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  1. HoChunHao

    You know who you are.....

    Whether it may be on Asia or on NA or even any other region, you are still the same. Whether it may be on the forums, Discord servers (official, sub-reddit), in-game or anywhere where your presense is there, you bring toxicity along with it. I am fully aware that you main NA, but I do know you have played Asia before with your last battle being in 2019. But I do know for a fact that you do hope onto the Asia forums from time to time given the ruskus you caused on other people's threads. I do not take credit of the images provided below, credit is due where credit is due. This is taken on the NA server. LANGUAGE WARNING. Now, why is such player allowed to roam? NA? Asia? Doesn't matter. Ones attitude doesn't change depending on the region they are in. I understand the struggles of a CV player where they are quite potato as I have encountered loads of them in my games on Asia, but is the stuff above necessary?
  2. HoChunHao

    Yamma now obsolete

    Yamato as of right now still has its place in the game. It overmatches 32mm of armour which is a common plating for most BBs. Yes, it may be harder given the amount of HE spammers like Thunderers but a Yamato could still hold its place. DISCLAIMER, This, by no means is an attempt to stat-shame you. I am pointing some stuffs out about your Yamato in which you need to consider when playing. Take this for example, it is your stats in the Yamato. Now lets look at it in detailed. 1) Your WR is surprisingly low which could mean one thing, your influence in battle. Given your 51% SR, it is most likely safe to assume you are back lining quite hard where your influence in battle is negligible, 2) ^^^How so you may ask? Look at your AVG damage, 47.8k per game for a Yamato which lets be honest, is indeed very low. 3) Your main battery ACC, 14% which is very low for a ship like a Yamato. Which could be a result of your back lining quite hard and your aim is not that good. Please take note what I have pointed out. Consider checking WoWsNumbers and compare yourself to the server average. To improve, try not blame the ship and others for it, you can only do so up to a certain extent. Under most circumstances, it all falls down on you, the player. This are my stats below for comparison, do note my AVG in the Yamato is pretty much identical to your record. If BBs are not working out for you, try head down into the lower tiers and practise. Good Luck.
  3. HoChunHao

    wows code

  4. HoChunHao

    Noob needs an answer..

    Don't get too carried away by one's stats. A tomato or an orange could sometimes be lucky and perform like an Aubergine. Take it with a pinch of salt and use it as reference only. If someone is a tomato, do not give him less respect. Treat as if most of them are all atleast decent when it comes to your enemies. As for your team, treat as if you dont have one. A unicum can still perform shit.
  5. HoChunHao

    Noob needs an answer..

    Ignore this post, I pepega'ed.
  6. HoChunHao

    The Zoupening

  7. HoChunHao

    Report System are Completely Useless

    I can assure you there is more than that. I assumed XXX got me banned but I am still curious to what it actually is, After contacting support, I was shown chat logs of what got me banned and lets be honest, I do deserve that. You have had a history in the past which resulted in a 12 day chat suspension. Again, you are more than welcomed to open a Customer Support ticket to find out the reasoning(s). Other than that, this thread is pretty much useless at this point as we are not going anywhere with this. If you want to reach somewhere, it is highly recommended for you to contact CS.
  8. HoChunHao

    Report System are Completely Useless

    Though I do agree as useless as it sounds, it's more or less for a person to vent. You will only get punished from the report function once enough is accumulated in a short amount of time. An example would include me, 6 months back on NA saying something on ALL chat that triggered the Mainlanders and it got me chat banned from complaints within 3 mins of me saying it. With an addition of 3 days the next time I logged onto NA that was applied on me manually. For your case above, it is not automated. It is manual. Either you have been flagged from multiple reports where a WG employee looked back into your chat logs, or someone reported you to Customer Support. And it does seem you receive a 12 chat suspension and it doesn't start off that much. You either accumulated it from previous offences (which is what I believe) or maybe you said something extremely questionable. I'll be honest, I doubt this. You may think you have said XXX but that may not be the reason. Consider opening a Customer Support ticket questioning to the reasoning for this ban. So far I have made 4-5 tickets and in all those tickets, I was given a valid reply as with chat logs to what got me that chat suspension.
  9. HoChunHao

