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    Bug Aircraft Carrier

    Happened to me as well
  2. Issue: Plane cant land or take off while CV is not on fire Screenshots: Ship: IndependenceMap: OceanOccurrences: It just occurred to me so I came in to report, only once so farTested: Not without the help of training modeSeverity: Rendered game unplaybleDetails: My CV was hit by 2 enemy bombers squadrons one by one, I instantly used Repair when first one hit me and caused 3 fires, then the second squadron hit me, while Repair is still in effect no fire was ignited but after that my planes cant land or take off. I tried to ask my teammates and enemy to shoot me with HE, but till I die no fire was caused nor can I use repair once the CD is finished since there is no critical to repair. I think it's a bug that both repair and fire are tweaked.
  3. Issue: Since 0.5.3 Screenshots: N/AShip: NumerousMap: NumerousOccurrences: Almost every time Tested: Yes Severity: Not gamebreaking but really annoying Details: 1.Since 0.5.3 I have suffered constant disconnection after battle, it happens if I survived the battle or I stay till battle result comes out. The game disconnects suddenly and client goes back to login, meaning I can't see my statistic. But the game WILL NOT disconnect if I died in battle and chose to go back to harbor before it ends. 2.My internet connection if perfect DURING the battle with no lag or package-lost and the game is pretty normal before patches.
  4. Same here, I almost had 1 million ping and suffered from constant drops every 10 sec The game is currently unplayable in Asian Server
  5. Sorry, posted in wrong section, pls delete it soon Locked at OP Request Twisted0ne
  6. Hikuran


    0.3.1 update所有信息來自於俄服的預告*新地圖加入 *加入米國BB和日本CV線*北上獲得煙霧彈*最上和妙高在科技樹上位置互換*Saipan取消,Independent挪動至6階,5級加入Borg改造輕型空母*按照噸位調節轉舵效果*伊吹/仙丈/Baltimore/Des Moines獲得修復技能(BB專屬加血)*若干平衡修改*HE更容易毀壞組件*飛機對魚雷的偵測距離縮短*VB和VT投彈后,返航速度加快*水上偵察機的探測距離增加*增加大和的炮彈速度*增加旗號和成就係統*Premium船(由披索購置的船)會有特殊技能*天城和Des Moines的輪機聲音更改*加入TK懲罰*TK者會有不同的顏色提示*TK到一定程度后會獲得相關稱號提示,并以50%HP開局*測試系統不受腳本變化*0.3.1大多數Mod停止運作
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    申請測試 帳號

    你需要等官方給你發確認的郵件啦 收到後就可以下載遊戲了