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  1. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Armoury QOL improvement suggestion

    Welp, looks like I missed something then, given that my perspective is from another point of view, and yours is also viewing it from a wider point of view. My apologies then. Thumbs up to people like you who points out something I missed. Not being sarcastic, have a thumbs up. Well, my expertise are clearly not in programming, in management but in the culinary sector.
  2. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Armoury QOL improvement suggestion

    Sorry for bumping this thread again, But damm, it took the WoWs DEV Team 6 months to implement this. I mean hey, it's progress right?
  3. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    A wasteful Amagi....

    DD numbers. Mine being the left side, and the right side? Well, there is no need for me to mention about whose it is. If I can pull my weight and many others who are average at best, not sure whats causing yours to look like it is. I hope I can get a logical explanation to this. I have seen QQ players that I always asume to be universally bad (which tends to be true 90% of the time), but still outperform those numbers on the right side. Go ahead and blame on the team for not providing guns. If my team ain't gonna give me support, then so be it, I try to pull my weight and sooner or later, they will come in. Either by making use of my spotting, or to be a meatbag for me, a bait that is. Your mentality isn't bringing you anywhere. You would only push up when said "guns" push, but the thing is they don't, and the moment they don't, you just hang in the back being what you do best. Why would the "guns" push up when they see a DD like you just hanging in the back?. Also for the love of god, you are in a Kiev, make use of your guns and be annoying to the enemy team. Thanks. At this point, this is dunning kruger. No matter what is being said and so on, it reaches a dead end. Even we sometime could get through a 10m lead wall, but you? Well, this is a special case. Its just impenetrable. You would make a good shield for long distance space travel, being the meatbag to shield all those asteroids or even suns along the journey. Just that dense.
  4. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    A wasteful Amagi....

    Nah, don't have to. Even without doing so, I know you contributed to the team 10 times over more than him, and 10 times more is already considered as being generous under my standards.
  5. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    A wasteful Amagi....

    I can't stress on how many times I have encountered Mechfori in my game, Met him last night when he was in his Kiev, and as expected, performance is not ideal at all. I really wanna try to stop myself from sharing his stats but sometimes I just have to. This screenshot was taken on 1908 HK time today, his Kiev performance. Now, how does one generally be this well, questionable. I am certain it ain't that hard to play a Kiev especially when all you got to do is sail around and gun around. How does one simply explain such performance? I hope I don't get the "guns dont support crap" from him again. But Paladium, my kind sir, can you provide an explanation for this numbers? I simply just can't compute this. Even a QQ numbered player could have performed way better. And last night's match, I know I am doomed the moment I saw him on my team, and as per usual, he did surely blasted the guns crap into team chat.
  6. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    This is what a dumb game looks like

    Do note when sharing such images, it is highly recommended of you to hide the player's name. This can be considered as stat shaming even if this are not your intentions. But given the "FULL OF NOOB PLAYERS?". It could have been. And I'll say this again, even ig it looks crap in WoWs Monitor, there is still always a chance for the game to go in your favour. Don't let the WoWs monitor conclude the battle for you even before it started. I can't stress how many times I have teams like this but in the end we still managed to pull it off and win.
  7. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Having some troubles finding that "Free" Captain Reset button? Come here

    First hand experience with this, I am sure we are all fairly familiar with this at this point kek.
  8. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Having some troubles finding that "Free" Captain Reset button? Come here

    For me, the amount of navigation feels quite normal, but the one more step could have been avoided by redirecting you to its dedicated page. I do understand why they decide to have their own dedicated page on it to make the 0.10.7 update page less cluttered and with the details of commander changes in its own page. But knowing the average WoWs playerbase, even asking them to read the ChangeLogs or navigate the official site is too much for them. 1) Click on update article, 2) Expand "Changes to Commander Skills", 3) Scroll down and click on "RESET ALL COMMANDER's SKILLS", 4) You get redirected to a dedicated article, participate in it In general, all this navigation feels normal for me, didn't miss it, even if I just skim through it, it was fairly easy to find if I know what I am looking for.
  9. WeeGee being WeeGee at it's finest loves hiding their buttons on various multiple threads with their own dedicated page for it, And I know some/most of you might be having some issues finding that "Button" to click on to be eligible for it, here is the link below https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/resetting-skills-for-all-commanders/
  10. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Reported for.... ?

