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  1. A BB can cross it and wreck havoc provided that he's undetected and there are no enemy ships or spotter planes near the end of the canal like if it's already 6-8 minutes in game and the enemy fleet had already went left and right and left the center open. I did that before in my Fuso and got 2 kills. An enemy Tirpitz also did that a couple of nights ago but unfortunately me (Fuso), a New Mex and a Kuma was circling the other end of the cap and saw him coming. Though he sank our Kuma. The only time when one has a good chance of crossing the canal and making it to the other side is when there's no CVs in game. Otherwise you'll get spotted by the planes, bombed & fired upon or intercepted by lighter ships & won't be able to maneuver in time. I was just surprised that 3 ships followed that Omaha and one of them was a Tier VI BB. I don't want to laugh at them head on, I just thought maybe these guys followed the omaha thinking that they can come up with a new strategy for this map and surprise the enemy by going direct center from the very start instead of the usual circling around the map but still, the way they sank in succession and their last messages in the chat was way too hilarious.
  2. kishir0

    Most satsifying / enjoyable kill

    here's mine! yep firing torps on a CV that's not paying attention is satisfying... especially if you spent a great deal of time flanking xD
  3. My most memorable battles where I encountered these players and prompted myself to ask the same question as the title of this thread: [1] A New Mex and I (Fuso) we're traveling together and asked assistance from our Ryujo in spotting 2 persistent DDs that are stalking us. We asked the Ryujo to use his fighters that are only idly flying around his ship since the start of the battle. The Ryujo replied with "Why?" and didn't send any help. A DD then slip past detection and went for him. Ryujo spams the chat with SOS. New Mex replied with "You're on your own!" [2] A Kongo that kept ramming my Fuso and other ally ships in the Ocean map. It's a bloody ocean with no obstacles but this guy just kept ramming us and is always at close proximity leaving no room to maneuver. Worst part is that he rammed my starboard, and fired full salvo while we're side by side taking most of my HP. [3] Map: Strait. Less than 2 mins in battle, our CV went to the front line, heroically caps & fought ships for a few seconds then sank. [4] Two Brothers Map, an Omaha chatted everyone in my team to go center and cap. Our Cleve said that's not how the map is played but Omaha said "why not? it's just a random battle". With the guidance of Neptune's beard, the Omaha led an expedition to the narrow passage along with 3 more ships. The words "yolo" and "f*ck* written with utmost regret can be seen in the chat box before we lost contact with the brave expedition.
  4. Though I still haven't played CVs, I'm just wondering...would it be a good idea to add an Ohka squadron to IJN Carriers? Ohka squadrons are basically Kamikaze planes but with no guns, just loads of fuel and explosives. They're the guided missiles of WW2....with a pilot inside. I imagine them to attack like dive bombers and sting like a torp but their hitting chance would be like that of dive bombers but just a little bit accurate because of the pilots. I thought it would be OP at first because of the damage they will give but thinking again, they're just OP if they hit... if they miss, they're just a total waste of planes. Also would it be a good idea to add a "Kamikaze attack" option to the Japanese planes once they're out of payload? You know just for desperate situations. Like for example when someone sneaks up on a Jap CV and that CV realizes she's in a real pinch or when the CV is the only ship left in the game and everybody's trying to sink her. I thought of this idea while playing a DD earlier. I often chase carriers around. The carriers would send bombers at me and they miss most of the time and after that the planes would just fly around then eventually return to the carrier and I'll be like "Good thing they can't go kamikaze..." For me this would make IJN Carriers more Japanese-like in gameplay. ...what do you think?
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    WoWs Fanart drawing collection

    wow! this is so nice... ( ゚ヮ゚) is this... 3D?!?
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    Introduction thread

    Hi everyone! kishir0 here... just another player who can't wait for the release of the game. For the time being while waiting for WoWs, aside from drawing anime fanarts I spend most of my free time playing World of Warplanes, watching (and envying) WoWs gameplay vids on youtube, and quietly reading & following threads in the forums >:] yoroshiku! *bows*
  7. reading forum threads...