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  1. Arksha

    All of CV are dead except Hakuryu

    it's only need 1 day, then WG Screw all the CV.. it was like, the year of CV only last for 1 week..
  2. Arksha

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    well, once i take a look on this nerf, i already thought that this is the bad patch ever after released to the players who tried the CV. it is FUN before the hotfix, but the DD it self is suffering (i think almost suffering). But, per today, how to play this CV role, is not something that i want as a CV main. the only consideration is the tier X, because their take a long time to wait for the Aircraft Restoration time. i think USN Midway is the most suffering right here, i'm still able to play with hakuryuu. The only main problem here is the Aircraft Restoration time for Tier X (also the AA are seriously madness, i think it's not quite enjoyable for the first person who want to try their first sail using the tier X). for the rest of it. it's not FUN again for the other tier. like, the enterprise almost do nothing unless it can spot the enemy?, not even reach the Defenceless AA that being protected by the nearest cruiser that's not an AA ship can wreck and torn her plane easily? Looks like, my entire CV line gonna stop until here again until WG do something regarding this CV hotfix. there's no meaning to this CV Rework..
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