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  1. Kerbal94

    Server down or me only?

    I can log in now ,and my last losing ranked didnt count, lol
  2. Kerbal94

    Haida Will Always Find A Way To Kill You

    Lol, I was waiting for this.
  3. Kerbal94

    Get Ready For More Radar!

    Oh? More citadel you say? roger
  4. Kerbal94

    free flag from Azur Lane

    Very nice flag, Not many yellow flag in the game.
  5. Ok, whatever.. I ll take this freebie.. although I don't have any internet problems..
  6. You know too much! I am going to delete this post! damn, can't find delete button.lol
  7. And now the website said I have different premium time on WOT and WOWS... what happened..
  8. The game said I got 52 days of premium time,.... but I don't know what happened, apparently 52 days is not an purchase option in store....
  9. Kerbal94

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    thank you! I am suprised that I can win this will less than 3k base xp in a tier 8 dd. i wish more people can join this event.
  10. Kerbal94

    2nd Anniversary Achievements

    Use special flags , if u have.
  11. Kerbal94

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    OGNEVOI 2889XP And look at this MASSIVE income!!!!!!!!!
  12. Kerbal94

    Yamamoto Collection

    You'll be able to access the Collection after completing the Campaign to earn Yamamoto. Collection items will most arrive in daily Containers along with other in-game items. from NA website, so you need to completing all campaign and get yamamoto first
  13. Kerbal94

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    FLETCHER 2671XP and tons of yummy free xp
  14. Kerbal94


    minotaur is a monster if on the right hand.