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  1. HoChunHao


    Point well stated. Looked through OP's previous posts, TBH, I dont find anything of use, One of OP's post that has 4 pages now I believe is a merge of 3-4 threads in which OP posted within that timeframe. And after reading OP's reply to you, I don't think he read it fully, thinking you support him and on his side. But yes, this seems to be a common sighting from him, looks like he is making a comeback after a break of making useless irrelevant spammy threads on the forums.
  2. HoChunHao


    Oh god, another one of this threads. So OP retired his Smolensk posts and now all this, here we go again............... So, how many more upcoming threads are you gonna make that pretty much serves no purpose?
  3. HoChunHao

    Reset Line

    Anything you have like camo and modules gets demounted into your inventory. Upgraded hull, etc gets sold.
  4. HoChunHao

    I dont even want this thing

    Uhhh, its LordTyphoon who got it, not me, You saw the #NotMe message in the comment I posted with the screenshot?, And also a message DM tab with my name on it lul
  5. HoChunHao


  6. HoChunHao

    CW battle win with zero credits, xp awarded?

    If a Clan Battle ends in a set period of time, AKA enemy just threw themselves away literally, then yes, its know to reward nothing. @Puggsley It's an attempt by WG to discourage clans from sync dropping each other to feed others wins for easy victories to get up the ranking. If a battle lasts for less than four and a half minutes, players on both teams receive neither experience nor credits for that battle. This restriction has been introduced to avoid any unsportsmanlike conduct in battles. All teams that have this ratio applied during a battle for the first time will be kept under scrutiny and their battles will be subject to frequent reviews, just like battles involving all Clans with battle duration times close to that value. If a Clan is subject to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty again, it will be banned from Clan Battles. And reading is hard, I know its hard. It requires loads of effort
  7. There is this thing about Peko (I am not a vTuber fan myself), one of my clan mates is using this, And PR4 soon in AL, >Anchorange, >Hakuryuu, >Agir, >August Von Parseval, >Marco Polo And obviously I'll be going for Anchorage first
  8. HoChunHao

    Reported for.... ?

    Your mistake was taking the Karma system seriously. Why bother with Karma in the first place? The system is never been used properly. You strike me, I report you. You do well, I report you. You made me enjoy (HE Spam) my game, I report you. And the list above goes on and on. Again, its all about perception. You may view yourself as doing your part but others might not have. Each player views stuff differently. Let me tell you I have been reported constantly, even when I am not talking in chat, just doing what I must to win the game, HE spamming them to death, hydro a smoked up DD and send him back to port. So here is my word to you, take the karma system with an extra pinch of salt. Don't get too hooked up with it. You pretty much gain nothing from high/low karma (Other than being able to dish out more report/compliments). Unless to feed your own ego to see a high karma value but I can tell you, it pretty much means nothing. Take your head out of the karma system, you do you. Move on.
  9. Even when a profile is hidden, it raises some eyebrowns, but not as common as the red sea. Seeing some Unicums now hiding their profiles as some are getting focused down hard by players who are using Stat Shaming Monitor. Oh look, Unicum player spotted, time to ignore every other players and go solely for that Unicum player. Seeing this quite often this days NGL. Ah yes, the snowflake playerbase, any forms of criticism even the slightest bit is being treated as if they are being held at gun point. And yes, it is true as some are not capable of accepting the fact they are bad. Or in some cases, each of the different players value stuff differently where in our minds, they are bad, but in their minds, they are good/Unicum. All about perception. And lets not forget the typical "I play for fun" reasoning which is quite common. I think we can also agree is mostly the tomatoes, oranges that are the ones going around blabbering calling others noob and control others as if we are their NPC. Back to the topic, OK, I won't deny this but yes, I do stat shame quite often, but not as often as in the past. I am certain most of you in the forums know me well enough to when I would only statshame. Stat shame generally occurs from me when a player says questionable stuffs, does questionable plays, or even say stuffs but their own performance does not reflect what they say. I do not randomly call out for people being bad. If one does do a questionable play in-game, I do 1) "Well Done Commander!" and/or 2) "???". I will not call them out by saying their stats out in-game unless they start being a smartarse and tries to be that guy who dies first and won't stop talking in chat blaming others for their deaths and starts telling others what to/not to do. But there is a criteria before I do so in chat. Are they consistently bad? Players that do not seem to imrpove. More to add later.......
  10. HoChunHao

    Team damage rework

    Exactly, I hate running into ally torps which who knows there is a chance those torps might hit something if we didn't ram into it. Really bugs me. I think I did made a thread about it. Like just cause they no longer do damage to allies does not mean the audio cue should be removed.
  11. HoChunHao

    Team damage rework

    Do note, it requires 40 hits to turn pink, 40 shells/torps. When it comes to griefing, this is an extremely rare occurance (I can say the chances of it happening is negligible) where a player would simply park their ship next to a ship and block its shells. If the player still kept on shooting to reach the 40 hit threshold, then I have questions regarding that player's situational awarness to not know there is someone next to him. If a player indeed is running all his/her signals with the best camo, I am pretty certain that player has some form of awarness to know they are being griefed. But again, this form of griefing is pretty much non-existent. If a player wants to grief, they are already doing so by suiciding or sail to the edge of the map.. And it's a good way to go, a way to teach a player to have some form of situational awarness to whats happening around them.
  12. HoChunHao

