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  1. Okay so i just take s scroll to WOWS premium shop and wow, very interesting WG. They actually did what i asked before, well that not matter though since i still have bad taste for their decision but wow very nice that WG make this a feature. I will actually consider this if WG didnt make those what the heck decision on CB which make the game less appeal to me to actually want this package.
  2. appoclyse


    here my take on DM playstyle, yes you can use the meme create by Yuro ( those bloody husky rain of dead from range ). But then again, you really not great as a flanker of your own since yeah you can make harassment but remember that your bow is 27mm armor plating and you very squishy with all those BBs so pushing flank is a nope for DM ( if you got cover by one or more support from either BB or CA then you can push ) but the different is opportunity to catch. I recommend a defending flank since you can run and gun with healthy dmg per min for that attacking flank to scare off. i still prefer using the radar than planes though but well, it your ship.
  3. appoclyse

    if i by tickit !

    oh okay, so he not mainly using English. That explain why :>. but then again, google translate really turn some high-end code for us to poke fun off .
  4. appoclyse


    when you got out-exp by a bottom tier cruiser, that when you need to start questioning your strategy of your own.
  5. appoclyse


    i see that your reasoning is not that great buddy. yes you playing the game and expecting to win, but recognize your ship advantages and disadvantages in certain map will affect your exp in the long run rather than die with the blob. If you just blame the team for not doing their job at the bargain but you die with them too then that mean you got no complain because you shamelessly blame them but you make mistake too so why, and really, if you really good so why i'm just the only one expecting your skill and exp gain more than bottom half of the team ? I don't like random with others but blaming them for not doing their job but you died is just another example of bad game play at your end too. So try keep it down and see what the problem rather than blaming random buddy. As Yuro said, "don't expecting your team to do their job, just know that they will do enough for the battle".
  6. appoclyse

    DDs for Ranked

    I think you dont need to really care when using GK. It's still a great BB and for like couple months since i have her, Ranked season she out perform all my BB (include Kremlin ). It just that i really dislike WG Ranked economy which kinda rigged me so hard. This match is example : I dev strike 2 ship ( mino, and Yoshino ), Confederate, High Caliber , face tank the freaking Smolensk ( i despite that stupid ship so much )., carry the whole team and wish luck my Yamato at least do something not stupid and their Shima so dumb too. And WG gave me a pat to the shoulder for job well done with 3k exp that more than the team got but only 1 star.......REALLY........ONE STAR............ That why i dislike their economy so much, i thought they gonna change to the Ranking system but nope. GK got hammered hard in Random and because of that, i let GK no random except the ranked season like these. 20200304_022011_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  7. appoclyse

    Something's different...

    I did watch the video AND i don't even believe a word Sub_OCtavian said. or at least that WG marketing like to said to cover their broken over stupid relentless release. The game now is over-saturated with broken promised and un-polish and sometime poor performance as the sake of adding more stuff to the game. Which as you guys can see how the latest patch just gone buggy and weird issue with game client. They just literally said they WANT MORE CONTENT. That is what their priority now. Release more and more and more until the game is just broken with new ships just powercreep the older ones and more more gimmick make playersbase confused, new players just so hard to start the game with zero knowledge and hard to adjust constantly change in meta and so on.
  8. So i just have some review which my clan mate just ask me to do it as he giving up GK just to return to FDG for better armor and tanky of FDG. I'm just curious for why he doing it but apparently this is why. So FDG got that 80mm armor deck that cover the base of the turret and all the hull so it got really decency to actual bounce most gun which compare to the up-tier of that. GK dint have it and for the trade of having more health, they just remove 80mm of deck armor for the shake of gun ?!?!?!?!?!. I'm really Frustrating how can a ship suppose to be the top tier got worst armor than their predecessor. So i'm here asking WG to add 80mm armor plating on that deck back because as current meta, the normal daily average of my battle is being enemy pinatas. At least for the sake of GK players, they should at least make the highest tier felt better than this pile of junk........ As you guys ask me how i play GK, i done very good homework but yeah, fire is just daily basic for this ship and really junky dispersion is a mess to deal with.
  9. appoclyse

    Ship Consumables Modification 1 on BBs

    IT WORTH FOR MY BLOODY GK :> USE IT IN GK BLYAT anyway these new thing is great for some powercreep ships to get them back from former glory and for once, i'm not complaining.
  10. appoclyse

    General feedback and suggestions

    Well, good done on your video by the way. But as I see, the most impact you can done to WG can actually do on NA or EU server than Asia which make them really think about these. For many point we already think about and try reminding them for a while but Asia server don't have that much of an impact to their eco-system because as you know, WG Asia is not form from their HQ WG. They just host Server for WG running for Asia community. You can try and post to their Reddit page so the community up-vote there. The game...........i lost faith when they introduce broken ship like Smolensk already so yeah... i give up on trying to make them listen....
  11. Let just said WG marketing gonna said "nope, this idea don't sell us any good money and can't squeeze any whales so why the heck should we make it ?". As off right now, their roadmap is kinda a joke and a meme so suggestion is far more reach than WG actually fix the bloody game properly. I like the idea but as far WG kinda ruined the player base with their relentless release of new ship line, more event, easy money and etc.... so yeah. I don't think they gonna try anything now. me is just losing faith to WG actually done anything good........
  12. appoclyse

    a STATMENT from a former CN_70 player

    experience with CN_70 be like Well. free dmg seem fun btw. ( poor that Musashi got deto by my torp)
  13. appoclyse

    Sound patch... it’s ruined it

    i hate the sound DDs now make which btw , Who actual *** ask for the sound of engine ? seriously i play DDs and i have to turn down the volume just to not blow my ear drum because the dds sound so awful. ( and somehow DD engine louder than a BB )
  14. appoclyse

    soviet fire power

    And this somehow balance in WG eyes
  15. appoclyse

    German Supercruisers

    Nothing can beat the Rusky Bias Comrade !!!!!!!!!!! ( and that is the first thing pop up when i search for it )