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  1. Foxman8600

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Dont you mean they are coming back? 🙂
  2. Foxman8600

    CV Rework Test 2

    I have been having the same issue. I got the e-mail with my details. However, when i try to login, it says incorrect username and password. I suspect that either a) That we cannot even try to login until the test server becomes active. Maybe because of last minute patches, or something else b) There's an issue with the accounts
  3. Foxman8600

    so now the forum shows clantags as well eh

    Clan tags. Thats kinda of neat. Though it will be interesting to see on the NA forum how it changes some of their discussions :)
  4. Foxman8600

    Officially Christmas here soooooo

    Merry Christmas everyone
  5. Foxman8600

    Two brothers map

    Oh, you mean the five island map with 2 spawn points for each side right?
  6. Ohhh, Can I have a copy too That way when i fill out a row I can yell "Poi" Oh. wait... wrong word In regards to the OP, thats what experience smart CV Captains can do. Heres some suggestions for maybe what you can do. Think ahead, if you know your going to turn one way, always consider there's a second squad of torpedo bombers ready to "hammer and anvil you" so consider turning in a direction to make the second squads drop slightly more difficult. Keep adjusting your speed, so it makes it slighlt potentially more difficult for the enemy CV captain to reset his next manual drop or adjust. And if all else fails, and it looks like your going to take a hit, try to take as few hits as possible, and if possible along any torpedo bulge you might have. Remember BB's have more health (save early CVs, who may have similar) than any other ship. So, you can take a hit (or potentially 2) that cruisers and destroyers wouldnt be able to.
  7. Foxman8600

    Two brothers map

    I really love this map Yesterday on the North American server I was in my Tier 3 Japanese Cruiser. Some of the enemy decided to go up Torpedo alley, whats worse, is that our carrier detected they were attempting it. So I turned around from trying to flank through rows 1-3 and head back, Just in time to see the enemy fleet (Consisting of 3 enemy cruisers) attempt to break out. Whats even funnier, an American Premium ship driver, using a Tier 7 american cruiser was leading the charge, I guess he thought his premium ship alone would win the charge. He came out of the passage, with my ship showing its torpedo broadside of 6 torpedos at 1.8KM range Needless to say he died very quickly, and oh did he rage he immeditately typed "Reported! Banned for Life" of course i didnt think anything of it, but did type "Why" only my teammates responded, which after that I responded with this Dig "Well, he shouldnt of gone down torpedo alley then" I can understand slighly why some people dont like this map, but I think is a ton of fun oh and P.S, Dont go over to the American forums about Draws, trust me it will save your sanity
  8. Foxman8600

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    best well balanced post regarding the issue. I salute you sir
  9. Foxman8600

    CBT Stats

    6 Billion Shells? I think we just depleted Tony Starks cache of, well everything
  10. Foxman8600

    Carrier Torps - Manual Drops are Broken

    How about a "Ohhh, nooo, my battleship got sunk by something else other than a Battleship, that shouldnt happen, Battleships should be invinicble, whahhaaa" Have we have that yet?
  11. Foxman8600

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    OK, lets go real world for a second. I will show you a world war two picture of a Japanese Kate torpedo plane dropping a torpedo against the Stationery Hornet in the Battle of Santa Cruz, on the after noon of October 26th 2914. http://www.combinedfleet.com/katetorp.jpg Notice how close this torpedo plan is dropping. Records indicate this is the torpedo that doomed the hornet, and any chances of saving her. (Torpedo hit at roughly 1523 hours) Source: http://www.combinedfleet.com/torps.htm The point I am trying to make sorry, is that while this is a game, it is also based of historical fact
  12. Foxman8600

    Carrier Torps - Manual Drops are Broken

    Yeah How many "Carriers are OP" threads have we had this week. Seems like about, what 4 or 5. Honesty, I have fought against carriers in lower tiers, with ships built in the period when they really didn't consider airplanes a threat to sink ships. If you get "hammer and anviled" then all you can do is do your best to avoid them, don't wait for them to launch, be proactive, and start manveruing (if possible) as soon as you know they are coming for you. Honesty, If I am battling a enemy ship at range, and i see torpedo planes coming in, I consider the torpedo plans the bigger threat. The enemy ship can wait. I saw someone else in another thread say they had a list of complaints they expected open betas to make threads about. I have a honest question, is there anything on that list that hasnt been crossed out
  13. Foxman8600

    my tech tree progress has been reset?

    Maybe the Devs should post a sticked topic on the front page. If you find your account has been wiped > this is most likely why? I just have a feeling we are going to have at least 12 topics on this in one months time. Might be wrong "_
  14. Foxman8600

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Thank you Saito, actually sounds very interesting
  15. Foxman8600

    Naval Slang

    This is some excellent stuff , alot of my family served with the Australian navy, so if i ever managed to meet them face to face i am sure they would have some stories to tell I am also guessing alot of this stuff or words you wouldnt say to the person or type of people mentioned right to their face