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    Yes, I do get this point and what you meant. As of now, there is no rule that is being implemented in the first 2 weeks I believe. What I believe you are saying is like playing scenarios, where you manage to get 3 friends in your team and you want to "pick up allies" along the way to get 7 players into the scenario battle. Now here is the problem, if a clan is indeed lacking players, I am sure they will reach out to friends/contacts they have known and played with before, hook them up, talk with them regarding ship choices and head to battle. "The matchmaker will fill in the open slots with mercs", now here is the biggie, imagine a player, queing up in his stock Z-46 with a retraining captain, non ideal captain build/retraining, and who knows forgets flags. I am fairly certain most if not all clans who wants to play Clan Battles would want said player to be pulled into the team. Imagine, coming up with a team that is ideal then the matchmaker hooks you up with someone in the worst possible pick and a tomato/orange. In clan battles, you want to eliminate the randomness in your lineup. Yes, I get your point, but based on your first post, the language barrier in the way you worded it made it seem like its one of the problem(s) which limits the ability in which you could advertise yourself as a merc. "Frustrated clan member here. Clan's members still to few to regularly participate in clan battle so I rely on the "ENGLISH Search for Clan or Division" chat channel to get invited to participate. However, there are other channels that I cant advertise in because of the language barrier.". Copied from above. In-game command cues only work to an extent and I am certain you would actually want to talk in chat to communicate better. You need to look at the bigger picture. Clan Battles is not Ranked/Randoms where you can get away with not chatting at times. Obviously it is best to be in coms as every second wasted typing in chat can cost you. It might but in the end, the cons outweighs it. If a clan is indeed lacking a few players, you can do what I did above with the picture I attached. It works.
  10. HoChunHao

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    Well, where should I begin? Ah, the language barrier thing. Alright. Do you think, being randomly picked up as a random merc in CB would solve the issue of language barrier? Give it some thought given that the majority of players are mainly speaking languages that are not English (CN, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc). How are you going to communicate? In chat message where they might be able to understand (LOW probability) but receive ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎ in replies? The issue still exists. Queue up like Random/Ranked but in CB? Sorry, no thanks. A CB team would go into a battle once they have a proper competitive/troll lineup. Why would a team go into a CB battle to randomly pick up a merc teammate only to realise they have brought the worse possible ship? (Stock Z-46), and let me tell you, no one wants that. This exists for a reason and from my past experience, it does somewhat work. But back to your first issue, will it solve the language barrier issue? "Leaving the matchmaker to fill in their remaining slots with the queued up mercenaries with the right ships", sorry but you are very vague here. What is considered to be a right ship? Class you meant? Sorry but no thanks, unless there is an option to select a specific ship that is in queue to pull them in but what are the chances? Would anyone even want that randomly draging someone they barely know into battle? It is called Clan Battles for a reason where is mainly focuses on clan, not ranked, not randoms, not COOP. All of the items you said above does not in any way solve the issue of language barrier, it is more of a suggestion for more options for a merc to join a CB team. If you are looking to play Clan Battles, why not look for another clan instead? Rather than just sticking in your clan? Clan Battles are Clan Battles where the centric is all about clans, not to pick up some random that one does not know at all into their lineup. If this ever exists, is there a point for Clan Battles? Looks more like Ranked Battles at this point.
  11. HoChunHao


    From what I observe from the screenshot he provided, I think its safe to assume Division A teamkilled him out of shear frustration. This is fairly common this days to see someone shooting and/or TKing a friendly DD, seeing as quality of DD players are rather ya know, questionable this days.
  12. HoChunHao

    Rank Super Thread

    Wait wait wait, HOL UP, are you telling me you were using RPF on BBs previously before the change??? Hol up again, did you just team torp a friendly Georgia?
  13. HoChunHao

    Is it me

    After giving your plantation a visit, yes, it is you. Took a break? Learn the speed of enemy ships, make use of the time in which it takes your shell to travel the distance and lead accordingly. Crosshair varies 20 or 30 knots. Learn the basics. Under lead? Then compensate and lead more.
  14. All warfare is based on deception. Tired of serious gameplays and want to just have some fun with fun stupid strats? Well, you can do so in Clan Brawl. Take this with a pinch of salt if it doesn't suit you. Note, I do not take credit of this video. All credit goes to Serazahar as with the players that participated in the Clan Brawls.