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  1. You're better off not knowing
  2. Well I cant edit for shizz in my phone
  3. alright, since I regret updating my chrome. I'll just put it this way : the number of ships you get depends on how much blueprints you got. You got all three of them? great, here's a bonus flag while you're at it. The ships comes with basic modules and a port slot but no captain
  4. You do know there's already one in the USSR tech tree, right?
  5. Last weekend you get the tier 3 1 blueprint This weekend you'll get the tier 4 1 blueprint And next weekend you'll get the tier 5 1 blueprint So yeah, each weekend have different blueprint and depending on how much did you collect will tell how many you'll unlock
  6. I don't know what's the cause but, ever since this update went live sometimes early battle my frame rate likes to go down (like, 1-5 fps) and then back to 58-62 fps after 10-20 seconds UPDATE : turns out it's because of DX11, reverting back to DX9 solves the problem
  7. You might want to change the one that I underlined if you don't want to get raided by mods Posted edited ~lengxv6
  8. Didn't they already mentioned that monarch's a KGV with 3x3 15 inchers?
  9. I have a life and I'm able to get jack-a-boy (seriously though, the missions to get the boxes are REALLY easy)
  10. Just wait until flamu gets it and then WG will her
  11. I do, in the IJN sub branch. And umm... I don't know what to say Mo! Mo! Momomomo! Mo!
  12. Nah fam, miss me with that bait
  13. When there's a belfast in the enemy team, I would usually see if there are islands around him in his radar range so that I can bait him to use it.
  14. Well not me, always seen them as something cringeworthy
  15. Personally I think the low tiers and mid and high tiers are just the only difference. Want some torpedoboats? Go for the low tiers. Want a hybrid DD? Go for the mid and high tier ones. (kinda like how german DDs are?)