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  1. You'd also have to deal with taking half an hour to accelerate to top speed, having BBs be even more OP than they already are, having a main battery hit ratio of well under 5% etc. I'm not sure about the brilliant part but it sure would be an exercise in patience...
  2. carillus

    Well Played MM

    MM ALWAYS treats ALL your ships as being the highest tier present among you. It's not hard to see why you ended up in a T9 game.
  3. carillus

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Added, thanks for the heads up
  4. The bottleneck is usually the CPU instead of the graphics for this game (I don't really know why). It eats intense amounts of CPU but barely stresses my GFX card.
  5. carillus

    Looking to make some magical guide

    Guess you've already chosen? Well, won't hurt to try... I'm sitting at 1.5k + 1k (CBT), and play all the lines for all the classes at mid tiers. My English is pretty good too, so I can be an editor if nothing else.
  6. carillus

    Hall of Fame Q1/2.2016.

    I'd have liked to submit for the other BB as well, since this was a really intense clutch match that saw a 4v8 at mid-match against us, which we managed to turn around for the final win. Double High Calibers/Confederates from the two of us - pretty intense work. But anyway, since that's not possible:
  7. carillus

    Eurobeat's How to Guides

    Thanks for your videos Eurobeat, kept me from going insane during my exam period by taking short breaks to watch (and rewatch) your stuff. Looking forward to the next one. =)
  8. carillus

    USN DD captain skills

    I would actually suggest AFT + Demo Expert for USN DDs, since I'm guessing your primary method of getting those ribbons would be setting BBs on fire (I totally understand, because I'm doing the same thing). The sheer number of shells downrange + BBs not really caring much when they see small floaty shells coming = a ton of hits even with 16-18s shell flight times. The extra range should allow you to stealth fire as well. I don't actually see a need for Survivability Expert, since your insane maneuverability + close range gun superiority + super good smoke = nothing much should be able to touch you. Run premium smoke at 22500 credits a pop if you want to be extra safe, I find it's well worth the investment.
  9. carillus

    For Singapore players!

    *Raises hand* If I'm online and not divvied up feel free to call on me (I'm usually divvied up though if it's at night). I have some experience in all lines except carriers.
  10. carillus

    Does moving effect shell dispersion?

    It actually IS easier to citadel an enemy turning toward you from an away angle, because he temporarily exposes part of his less-armored underwater hull during the turn. Hitting this part usually gets you citadels.
  11. carillus

    Strength of the SEA community

    Player numbers are fine, but find a bunch of people to div up with or games can get boring real fast since nobody talks at all - in a language that you can read, at least.
  12. Well, a DD shooting at you does little pinpricks of damage. You shooting at the DD on the other hand - if you land a single hit that's a fifth of his health off. Yes, RNG may suck, but you can't really do a one-to-one comparison. BBs HAVE to be balanced that way or everything that's not a BB within 10km is going to be horrible to play, and games are going to become even bigger sniper-fests than they are now.
  13. Try shooting under 4km next time - with recent patches that's the range where the guns gain an incredible accuracy buff. First things first - you have two very different roles. Your battleship can kill enemy ships at 17, 18km (or at least shave off a ton of HP) with a single well-placed salvo. You get to fire this salvo once every thirty seconds. Eventually one of those salvos are going to stick, and you are going to kill your enemy. In exchange you kinda suck at close range battles against well-played destroyers (well-played, mind you, bad destroyer captains are laughably easy to deal with even as a BB) because your guns are huge and pondering and can't seem to fire in a straight line at a tiny target. Now, the destroyer - what can the guy do at said distance? Maybe a US or Russian DD can pepper the enemy with irritating gunfire. Death of a thousand cuts and all that. A IJN DD can launch torps and hope with all his might that they'll hit something (they probably won't). In exchange, they're phenomenal at close-range engagements where their torpedo armaments are nigh undodgeable. Well, if they're played well at least. Both classes have a thing they're good at and a thing they're bad at. You can't just take one type of engagement into account and ignore all the others. What happens if it's a BB vs a CA under 10km? Well, BB wins most of the time. CA vs DD? CA wins most of the time. The whole point is not to engage a DD in a CQB as a BB. If you had your team melt around you and found yourself in that situation, well, bad luck. If you knowingly waded into a situation where that would happen (like rounding an island with less than 2km between you and said island), you're asking for trouble. You can feel free to disagree with me. I play DDs, BBs and CAs, and all classes have their strengths and weaknesses. It's just learning how not to get into a situation where you're at a disadvantage.
  14. carillus


    Well, maybe you can try not engaging in a fighter battle?