did they revert the change?
  4. Due to Cossack having the Royal Navy acceleration bonus preinstalled, when it uses the engine boost consumable, the ship accelerates noticeably slower. I'm assuming it's because the engine boost consumable has a lower acceleration multiplier than the RN flavoring. The maximum speed of the ship increases as intented. Can someone look into this issue?
  5. nchnch

    [Poll] "Azur Lane" collaboration

  6. nchnch

    The Shiratsuyu

    (Edited) Unconstructive Post, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  7. nchnch

    tier 7 + german cruisers

    German sonar is the only strength they have. Everything is below average until you get to Roon.
  8. nchnch

    this is joke reward right?

    Oh don't sell that module. That thing is very helpful IF one day you decide to play DDs.
  9. Well thats not the ships fault, its the incompetence of the player.Having 1 (and no more than 1) reverse parking Fubuki was beneficial to the team.
  10. Aye. CV Saipan - I might say 301 is maybe better for spotting and punishing yolo DDs, 220 with 3 torp bombers is gonna get shot down fast when everyone is bunched up together around Belfast or Flint Hiryu - non-premium option, 222 Ranger - NEVER USE USN CVs EXCEPT SAIPAN OR MIDWAY BB Nagato - good BB Colorado - use Nagato Gneisenau - massive AA, but are you sure you can tame that dispersion? Scharnhorst - the worst BB you can take, you can't avoid fighting enemy BBs in ranked CA/CL Belfast - go to ship, still a difficult ship to play Flint/Atlanta - strong but depends on the map and where you spawn Myoko/ARP Myoko - well balanced non-premium with decent torps (T7 ranked has always been very smoky) other T7 CAs - No DD Sims - Best fleet support + cap contester Blys - Best mid-range flamethrower Shiratsuyu - Best concealment (600m~1000m advantage), 4x2x2 poi torp wall with not-so-bad guns, extremely vulnerable to Belfast from its lowest HP and slowest speed Akatsuki - constant torp spammer with good speed and concealment Mahan - high firepower but slow + worst concealment, at least it has USN smoke Z1 - the only sonar DD with torp spamming capability, meh in every other way... and whats wrong with your smoke? Leningrad - It looks good on paper but man, those turrets have a VERY bad firing angle, you can almost never use all of your guns Kiev - go to 'programs and features' and uninstall World of Warships
  11. nchnch

    Upcoming ranked season is the very definition of P2W

    You still need to ba a good player to advance through the ranks. Well performing ships are like multipliers, the player have to be fairly good to utilise its full potential. I'm sure you've seen shitty premium ship players.
  12. nchnch

    all in favor of getting rid of ijn dds

    People should always specify what tier(s) they are talking about. Using IJNDDs at Tier 7 and lower is justifiable, they have their traits. But past tier 8, there is absolutely no point having them on your team. Marginal concealment advantage, worse gun DPS, worse turret traverse, worse speed, worse turning radius, worse torpedoes, no DFAA, etc. They at least need like 500~600m concealment advantage over USNDDs and actually GOOD torpedoes (shorter detection range and faster reload) to be a part of the game. Buffing IJN guns is not going to establish an identity for them.
  13. nchnch

    how to complain about account got banned?

    It must not be your first offense if you have a perma ban.
  14. nchnch

    Concerns about ranked battles

    Ranked has always been P2W, nothing new.