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  1. Aimforfun

    Mogami is too crispy in 0.4.1?

    I know people hate Cleveland but I need to play it to advance to next tier anyway. Also this remains me when I was playing Fuso in CBT I got 1 hit by an air dropped torpedo.
  2. Aimforfun

    Mogami is too crispy in 0.4.1?

    This is a causal game for me I only play each of my ships in PVE once per day to get the bonus exp, just like a daily task. It's more like a battleship simulator for me. I know Cleveland is weak against BB but if you let Myogi chasing you then it's an easy cake.
  3. Aimforfun

    Mogami is too crispy in 0.4.1?

    Yesterday my Cleveland got 1 hit by a single 356mm AP shell from a Myogi, YES, 1 shell hit and my full 35200hp gone. Never happened before.
  4. Please correct me if I'm wrong: Say I'm in a Myoko which fires every 12 sec and guns are ready with AP rounds, one enemy DD in sight, I can either: 1. Fire my AP salvo immediately then switch to HE and wait for 12 sec to shot again, in the first 30 sec I can shot 3 salvos; 2. With expert loader skill (it only works when all guns are loaded), I can switch to HE in 8 sec and shot the first salvo, I can only shot twice in the first 30 sec. I will choose the option 1. Besides, all other tier 1 skills are better than this.
  5. This skill only takes effect when all guns are fully loaded, which means if you want to switch ammo right after one salvo this skill won't reduce loading time at all, so I think this skill is Floating Turd
  6. First post on forum, I can confirm this is the correct meaning and I found it offensive. I too occasionally see these kind of BS and reported every time, but what happens after that is a big mystery.