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  1. Musashira

    Admin message

    "Join us for another round of Assault Debauchery! Assault Gauntlet #2!" it says 'Link below it' It shows and stays at the bottom dead right side on the Notification area. o.o Dunno it's just showed up just recently tho' i thought something happened to my account lol
  2. Maybe at least have something like changing weather conditions in the main menu ship selection screen (w8 wat). . . Like raining, Semi huge waves, Storm(?) etc. . . If it's not possible to add weather conditions on-game because of various effects and possible outcomes. . . Well just a suggestion tho' to give at least maybe a more realistic theme . . . and tension/excitement. . .
  3. Musashira

    Epic Beta Test

    Wow such skillz how to pro dodge fishes D:
  4. Musashira

    Panzer Vor! Girls Und Panzer Der Film

    Wat the [content removed] tank ye got there HAHAHA nice drift Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  5. Musashira

    Battleships Last Word.jpg

    Deeper that deep //runs
  6. Musashira

    Russain and RN ships

  7. Musashira


    HAHAHA dafuu. . .
  8. Musashira


    Slowly sinking ships depending on their damage taken or big they are is quite a good idea and gives more like realistic aspect >.>
  9. Musashira

    information about gift ship for CBT

    CBT Reward. . . Ah i see c:
  10. Musashira

    information about gift ship for CBT

    Will this what so called 'gift ship/s' will stay on our accounts on OBT!? Just wondering @w@
  11. Yes weather conditions but doesn't much affect the graphics card i think mine's almost fried up X_X
  12. Musashira

    Self Made Mods

    Ah i see it now. Thanks >w<)/
  13. Musashira

    Self Made Mods

    Is there a forum/thread where can i download free MODs? I really want one ._. I want to do it too myself but i don't know the formats >______<
  14. Musashira

    Public Release Of World Of Warships

    Very true. That's what i'm always thinking while playing WoWs. Wipe doesn't really matter, your experience in-game is what you earned while beta testing ._.