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    個人認為目前時段還好,只是以後會不會考慮把黃金時段延長一小時變成4小時 (7 - 11 / 8 - 12之類的)? 另外請問為什麼不把星期五也納入?
  3. DawnIIAkatsuki

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Greetings Sub_Octavian WG said that they would not release any new CV before the CV major rework. Also, they claimed that the rework of CV interface is not even major rework so I consider there will be no new CV in short time. Apparently, the Kaga is going to be released soon but CV is still not reworked. So My Question is 1.Why would WG attempt to release a new CV before major rework? 2. When would the REAL MAJOR CV rework come? It seems that balancing is not in the highest priority of WG's plan. Why would the dev team choose to keep adding new and fun but not-so-urgent contents instead of solving the more urgent issue like matchmaking and ship balance (For instance, IJN dd and CV)?