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  1. FrostBear

    Super/over powered Torpedo's

    Torpedos with 4 tubes are way to more powerful like the Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo
  2. FrostBear

    invisible dd

    Make sure that Ships have recon planes has Launched or else it won't detect right? and DD are way too small to detect..
  3. FrostBear

    Suggestion for a new Game Mode: "Escort"

    This is the Best Game Mode for Tournament or other events in the future of WoWs
  4. FrostBear

    Night Battle?

    No, I'm not implying things that this is a problem.. I'm just imagining things that WoT have Night Battle Remember: "Battle of the Darkness" so theres no Light except the Head Lights of the Tanks and Except of the Moon that shines Brightly And they will install the Night Battle of the WoT then it would be a Great Game (GG)
  5. Is it possible that the Main gun can attack the Torpedos?
  6. FrostBear

    beta acc carry forward

    as it say this, did the WG have a "Invite Friend" function? to join directly on the CBT on WoWs? but Limited to join a friend? ? If have it would be GREAT!
  7. FrostBear

    beta acc carry forward

    No no.. It's only Ship a Ship!! no captains should be still or crew Even, I didn't play this game on my own account but I think its too much disadvantage for us thus who didn't play to the CBT
  8. FrostBear

    beta acc carry forward

    it is the same way before the CBT starts.. all Alpha Tester lost them ships because of the CBT starts BUT!. they rewarded a free ship Although I'm not a Alpha Tester nor Beta Tester..
  9. FrostBear

    Access FAQ

    It should be posted on QandA thread?
  10. FrostBear

    Sometimes, Patience and Amnesia can be helpful.

    I'll look some fire extinguisher to repair it immediately !
  11. FrostBear

    Sometimes, Patience and Amnesia can be helpful.

    Why you applied this game? to play? then please wait to get your own code and read and be active on forums or external website of the WoWs *Says on the youtube*
  12. FrostBear

    The Yamoto seems misplaced at T10

    Yamato has a good accuracy and Long range attack its like an half of the map its range so it should still at T10 I just see on my friend's Ship class Yamato
  13. FrostBear


    But can launch a plane if its a moderately damage if I'm right.
  14. Although I didn't try this perks in the game so i don't know what is this.. and didn't play the game I just post this so that I can understand all of this but I need your answer. Someone tell me that what do I choose first turning speed, accuracy or damage .. so I need your advise I dont know if there is a Damage just in-case if there is a damage perk