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  1. Wait, does that mean the ships aren't provided by WG?
  2. Based on my experience (and from the community). Cleveland is the most loved one by people (heck, she's called cheatland). amazing AA, 12 guns that shoot every 8 seconds. The bad side is that she only has a range of 14.6 and shells that can reach space, but if you can handle these than she's all good. Budyonny is also a loved one, she only has 9 guns but they have a flat arc which means faster travel to the target. AA is enough to shoot down a few planes, she has armour to not get a random citadel and her bow if angled can bounce some shells, and once having the upgraded hull, she can have 5 torps on each side to wreck anyone trying to brawl with her. Nurnberg is also loved, buuuttt a different kind of love (a love where everyone loves oneshotting her) she has 9 guns that go 360 degrees (rear only) but most of her firepower are in the back (this is where the 360 rotation comes in to help minimize how much she has to show her broadside to get all guns firing), and her hydro is special to german ships. Aoba? Yeah you're better off with furutaka, the only difference is a few seconds of reload and armor (I think) she loses her offensive angle for the torpedoes which means you'll have to show broadside to launch torps Haven't got la gal and haven't had enough experience in the leander
  3. remember the hall of fame where everyone posted their best game in every ship they have to seize the number one spot? I wonder how it's going now.....
  4. Lately when I'm playing BBs, I've used wasd hax-ing (I guess?) when retreating. So how it goes is that when I retreat (by turning around and showing my broadside) I pull the brakes and then quickly to full speed after the salvo missed so that when someone tries to fire at me he'll miss and it won't be a direct citadel hit*. The second tactic I would say is already good enough (although I would add by turning to avoid getting shot, I would -again- pull my brakes while also turning). Never done a first win Bonus on co-op but the base reward feels like it's half of what random battle makes. But just like what bao said, play other classes to get to know what their view is on the matter. (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) * = do note that some will wait until you show a perfect broadside to get a cit on you.
  5. Picked 6-3, was there a 5-4/4-5 option? I don't remember seeing it (or did I miss it?)
  6. IIRC WG stated that there'll be no new CVs until the CV rework.
  7. That line somehow made me remember a monstrosity that I found sometime ago, meet : "X project" large cruiser. Displasement Standart - 15 518t Full - 17 350t Dimensions 233m (via waterline) x 22.3m x 6.6m Propulsion Steam turbines, 210 000hp. Full speed - 38 knots, economical -25 knots. Range: 38 knots - 900nm. Crew 715 Armor Belt - 115mm. Deck - 75mm. Turrets - 150mm - 75mm. Barbettes - 115mm. Command center - 152mm - 75mm. Armament 4 triple 240mm/60. (235kg, 5 shots/sec). 6 dual AA 130mm/50. (12-15 shots/sec). 6 AA 45mm. 4 AA 12.7mm HMGs. 2 triple 533mm TT. Never started building. Proposed to be "Washington-treaty "heavy cruisers" killer". Designed in 1935. (can WG make this as an optional tier 10 Soviet cruiser?)
  8. ThIS iS nOt An AnIMe GAmE!1!1! On a serious note, any new cruiser line is a welcome for me, but I do want to see some italian and french BBs. Russian BBs is gonna be something interesting on how they gonna pull it off (if they intend to add this line)
  9. Maybe you checked the in game premium shop?
  10. Or play french cruisers
  11. After going through the emerald. It's not as bad as people say, it's just that she's a really average ship compared to the ships that she'll face. Good thing is that she has smoke to save herself (or deploy it to others). I've had my moments where she was really amazing and moments where it goes "welp, back to port I guess". And, this is just me but I'm quite against frexp-ing a ship just to get the next one, you won't know the one that other people say is trash maybe a gem to you. (Emerald is the only ship that I specify because she's pretty much the ship where if you ask people to grind or frexp, people will choose the latter. Caledon and Danae are still protected by MM so people are kinda 50/50 about frexp-ing them, and that they're quick to grind through)
  12. *in an angry little kid style* N-no! Y-your stupid!
  13. But what if you....
  14. Look for a mod or ask someone to mod it out (for now) since you don't like the design but want the camo's bonuses