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  1. HoChunHao

    What is difference of KITAKAZE and HARUGUMO

    Armour Layout: Harugumo and Kitakaze pretty much shares the same armour layout. Harugumo with an additional 4.9k HP without SE. But take note Harugumo takes full AP pen which can be devestating. Artillery: Harugumo has an additional turrent, giving it more dakka power. 30mm base penetration which can be brought up to 37mm with IFHE at the cost of 1/2 your base fire chance. Just a dakka machine with very good DPM. Torpedos: Pretty much no difference at all. Both have pretty much the same loadout. AA Defence: Harugumo has slightly better AA because of it's additional main turret, giving it extra 1 flak. Won't matter much. Maneuverability: Harugumo is slightly slower at -0.3knots, Turns like a brick at 830m compared to Kita's 730m, 5.5s rudder shift compared to Kita's 4.6s, In general, it is quite sluggish. Concealment: 6.9km with Concealment Mod 1 on Harugumo and 6.6km with Concealment Mod 1 on Kita, quite a large concealment, but can be worked with. To conclude, I find myself having more fun with the Kitakaze compared to the Harugumo, I am not saying that Harugumo is bad but what can be done in the Harugumo can also be done in the Kitakaze with just slightly less firepower. Got caught offguard by a BB's AP in Kitakaze? Might hurt but you can still get away with it, Harugumo? Wish you do not get slapped. And just a note to you @Neufert1, we are willing to help, if you can listen to us with our feedbacks. If you keep up with what you did previously, then don't expect us to sugarcoat to cater to your needs.
  2. HoChunHao


  3. Touche, content/reply was removed by ~Beaufighter~ as my reply was seen to have violated rule 2.1, Forum Etiquette. [content removed] Disputing moderator decisions. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  4. HoChunHao

    Protest of broken NERFED CV

    I mean you would be better off spending the time wasted killing yourself in a CV or even playing by doing something more productive. Like selling Dondurma (Turkish Mastic Ice Cream). I do know you can be better at that instead of playing WoWs
  5. HoChunHao

    Protest of broken NERFED CV

    Let's not forget the "I can listen to advice" that he said. Someone needs a good smack. Might fix that short in his skull.
  6. HoChunHao

    Protest of broken NERFED CV

    And will that ever happen nope? Like you said in that merged thread, it ignored it and made this thread instead. If any WG staffs are reading this crap, shouldn't this be considered as griefing? This is worse than having botting players on your team. Suspend this thing from Randumbs please. While you are at it, COOP too, I am sure no one would also want him in coop.
  7. HoChunHao

