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  1. Lightbringer84

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    This topic started on July, with a lot of so-called "promises" of "We're working on it, A solution is being tested" bla bla bla. 3 months now, and the issue is still not resolved. It took you guys almost 3 months to come up with the idea "slow the ship by 75%" ? That's it ? 3 months, and that's your answer? And better yet, we're still waiting. Til patch 0.5.1... wow... Many of us here had suggested good solutions for it, I can't understand why none of their ideas made it into YOUR solution. Slow the ship by 75% ? I'm astounded. I'm hoping a more effective answer will be making it to patch 0.5.1. And where's the ban on team killer ? Cheers,
  2. Lightbringer84

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    For the record I've played with, and against quite a few applicants in this thread, and I can say some of them don't have a very nice attitude. It's lucky I could understand what they were saying in chat (when they are not typing in English, of course), and those things that they say, sadly, made me ashamed to think that they share the same nationality with me. I'm not going to comment on their skill level (cos they usually are skilled players, in fact, very skilled and "pro"), I'm just talking about their attitude and mindset. So I beg you this, be selective, be throurough, choose wisely. Cos some of them don't deserve this honor. Cheers,
  3. Lightbringer84

    Report team killers

    I don't think this "automated system" is gonna work. Well, picture this: Scenario 1: Match starts, at base, someone deliberately fires torps in a direction of a friendly ship moving, hence killing it. Once that ship was destroyed, he exploded too (and hopefully get a Pink name). Ok fair enough, he's out of the game and can't do any more crap. Scenario 2: Match starts, at base, someone doesn't fire a full salvo of torps, but SHOOTS at friendly ships. They are damaged, he's damaged. But he's not out of the game. Teammates tried to warn him. He stops. Or so you thought. 5-7 mins into the game, he said in chat: "Well, I'll make it game over for you now!", and then proceeds to torp the ship sailing closest to him. Well, it's a battle, he's not to blame, he doesn't take damage now. After killing 1 friendly ship (which the "Automated System" that you spoke of, saw this as accidental damage), he sails to our CV, torps our CV, boom. 2 ships down. He doesn't get any punishment, cos the game sees this as accidental torping. He went on and killed 4 of our ships that way, including me. And nothing happened to him. => Now, tell me if this system is working. The killer got away if he does it in the middle of the match, in the midst of combat so noone can blame him. What can WG do about it? I've had that kind of stuff happenning a lot to me, and no option to report, and some games later I still see the killer again, no pink name. Needless to say, how pissed off I was, eh. Moreover, I'm curious, what does the Pink name do the that player? Cos he doesn't get banned, no. He's still happily playing in games, and continously killing teammates again. So that Pink status is pretty much just for show, isn't it? Useless. On a side note, if I have screenshots, who then can I message, or send screenshots for such deliberate team killing? And I have to do this on the forum? Find someone with "Moderator" tag?
  4. Lightbringer84

    signal flags in premium shop

    Why are you grinding in PVE? It must be... painful... Even with premium, sometimes I barely make a profit ...
  5. Lightbringer84

    0.5.0 Match Maker changes

    From the chart I think that's for normal ships. But then the Prem Ships got "special treatment" so that means they won't be thrown into matches with lower tier than them, only equal and above, I was confused on that one (-_____-") http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/matchmaking-revamped/ "Also, note that Premium ships have their own matchmaking table, as you can see from the picture below." - Quote from that link on EU page.
  6. Lightbringer84

    0.5.0 Match Maker changes

    So was the MatchMaking Change actually applied to ASIA server? EU server got it, many people here believed we got it too. What is the final word? Because from what I understand according to the chart, say, premium ships got special MatchMaking; for example, Atlanta (T7) should only go in matches with T7,8,9 only, and Atago (T8) should only go in matches with T8,9,10 only. However, I still see Atlanta in my Cleveland (T6) games and I still see Atago in my Myoko (T7) games. Sometimes I even see Alanta in my Omaha (T5) and see Atago in my Cleveland... Kinda weird if that MatchMaking is actually working, eh?
  7. Lightbringer84

    signal flags in premium shop

    It better be in the future. Cos if you are "discussing the viablility and possible effects", why have you been seliing them already on other servers? Don't you think that kind of logic is a bit unfair for ASIA server? We have been wanting those flags for a long long time now, seeing it's always on the EU shop, so please bring them here as well. I for one, will be happy to pay for those, like the package on EU shop. Sincerely,
  8. Lightbringer84

    In the name of sanity

    Sorry if I sounded too extreme I didn't mean to be. As I said, it's just something I noticed and put together over these months (in this game), and years of playing online games, my own experience so to speak. If only they can/ and want to communicate in order to cooperate, they are more than welcome in my party. Otherwise, I'm gonna be real honest here and say my 11 years of online gaming experience (starting from World of Warcraft), with their presence, has been unpleasant to say the least. I'm just stating my thoughts, no finger pointing here lol. Anyhow, I have no quarrels with them. I'm simply a guy who enjoys teamwork and good communication, both in real life and in game, hence the rage towards those who don't, lol. My point in this thread is to ask WG if they can reinforce the English speaking by not giving people the tool to type in other Asian languages, nothing wrong with using the English Alphabet. That's all. This is not Russian server so I don't think that's too much to ask. My 2cents, no offense to anyone P.S. English is not my native tongue just so you know. I've had my fair share of difficulties when learning another language, but I chose to uphold and respect it as the universal communication form. And I think other Asians could do the same. Thanks for putting up with my rant lol. Now I need to get back to sinking more ships
  9. Lightbringer84

    Voice Messages for Quick commands and Emoticons.

    I vote for an option to turn these sounds off. The chat spam alone is annoying enough. Or better yet, remove the feature altogether. We only need the Targeting Alert and the Attention to Sector Alert, those can stay (still, without the voice). For those who are saying: Get used to it, it ain't that bad, it'll go away soon... No, it's not. The spam is real and it's here to stay for a long time, unless WG do something about it. Also, 5 reports aday isn't enough. Where is the report option for Team Killer, AFKer?
  10. Lightbringer84

    In the name of sanity

    I'm getting real sick and tired and annoyed at this everyday, not having fun. 'Cos I'm a team player and this game is essentially a team-based game, and I realised that in matches where there are people actually speaking English and actually communicating, my Win Rate sky-rockets! On the contrary, matches that are filled with "blocks" and "poi poi poi"... usually result in people going all over the place regardless of my communication, and those matches are more often than not, ended up in Defeat... WG please remove the freaking language bar or whatever it is that enables them to type in non-English characters... and reinforce the English speaking please... I don't mean to be a racist but I've noticed those Chinese speaking players... they are no good, in both manner and in playstyle (selfish, stubborn, mostly a big I-am-the-star-of-the-game-and-noone-else-matters attitude). Why isn't there a Chinese-only version so they can go off and play with their kind together? We need a cleaner community here. Just so you know, I'm very pissed, this rage has been building up in the past 3 months and today I post for the first time on this forum. And English isn't my first language either, still I use English in every games I play and I find that essential. If not for the bloody ping, I'd move to European server already... Is there an English-speaking only clan, group out there that I can team up with? Or any Aussie, Kiwi teams that want to division? Thanks and sorry for the rant. P.S. Please remove the Voice Message function, or turn the damn sounds off. I like the targeting alert, very good, but the voice spam... it needs to go. Like, seriously...