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  1. RainMan_Poi

    WoW Giveaway

    no, so much keys giveaways on different ways to spawn noobs.
  2. RainMan_Poi


    把遊戲移除安裝就對了 :O)
  3. RainMan_Poi


  4. Sorry for my bad English, Hope i can't capture the screenshot, thus the community is being positive. Don't want to deal with this.
  5. Met these guys often, THERE ARE 1 OR 2 PLAYER START SPAMMING F**K, VIOLENT WORDS AND ATTACKING ALLY SHIPS WHEN THEY SEE "POI"! What's wrong with these guys?! THESE GUYS ARE MORE DISTURBING AND WORST THAN SPAMMING "POI" Most of player know what was happen, then they don't spam "POI" anymore, At the beginning, i agree spamming "POI" is disturbing, thus i never spamming "POI". But what the hell with these guys, just normal chatting but they saw my user name including "POI", so they start being mad?! RainMan_Poi: Capture the point please,important than killing XXXXX: rainman is stupid, f**k poi And he sunk me. He is ally...... This happens often, SO THE PLAYERS WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT "POI" ARE GOING TO REVENGE? "POI" TURN THESE GUY BEING ANTI-SOCIETY?!
  6. RainMan_Poi

    invitation key doesn't work

    Dude , I got your case before. I got the key from promotion activities. The key was send to me by e-mail, so I am the first one to get the key most likely. But the system showed it was a invalid code… I cotact the promotion staff again, he said conntact the asia region wargaming. After that there is no more feedback from him, but I got the confirm e-mail at the same time. I don't know the staff did something or not , maybe I am lucky, hope my experience can help you. Off topic, thanks wargaming giving me the chance.
  7. RainMan_Poi

    The code-email do not come.

    Congratulations! <--- very disappointed for seeing this.
  8. Shame on you, ruin the chances for the better one. Selfish Chinese. 請使用繁體中文討論。~DarkDHMaster
  9. RainMan_Poi

    How are people chosen for the CBT? O.o

    Only few lucky players, including noobs who stuck at installing the game,
  10. RainMan_Poi


    what a waste for you.................... the chance are not for noob.
  11. RainMan_Poi

    I guess I didn't make it?

    Very disappointed, all application which you don't receive the confirm e-mail are denied.
  12. RainMan_Poi

    Closed Beta invites?

    Hope and patient, to death. I am talking about me, Already waiting for 5 or 6 hours....................
  13. RainMan_Poi


    To sleep or no sleep?
  14. RainMan_Poi

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    For me, "Poi" is the only thing what i get in the "Kan Colle". Off topic, wait for the confirm e-mail around 5 hours, almost die, poi~