    Even if I do win games on certain occasions by carrying, i still do get reported by my team as maybe "I did not play to how they want me to play". But as per usual, most of the time it's 50/50 but in your case it may differ as you did mention there were no incidents. Karma on its own is bloody flawed. Does it serve any purpose? No other than a way for a player to vent as apparently some do somewhat feel better after reporting. This so called little post only give information to a certain degree but we can't be certain as we don't know who complimented/reported. Lots of data is missing. Also depends on your play style and the ship you are in. Do well in a normal DD like Gearing and you get complimented. Do the same but in a Friesland and you get reported. Cause smoke HE spam non-stop, or hydro that DD that still stays in smoke.
  11. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Reported for.... ?

    Here is another thing I have to point out not just to you but all players in general. Do not and I repeat, DO NOT care about karma. Don't pay any attention to it. Making assumptions to who reported you is alright but refrain from doing so as there is a high level of uncertainty to who might have reported you. It could have been from your team most likely rather than from someone on the enemy team (And I speak from experience as I report my team 90% of the time). Also don't assume what you might have done that resulted into you being reported.
  12. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    New Player Account always hated

    Don't put too much attention to it then, the less you care, the better for your. But do note applying such actions does have its drawbacks. Expect less or expect none, only then you will be satisfied when something happens. Just saw your recent stats, fine by me, there are games that are outright frustrating. Do well, reported, do anything, reported. Don't bother with it. Ignore karma is all I have to say. And let me say this, its for other players to put the blame on the team and other players rather than to reflect on themselves. It's just a common thing in WoWs and even IRL. Easier to point fingers. Getting annoyed and frustrated? Quit for the day. Don't keep going. This is pretty common for online games anyways. Nothing too shocking, just get along and deal with it. If words do indeed get to you this easily via game chat, then oh well, I do wonder how you would react if it were to happen to you vocally IRL. All the best.
  13. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    New Player Account always hated

    On mobile so I'll just paste what I said before here as I see you mentioned karma and not satisfied with the reports you gotten despite doing well (In your perspective, and it varies from player to player). Your mistake was taking the Karma system seriously. Why bother with Karma in the first place? The system is never been used properly. You strike me, I report you. You do well, I report you. You made me enjoy (HE Spam) my game, I report you. And the list above goes on and on. Again, its all about perception. You may view yourself as doing your part but others might not have. Each player views stuff differently. Let me tell you I have been reported constantly, even when I am not talking in chat, just doing what I must to win the game, HE spamming them to death, hydro a smoked up DD and send him back to port. So here is my word to you, take the karma system with an extra pinch of salt. Don't get too hooked up with it. You pretty much gain nothing from high/low karma (Other than being able to dish out more report/compliments). Unless to feed your own ego to see a high karma value but I can tell you, it pretty much means nothing. Take your head out of the karma system, you do you. Move on.
  14. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    OMG SINOP really that OP?

    One good lucky first game with stock modules doesn't mean its OP. Everyone no matter how bad they are can get one of those lucky games where they did beyond what they are capable off simply by shear luck. Get more and more games in it, then we see your average performance in it. Don't get too carried away and get concluded by a ship's performance with just a sample size of 1. And as for the ship, I won't classify it as "OP", strong at best.
  15. Kek_Kek_Kek_KekKing

    Ranked joke

    Nice effort you have put into censoring the names. The quality of the censoring you put into the names is like the quality of your recent threads that serves no purpose. Had it put this out there for you.