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  1. I saw Triss in there. Was quite a bit of fun to actually saw you and try to figure it out who the heck is Triss and i remembered.
  2. It's sad and hilarious at the same time to see Wg failure have fall over time and my best decision to stay far away from this game as possible and see from the side line how it's going down. Such miserable state WG have dig themselves in with a big new like that. As far as i can said WG and with their corporate culture have trash their entire franchise at this point and they making a run for it. i have been around at some youtube channels and now i seem to see they all sponsor by WG to play WOWS and that just painfully wrong because now i know they change their tactic which using short term contract to promote their game while shamelessly kill their own game by trashy practices of handling playerbase. At this point, I consider them even worse than EA. To actually go out and disprove the only person who got your game the best attentions is not only sad, it's now exemplify WG as the worst ever. I don't expect the game will even be able to float because we all gonna sunk so low it better to just keep it in the bottom of that ocean floor.
  3. appoclyse

    The Massive Debate : Buyers / Whales Beware.

    I hope you using Vietnamese Law to smash some sense into them. Make a sign-in petition and send it to all of us. Make this right so WG at least have some sense when doing this undermind us player.
  4. appoclyse

    ST 0.9.9, new ships

    Izumo as PREMIUM, HAHA CRAP IT THE PREM SHOP As I see i welcome these ships but the design really boring and gimmicky which make gameplay suffer a lot. Dont mind more tier 7 ship and NArai WAS FUN. Just design more screnario for different tier wg then we will buy more of ships. Because it not on par with the gameplay loop contents, i felt these poor ships will just be massively overkill at those whalers in Random and lead to boring gameplay. AH BUT ALL THE MORE REASON FOR WG TO FORCE IT TO RESEACH BUREAU TRAIN
  5. appoclyse

    Narai bugs fixed?

    After years of introductions of PVE, still no "hard" choice from WG even though they said will include it in future. I got no hope that they will get back to design Operations again since all the hype of new PVP gamemode and where they can get their money from whalers. Overall, should another naval game challenge WOWS and WG income, we will hardly see anymore players -centric contents. WG PLEASEEEE !!!!!!!!
  6. appoclyse

    Speedhackers on the sea

    should you acknowledge the fact is that Iowa have the best speed of all t9 BB and he literally go with full speed all the time ? and no he not speedhack .
  7. appoclyse

    Speedhackers on the sea

    Said what, SPEEDHACK ? Did you mean WASD HAX ? Because he did and you obviously too noob to notice it do you
  8. appoclyse

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    I think let's just said you using the latest USSR Cruisers so of course the team gonna focus you down. And the fact that you clearly misunderstand the gameplay style of these ships and played so passive that your stats reflecting poorly. To be frank, the improvement pill for these kind of gameplay is try to learn taking advice from others, learn to position. It take a grant of salty when you post on forum since we will barrage you with criticism but we will try to improve you. And let's just said we did have some comments can felt for you to be racist but that is true and we have good intention. I like to see how you play and you should try to be honest with us if improving gameplay is what you looking for. Also here my understanding of Nation wide when come to Skill based : USSR>USN>UKN>IJN This is for me to compare the learning curve of all the based line. KM is more flexible and fun to play but can be punish at low tier gameplay. Other than that, take the fact you got tier 10 USSR at the event, i would expect your skill is not that high since you already skip the whole process of learning curve and it reflect on your current stats.
  9. appoclyse

    loss of ships in latest update

    What do you mean losing all your ships ? Can you describe it more and with screenshot evidence that would helpful
  10. I like the idea, but let's just be real that we will always have ideas to make the game more enjoyable but the current state of the game and how they handle the stats, the idea of changing anything WG think they *Good at* is an overstating welcome. I doubt they will ever really want to improve the based game because look at how much game mode for 4 years now. Nonetheless, good idea is still a good idea. And i still laughed at the Q&A section, "We GOOD at balancing "
  11. appoclyse

    Starting a fire here.

    Talking about WG balance idea, I just watch some new vid from my fav Game journal I think at some point yes it right, BUT WG felt intentionally miss the whole point of Player Feedback and spreadsheet stats bs that really really annoying me the most.
  12. appoclyse

    Legendary module Chanages up on DevBlog

    Combine with Smolensk, you got the utterly fustercluck div that *beeep* the meta and yay, none will ever want to play DDs again. Thanks WG for making DDs obsolete now more than ever.
  13. appoclyse

    Team Work Improvements

    me looking at somehow my team can lose to a predictable scenario like Narai, lmao when see 3 ship running for Trans and left the whole fleet lack DPm to sunk bloody CV. lmao all the time i just throw the brain and just do stupid stuff (rushing in Apo style ) and kill everything.
  14. i think War Thunder got the potential now and seem they did good in Naval ( of course it still not arcade and hard to really feel ) but i see War thunder do better than WG atm. Of course i still skeptical about WT since i still annoy by sealclubbing low tier. But overall, WG cant stop competitor like War Thunder doing well with new game mode.