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  1. the whole CV still alive at the end of the match is because they are the back-liner support like IRL so why that bother you ? Of course the longer the match, the more effectiveness Cv can bring in but if , and i said a really big IF is the team play objective well then Cv can still help to end the fight for big victory. I said this because i experienced the CV play and what they can bring to the table. Of course it really frustrating to see double CV but remember this still Premium Cv sell period so this pop up frequently is not new. Also dude, i said about that post to show why the poll you talked about really bias and toward the person make the poll : Flamu and the reason behind why it's not reliable but for fun sure. So always take comment with a pinch of salt.
  2. also i'm not really feel Cv is all mighty and game-changer like it used to be so to add *cv allmighty* is so bias and kinda crap toward the Cv players after the re-work.
  3. Buddy, u should look into this thread where most of us discuss on this poll by Flamu. Which btw is really bias so for the sake of argument, go read it and you will know why it *unreliable*
  4. appoclyse

    Need More T6 Premiums

    I think WG should introduce more tier 7 Op like Narai, which btw our clan quite enjoy every time we have enough members ( do the 5 persons is quite fun and challenging ) and it create good habit as every person know what and how to deal specific task. Now only Narai is good for grinding painful tier 7 since most of the time all my tier 7 lacking range and firepower over -2/+2 MM and when you see Musashi 6 out of 10 time. It's quite tired some to even grind tier 7, so for once WarGaming, make more Op so we can leave the *unhealthy Random and coop for once*.
  5. appoclyse

    Special Event Achievments

    can you please point out what kind of Event ? you mean the new Space Mode ? It's really a vague question to put a thread dude. Read the News at the Homepage man.
  6. appoclyse

    CV rework

    My fault for try to *be neutral* about Cv rework. :)))
  7. appoclyse

    CV rework

    Then it make me really hilarious for your sense mate. Which data can YOU point out that SAID MOST of Players vote for CV removal mate ? If you can and hope so, and I WOULD SAID hope so, point out which Data you based on your bias opinion. Then we talk.
  8. appoclyse

    CVs in Aegis recently - minor rant

    Also this come to problem most players in OP is that they don't have the situation awareness like me and you. Which made me lmao when it come to the new Space Mode, The Space Assault which it actually the easy as it get if you read the Description Mission carefully and do what it said than go and mindless sniping. I lost twice in team that Mission is striking the base and extend the time of attack *and the whole team start sniping rather than destroy the generator*. The lack of situation awareness is what make random and op frustrating when we have to *hard carry* and disappointed in the team usefulness .
  9. appoclyse

    CVs in Aegis recently - minor rant

    so there actually the problem with many player's attitude toward the first wave, which mainly around first wave alone. I see many don't actually go outside the border to take care the first wave BBs which is hard to deal with CV alone and don't let the cruisers take care of all the hit. For my play as BBs, I will bring my Fuso *and fight like a cruisers frontline* which make my result in New Port always very high regard to tanking and support. I understand how the first wave always spawn bunch of low-tier cruiser so our cruisers can take them out easily. Just one Ca is enough for the first Cruiser Spawn. Second and third spawn always a struggle but actually easy to predict which I don't like the battle of sniping from the port and let them come type. So for me to play this Operation is easy as it gets if the team don't try to throw by going the first wave *which mostly they will* and mess up the later wave. It's a battle of attrition I tell you.
  10. appoclyse

    CV vs DD combat, the truth.

    I think there nothing counter DD like US CV, and I really mean it. Most people just over-estimated the Rocket plane ( which btw got hard nerf quite ago ) is too miserable. The only thing Cv can hard counter DD is the DB but only the US is good for the job as take out any DD. I see US CV can do tons of dmg to DD just by DB and we already see how they can do it so your complain is understandable but your play is definitely underestimated US CV as a whole. RN CV can only do so much as delay and IJN CV is just as bad as catch moment not straight out killing DD like US. So I always tell my DD division is careful when seeing US CV. Also the saturated superstructure still affect rocket planes so it not that easy to kill DD with brain mate .
  11. appoclyse

    CVs in Aegis recently - minor rant

    Sniper of New Port when more than half the team go sniping and always run out the attack time and got rush by the last wave. *fun and engaging*
  12. appoclyse

    CV vs DD combat, the truth.

    For me as my view from that Midway and let me quote "oh here some tasty DD who go alone and he think he a boss eh ? let me bomb you out of existence" Don't ever go alone in DD people. that now a common knowledge and heck, you stay too far away from the cap and go for the flank for wat ? it your problem about your play, not Cv and it 2 CV MM so your play is too aggressive for a DD which btw, *she don't have good AA for peace sake* . here is my another view as Cv see someone try to charge into the cap then dead useless and I take my word for it. *utterly useless* 20190408_181354_PBSA108-Implacable_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  13. appoclyse

    HE Dive Bombers VS Destroyers

    Mate, it a good joke until it last but your word have become something of a racist gag which I felt like it really not fit for something we discuss up here. Forum create and help people understand the game, make conversation about the thing they like and don't like about it, make adjustment and mostly have fun discussion. but now you show us that you a racist toward this majority people in this server ( as you said Asia Player). As another "Asian sh8t" , please shut your mouth and think about what your brain and your mouth is. And I don't buy "I got years of premium and buy stuff from WG so I have the right to talk sh8t to other people" . So for your life to not so miserable, please consider before you talk sh8t about other people.
  14. appoclyse

    My thought about Space Mode

    people love to troll around. last time I saw people using fighter in Galaxy have to be really hilarious to said the least.
  15. appoclyse

    My thought about Space Mode

    I know it tier 10 ship, but WG just lazy because they don't want to adjust too much. the whole 10km radar I bring here because it make DD play really hard. Space Mode don't allow upgrade so whenever I play Z52 re-model, I felt like I play a Haru with ruddle shift worse than truck. If they give the Belfast Radar I can accept it as a tier 7 radar is more expected.