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  1. Halken_Sky

    CV Rework (SEA)

    From what i have seen in the TST servers, I am liking this new game-play mechanic as working as a team actually matters much more now(which can even be seen when bot destroyers group up and chew through planes). It makes each game much more fun now as you don't only need to worry about angling your ship against surface ships but need to consider AA coverage among your teammates too.
  2. Halken_Sky

    atago with 2 spotter planes

    It works for all kind of fighters, this include catapult planes too.
  3. Only one gif can summarize what the OP is trying to convey and the whole purpose of this thread.
  4. Do that to yourself a few times and watch your name slowly change to pink then black.
  5. Halken_Sky

    Why I WON'T be buying German premium ships.

    Some one run some tests to see if HE causes a magazine denotion on torpedo tubes on any of the current DDs please
  6. Halken_Sky

    Why I WON'T be buying German premium ships.

    A destroyed torpedo tube without any magazine detonation
  7. Halken_Sky

    HOLY...UPDATE 0.4.1 is going to be EPIC

    I would suggest stop making any comments even before you get your hands on the testing server.
  8. Halken_Sky

    Krigesmarine Triptiz in Asia?

    Tripitz is nowhere, somewhere and everywhere at the same time.
  9. Halken_Sky

    Cant Get The Game to Run in windows 10

    check if you have all display drivers properly installed and working, then check if you have all direct x runtime files after that check if your microsoft C++ library is up to date.
  10. Halken_Sky

    AniManga Chat :E

    Frowning on how the editor of that video use a blue lining video...
  11. Halken_Sky

    WG Military Historian confirms Montana > Yamato?

    Both ships sadly do not have the same max dispersion as some people in this topic have stated and also have different Secondary engagement distance and AA arrangements.
  12. Halken_Sky

    What's the meaning of this icon?

    It may not be wrong again as that was what I encountered and experienced when I had the icon. Also just to back up why training rooms were not related to the icon, had the icon lit up and had desync issues during one of the cbt patches. During that phase I was using the training room almost every day for hours on end to escape the de-sync in random battles while testing out game mechanics. Personal experience again is much more relevant than unknown quotes.
  13. Halken_Sky

    What's the meaning of this icon?

    That icon has nothing to do with training rooms.