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  1. appoclyse

    If the yamato's weapon is this......

    Well, it's interesting tbh. One and only historical accurate but have been downgrade by more advance ships. It's fun to have it in port but for gaming experience is different matter.
  2. appoclyse

    WG Buff CV plz

    This definitely make a lots more sense than those who complain " oh cv too op" and i'm having a good laugh in Yuro latest vid. ( And btw Smolensk is OP )
  3. appoclyse

    WG Buff CV plz

    Is he so lazy to reply properly and just copy paste ? Legit for me to follow you instead oh yeah, in the meantime he can try to snuck some of that pieces of brain.............
  4. appoclyse

    WG Buff CV plz

    Oh yeah, this is entertaining. *Enjoy the drama of Drakon and Disel fire at each others* This is quality entertainment To be frank, if someone fail to reasoning and try scapegoat someone offline life and their love is just another SJWs not worth talking @drakon233. He trying to pull something to escape his unreasonable and failing logic. If he trying to said love weeb is bad, then look at those people love anime who success irl. So stop insulting and arguing with none evidences mate. I felt sorry for you.
  5. appoclyse

    Vultures and Hyenas

    Max is definitely raging >_> KS is cancer but they want it so much apparently WOOOOOOOO
  6. appoclyse

    Never Win

    *duhhhhh face* Dude, IT IS AN MMO game. What do you think ? Also, i think it good to hear feedback but again. We like to analyze your gameplay and see how you can carry rather than complain though.
  7. appoclyse

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Again, if you felt don't like WG and their method, Quit this game. We will appreciate that you stop whining about some trivial nonsense and making an **** about the game. I don't like WG methods but i play the game and try to provide any recommend to improve. And i stand my point there. NOT SHAMLESSLY CRAP ON THEM PLZ. Don't you felt shame buddy ?
  8. appoclyse

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Well, his word seem so salty i thought he whining Pvp but coop eh ??!!! then he should go play random already if he really that desperate about losing credits. Wg make coop never profitable in term of credits making and he should have know about that already. it just funny these people whining about not making profits in coop.
  9. appoclyse

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Well, to be frank, you not provide any evidence that prove the dude who playing is a BOTS. For all your whining, i just see one problem : where is your evidence ? If no evidence, it just your words against mine and we already felt like you just salty toward WG side and make WG as a blame. Sure they are a company, sure they make some questionable judgement in the last few patches and the whole CV re-work. But it turned out decent because as Yuro said : "rework the playerbase" is why WG aim for that. Without sufficient evidence, i think this thread is just to abuse the devs and community alike. ( Also if you so good, why hidden your stats buddy ? )
  10. appoclyse

    Suggestions for my next tier 8

    Okay, As i prefer of choice, Get Amagi and here some analyze about the *used to be the best of it's tier* 10 Guns 410mm with really decent accuracy at mid and short range and heavy alpha dmg Good at tanking with little of it superstructure if angle well ( ~around 45 degree for perfect bouncing moment ) Good speed and ruddle to out-run even some cruiser ( except those baguettes ) With design of it 2 turret front and 3 at back, you really perform as second line of defend and for kitting as well. The ship didn't have much health but one thing it good at is the trollish armor with btw can actually consider same as German Turtle Back because of hard to hit at close range. Second best of IJN line got god like torp protection ( after Yamato) It a perfect ship for your learning how to actually play a BBs. ( as second line of tanking and pushing at the right moment with really good speed ) Why i consider this ? Well, to be fair, Amagi is when i felt so OP after the FUso monster and really make me felt special with so much firepower in one package and you can really rushing all those broadside with eternity !!!!!!! After that is up to you to to felt the meta and choose the second line to grind. I prefer the RN CA since it really really make your map awareness to maximum because if you make mistake, you will feel the dmg is lacking behind.
  11. appoclyse

    I tried so hard and got so far

    I just sadly look at the fate of some tier 5 in tier 8 battle :))))
  12. appoclyse

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    no, i standard build Yama , no AA spec. Only AFT and stuff so it weird that the AA just instantly cancel and no re-enforce.
  13. appoclyse

    A disappointing Narai

    Also you got 406mm gun in tier 7 ( and that somehow not OP ) then i dont know what else you can play >_>
  14. appoclyse

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    Okay, so i just got some weird bug regard to AA system. As WG note, We press "~" button to re-enforcing the AA side enemy was in it right ? Well not for me apparently. Just bring Yamato and the AA system is broken. Whenever i press it, the section was never re-enforce and it just back to reload state. That mean i didn't get the benefit of AA boost at all. This is absurd WG, fix this bug please. 20190826_174438_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  15. appoclyse

    A disappointing Narai

    If you want something done, go do it YOURSELF. Seriously this Op is so easy but people just *camp snipe* for maximum meme. ( and some dumb noob playing SInop just love to snipe ) Playing too much of "random mindset" make people really really noob when i will never ever stop my rush .