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  1. They're putting Helena in the upcoming US CA/CL split as a tier 7
  2. Git Gud and carry harder *dabs
  3. In a parallel universe where USS Texas took part in the Dunkirk evacuation......
  4. The tier 4 also seems interesting after seeing flamu's video.
  5. Not a 4x3 gun layout?? I CALL HERESY!
  6. Scenarios has and will always be an escape for me from randoms (and shitty internet ). I don't really care if I can't get another 10pt captain/premium time/flags, its something that won't make me bored of this game from playing randoms over and over again
  7. Saw that port slots were on sale and thought that I should spend my doubloons on it (a total of 1250 doubloons), but now I have second thoughts about it since I still have 10 available port slots. Ishizuchi seems interesting but I don't think it's really that worth it to spend all of my doubloons for it. Thoughts?
  8. Maybe all kitakami fun for next year's April fools?
  9. Do you remember the 21st night of september me?
  10. Was there a takao in the anime? Don't recall seeing it
  11. Surprise! WG will sell it as Iwaki and Arkansas! ...maybe?
  12. I'm actually interested in how they'll balance the ship. The return of Fuso's shotgun range maybe?
  13. Never really liked steam, but my steam was probably mostly only used for csgo because my friends were playing csgo. Ever since they stopped playing it, I rarely open my steam (heck, I don't even use steam to log in to WT). I guess I just prefer buying games in physical form instead of digital form? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. And here I am concerned about Pensacola getting some nerfs and going into a tier where she'll mostly meet tier 8 (and how did she "deserve" getting downtiered?)
  15. >Halfway from the New Orleans towards Baltimore >current tier 6-9 will get changed .... ALL RIGHT! FULL SPEED ON GRINDING TOWARDS HER!