    Protest of broken NERFED CV

    This is the pinacle of human evolution. Neufert1 has evolved to a point where even us can't understand him.
  8. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    Said OP, Neufert1 said "I can listen to all advice", but that doesn't seem to be the case Can be further proven by OP's replies to threads/comments. There is no single instance where he actually listened. Just denial, ignorance How can we help someone who doesn't help themselves? Even if he does reach out to others for their input, will Nuefert1 accept those adivce and criticisms? Nope, unless its sugarcoated to a level it feeds his ego.
  9. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    I doubt anyone would take the responsibility for it given the amount of threads OP has made. Denials after denials, ignorance after ignorance, etc Whoever is capable of doing so, KUDOS to you for having the patience needed.
  10. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    So, how many CV crying threads are you making? Is there a goal you are trying to reach in terms of making threads crying about how underpowered CVs are? Well, they are underpowered in your hands. No matter how strong a ship is, it is up to the player themselves
  11. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    I am not a CV player myself, but I do know that I do know my stuffs, Do's and Don'ts. I would only consider myself as "Above Average". There are respected good CV players out there, LISTEN TO THEIR ADVICE AND WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY, take your head out of the shell you put it in.
  12. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    A troll? A pepega? A poorly written AI program? Damm, whoever did it surely did a horrible job but an amazing job in terms of making entertaining threads for us. And yes, to be expected from the amazing Nuefert1, one of the best CV players on Asia, that has mastered the class to its full potential, so when there is anything wrong, it ain't him, it ain't the CV, it is the ship/class he is going against. Let me repeat myself, he is fine with CV, his skills are top notch [Original reply/feedback will be made in 30mins when I am not on mobile.] >What is that ? Almost all Cruiser moving like Nascar car and hitting to hard for CV players. Cruiser's maneuvrability Must be nerf. They can turn around 180 degree inside of 4-5 sec, Completely horrible gameplay and mechanics. Almost all cruisers? Hmmmm, I don't recall almost all cruisers move like Nascar. Maybe Venezia, Henri IV with speed boost? You are over exegerating it. This seems more like a GitGud situation. And no, no cruisers can turn 180 degree in 4-5 secs, or maybe it does so in your brain? Horrible gameplay? You expect them to straight line you when you are considered to be the best CV player on Asia? Sorry but that ain't how it works. Even botting programs are programmed to turn. >I can't hit to Venezia with 3 try, They can stopping inside of 2-3 seconds, they can chage direction inside of few seconds. This game completely unbalanced after last patches for CV. Nobody don't spend money after this point. This seems to be more of a you problem (Yes, we know you have no problems with CV, you have mastered the class). Something tells me you are comitting your strike when he is full broadside to you when you are using your torp planes, and once you go into an attack path, he starts turning. Hence the ability to dodge. Rockets? How do you even manage to miss? Bombs? Get your attack path lined up. Venezia can stop within 2-3 seconds? Well that's the first. Change direction inside a few seconds? Yes, it can be quite nimble but I don't recall it being like how you claimed it to be. I have the Venezia myself, I play the Venezia myself, I have a CV myself, I strike Venezias too, I can land strikes on it. The one here to be blamed is you and your skill. (Yes, you are good with CVs). Well this is to be expected from incompetant CV players, blame others, not themselves. >I will suicide each matches until this fixing. Not like you doing so will make much of a difference to your team anyways. Alive? Dead? Negligible. It is a perishable resource for your team. Looking at the score screen Thyalaid, the lack of plane kills on the enemy team tells me you wander around too much not being much use to your team. And when you do strike, you choose the worst possible targets to strike, nimble cruisers, cruisers with strong AA. Proven with threads you have made in the past complaining about strong AA, CVs need buff without realising you are the main issue here. Do us all a favour, like you said, you can listen, show us you can listen. Words are one thing, action is another. Stop blaming other stuffs when you do encounter a problem. This is more of a you problem so "you" are the issue here, not the ships/classes you are putting your blame on. Obviously is easier to push the blame on something else rather than yourself. Ivan out,
  13. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    Words are one thing, action is another. And how is your reply to CV_NMSL has anyhing connected/related to your question? You are deralling your own thread without even realising it.
  14. HoChunHao

    What is that ?

    "Maybe my grammar skills for english may be bad but I don't need another person/user/player to understand 1 subject. It is because I have a brain. My grammar and/or english skill/profficiency is none of your business. Now get out of here" Back on topic, If you are not even capable of taking insults/mocking or even criticism and what someone says that proves you wrong, then the internet is not a place for you to be. You always put yourself in a state where you always think what you say is always right even after not giving it a good thought. When proven wrong with evidence, you just deny it. Claiming you are ok with it, you know it, 1-2 good games out of your questionable 50 games is enough to justify said class/ship to be OP. And in one of your threads, you claim you can Thanks for the all information. I can listen all advise, but take not, words is one thing, action is another. I can say this all I want but without action, it's useless. You can listen to advices/criticism/etc but can you take it in a professional manner and accept it rather that just be in a state of constant denial?
  15. HoChunHao


    And how will that make any difference I wonder? If the you/the system is not even capable to detect scripting/botting behaviour on new accounts and/or ALTs, how are you even supposed to catch those botting on their main accounts? Yes, I have seen replies where staff claims they have their "way" in doing so but this makes no sense where you would only get detected/flagged/punished if its your main account. We, players on Asia already know how bad the system is when it comes to detecting botting/scripting with many players on the loose.