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  1. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    46k average damage is good?

    Depends on your mind.
  2. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    Ranked Battles, let's review

    Lo yang and Chapa is the best
  3. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    RIP high tier matches

  4. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    Bismarck is the most useless ship for ranked!

    All BBs tier 8 not useless and I think skill play is answer
  5. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    how to reach rank 1?

    I see your feel and I play Chapa at R5-2 I work with our DD smoke and radar support we can kill enemy DDs. this time you should play R5+ and you can see many good player. I'm not good English sorry and good luck get rank 1 coming soon
  6. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    how to reach rank 1?

    I play radar ship for support our DD
  7. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    T8 Ranked - ship of choice?

    Lo yang Lo yang again for me
  8. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    [EXPIRED]New promotion code

    Thanks bro with 4 flag again...
  9. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    yeah karma

    Karma just number however, if the number is up, I feel good. Some player carry team but got repored and some player play DD no spot no cap and rush CV must report
  10. __UMARU_Chan__UMR

    What's your karma?

    I'm not serious