    Unbalanced ranked battles - Season 3 - 2021

    My apologies then it is? I dropped by bag of sugar when I was on my way back home. That explains the lack of sugarcoating. And let me be brief, what is said in here is from what I have seen with personal experience as with older threads in which a player complains about it. It is also a common sight to see a player making a thread about something just from one game ignoring that fact that sample size matters. As with player's skills. We can see you are not having a good time in ranked espesially in your Izumo. What you are experiencing in Ranked Battles in terms of unbalanced is also experienced by others players. There are cases where your team has the better lineup compared to the enemy's. Also, yes, teams can be pepega, match making can be pepega, but have you ever try to reflect on yourself rather than putting the "blame" on the MM? The ship? Or maybe who knows in the future, the player? Regarding the bolding, it is common for me to bold key points. In which I have been doing so in almost all of my replies. This is the first time this was mentioned and taking the previous sample size into account, I can say that this is negligible. My reply did not contribute to anything related to the topic? In my point of view yes, I was replying to the point(s) you stated and to point out what could be wrong. As with the mentality you gave yourself which is a common flaw in almost every player even myself. My reply is overboard? Well, not the first I can tell you that. I don't carry a bag of sugar around to melt it down and make a coating out of it. See? We all perceive things differently. Some may view this as "acceptable" and some small amount may view this as "too much". In which I do refer them as snowflakes. Again, all I can say is I did not suit your bubble? I won't agree or disagree on this. And sorry, if you think I am active all though, then so be it. There is no need to get all emotional and snowflakey about it. We ain't here to simply please people. Also, battles counts don't mean much. There are those with 20k battles with the experience of a <1k battle player. Basing ones experience solely on battle counts is just beyond flawed. I look at stats. Again, do you understand the requirements for MatchMaking? The criteria for it? Let me repeat what I said above again. What happened in that match where the enemy team has better ships also has happened to you before. But clearly it goes unoticed as when something is in ones favour, it gets ignored. But the moment when it's not in ones favour, then it gets all the attention. Thats how it works. Not to mention, ship may be strong but what about the player behind it? It can be a bad player behind it. Ship is one thing, but again, there are loads of variables. How to deal with said frustration is to simply take a break. Not working out? Take a break, stop, come back later. If you kept on going, then it's on you. Any player, no matter how bad they are can still progress to Gold League. Just how many games one is willing to play and how much sanity does one have.
  13. HoChunHao

    Unbalanced ranked battles - Season 3 - 2021

    What you mean DON'T stand a chance? There is always a chance. If you have this sort of mentality where you would assume you do not have a chance at all given the lineup, then well, how are you supposed to improve to be better? I have had instances especially in random where my team doesn't get a radar but the enemy has multiple (And I am in a DD). If I were to apply your mentality just cause enemy has a radar and my team doesn't, it should mean and imbalanced team and an automatic loose? NO, it doesn't really work that way. It will work that way if you have that mentality and just give up but for me, I DO NOT give up. There is always a chance in every game. And there is no need for the exageration where you claim your team to NOT BE ABLE TO stand a chance against the opposing team. It is the mentality you give yourself. The lineup that happened on the enemy team could also happen to your team where your team's lineup looks superior to the enemy team. Ever thought of that before to what the enemy thinks? Do you understand the criteria of Match Making? Sorry but no, if you consider 32mm good, then there is an issue. JB is covered with 32mm all over and if your team has a clue to what they are doing, then its fine to be dealt with. Yes, a Tier 9.5 ship. If you give it the chance to deliver that damage, then it will. Yes, its 460s overmatches you but you do also know there are ways to mitigate the damage Yes, you are right, it has good armour. But it's gun's performance is rather questionable at times. And hard to cause damage to it's superstructure????? Excuse me sir, you are playing in an Izumo with one of the smallest superstructures in-game. I can assure you it's harder to cause damage to an Izumo compared to a Soyuz when aiming at the superstructure. And its hard to deal damage to it's side with BB AP rounds? Well, if a Soyuz is angled and knows how to do so, then yes, obviously it would be challenging. If it presents you a broadside, then it aint that hard at all. Assuming you know the plating and where to shoot. There we go, this again. Let me tell you this. I have been using Match Making Monitor most of the time and I can see that my team's players are not in my favour and the enemy team has the better players and so on. But I NEVER let that decide the outcome of the battle for me. I just do my best to what I am capable of and in the end, we won. Stop making assumptions early game just because of the ship lineup. A player may be in a good ship but individually as a player themselves, they are bad. Sorry but that is just 1 game in out of how many? Out of the total 166 games you have played as of now this reply is made. 1 good game doesn't mean much. It could have been you are lucky and the enemy team gave you opportunities. I did also notice that is your record for Izumo today. We here do not base our comments on just one good game. We looks on the average performance of a player in a ship. Also, had to break this to you but I think classifying yourself to be experienced is an overstatement. Maybe in your minds, perhaps, we all value stuffs differently. But if I were to be honest. I would say it is average-good at best.
  14. Any idea how annoying is it sometimes when you head over to the armoury to buy some stuffs especially signals lately because of that questionable change to only see yourself heading back to port to check the amount of flags you have of each to decide which to buy and not to? Why not have the amount of flags we have left in the green boxes? I am sure this won't be a priority for you WG staffs but it is indeed a good quality of life improvements for all players. The same can be said for the amount of Camouflages. What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas you think WG could possibly impement?
  15. HoChunHao

    Alt + Tab to desktop F

    Huh? You can never ALT-Tab to desktop unless you ALT-Tab then click bottom right. @Man_Over_bored While in-game, ALT-Tab, then drag your mouse to the bottom right and click it, done. You obviously can ALT-Tab to other tabs that are opened but desktop is never an option unless you head down to the bottom right. Or you do what F835 said. Or just do your usual ALT-Tab then drag your mouse down.