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  1. Frizbee

    A suggestion for the tech tree.

    Thanks Chawp, that site was actually what I was thinking of when I wrote about 'having to Google the stats.' It'd just be nice to see it added to the game by default.
  2. I think the smoke could be abused if it provided cover like a smoke screen, especially when several ships sink in one small area. However I like the idea of the ships taking longer to sink. You could use the sinking wrecks as cover for torpedoes as well.
  3. Frizbee

    Broadcast firing solution.

    I think it should be more of an active ability (especially for BB's) that lasts two minutes or so which when active, the more you fire on the same target without moving your aim off them, the tighter your shot dispersion.
  4. Frizbee

    Ships Running The Blueline

    I second having it similar to beaching a ship. Any penalty would have to be on a timer that is longer than it takes to put the ship into full reverse and build up speed, because sometimes I've hit the wall taking genuine evasive action from torps, and it'd suck to be sunk anyway because I have to spend half a minute turning a full 180 degrees to get off the 'wall'. Another option would just be immediately losing control of your ship while the crew áuto-steers' it back into the combat area. Thus, there's a small 'zone' outside the blue line which is still in the field of play, but if you enter it, your crew will just take the fastest route back to the game world, which could lead you straight into the path of torps etc, essentially making you easy pickings.
  5. Frizbee

    A suggestion for the tech tree.

    Really though, players can already say Óh why can't we get this, blah blah blah' and so on, because we can SEE those ships in game when someone has one. It'd just be nice to be able to have more than 20 seconds that the map loading screen gives you to check out their stats compared to your ship, and to also look at their possible upgrades. I get your point about pre-release ships, but they'd only have to add them to the tech tree once they have been put up for actual sale (once testing is complete).
  6. Frizbee

    BB shots falling short

    I get what you're saying, and have had this happen to me in cruisers as well, you aim, have the cursor over them, fire, and it's like the guns have still been mid-traverse to the correct elevation, because your rounds fall short by a few kilometres.
  7. I don't like the Kriegsmarine ensign they are using. I won't be able to fire on this ship, because it's clearly not wartime - the flag is from 1933. I understand that they don't want to have the Swastika, but they could at least have the Kriegsmarine war ensign and just leave the spot where the Swastika would have been as a big white circle, like this: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140422163035/battleshipcraft-navies/images/3/30/Kriegsmarine_Naval_Flag.jpg
  8. Could all ships please be displayed on the Tech Tree, even if you are not able to get the ship in question. (Ie. Display those ships that were rewards for closed Alpha and Beta, and the current give-away ship, and all premium ships no longer able to be purchased like the Warspite) The reason I say this, is because often the ships have different stats (detection range, firing range etc) and it'd be nice to be able to take a look to see the capabilities of those ships prior to encountering them, and to see óh hey, that ship DOES have torpedo launchers' without discovering it to your detriment at a range of 2km's. It'd save having to Google search them to see the differences. Instead of 'not researched'over it, it could just say 'Locked' or something similar to indicate that it's no longer available to players.