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  1. There is? Well, thanks for the heads up. Never reached the limit before but hmmmmm, knowing most sites, there tends to be a limit. Cheers And sorry for the delayed addition to the thread. I am quite busy IRL now with some matters that requirements my attention. And nope, I have not forgotten about this thread
  2. HoChunHao

    Detonation or deva strike clarification

    To be expected. This just shows how many players there are out there that doesn't know the basics. And this above is basic knowledge of the game. It should be quite obvious. OP also has a hidden profile and from the looks of it, he limis himself to COOP.
  3. Thank You, Yes, I will be updating this thread from time to time but it may vary. (Whether I play the ship often enought to notice such changes in the chagelong and whether I do play said "new ships"). I will hold myself back on commenting on a ship/line in which I have no gameplay in. Yes, I do plan to do so. And again, updates will only come after I get the hang of the new captain skills. I am sure everyone will have their own experiements to what suits them best. Me being me, I tend to stick to one nation and updates for other nations may take awhile. A note will be left on each nation's CL/CA Cheers
  4. I'll do my best for RN CAs, it just feels that there isnt much going for it. But it will be pointed out. And about getting this thread move, it is unlikely for me to request this. Why? Newbies/Noobies in general skip the Newcomers Zone and head straight to General Discussions, if there is indeed a question, I am more than glad to redirect them here by replying with a link of this thread. I can see a lack of threads in that section And the reason to why certain threads in General Discussions sinking is because? Well, spammy irrelevant threads that are just for laughs. Or for those who ya know, just wanna make a thread for lols while it does have its purpose, it is generally not helpful. Do note I have nothing agaisnt those threads. Some fun here and there for laughs is nice to have. And it is something I am willing to live with. I am also sure there will be quite a few discussions in this thread that will keep it up on the front page for quite some time as we players might provide feedback, their experience, questions, etc. I won't consider what I have done a wasted effort, can be used in the future on other threads for players to refer to if needed. Well, thanks for the reply and your worries.
  5. RU CA vs French CA? Yes, they do have fast velocity. You can check at this site https://wowsft.com/arty Artillery chart for Saint Louis, Henri IV, Riga, Petropavlovsk and Moskva. French CA vs Russian CA Artillery chart for Saint Louis, Henri IV, Dimitri Donskoi and Alexander Nevsky. French CA vs Russian CL
  6. Disclaimer:- This thread is made based on my gameplay experience in which it may differ on a per user basis. Please take this as a rough guide only as it may not be 100% accurate. Agree? Disagree? Up to you. Anything you wish to add to help me and others? Feel free to do so. This thread is also WIP and may be missing certain nations (I have not played it myself/It is not completed). Take it with a grain of salt if needed. Also, this mainly focuses on high tiers as this are the tiers I am focused on and what players are interested in the late game. Russian CA's, alternate branch (Tallin, Riga, Petropavlovsk, Moskva) (Stalingrad: Super CA) Armour, Russian CA's have generally better armour compared to it's other counterparts in other nations. The presense of additional side plating, deck plating, ice breaker. Do note the tips of bow and stern is covered with 25mm which can be overmatched by 380mm and above. Space armour is also present (Riga and Petropavlovsk) which could help you in some occassions but don't rely on it too much. Citadel is well above the waterline and ships like Moskva and Stalingrad has it's citadel exposed which you can be severely punished for when misplayed. Stay angled at all times, try bait shots to your citadel and side plating while keeping angle Artillery, Artillery is quite nice, high velocity guns with high penetration values. Tallin, Riga and Petropavlovsk has a special dispersion calculation where at range, it's dispersion is worse compared to its counterparts and it gets better as you close the distance. Very good AP penetration, can be comparable to certain BBs of lower tiers (Petropavlovsk vs Bismarck). Also has "improved" penetration angles but don't get too distracted by it, it's not that noticeable. Learn to switch your shells, improved does not mean you should stick to AP at all times. HE damage is alright but lacking as the reload is a little longer and also its dispersion at longer ranged. Petropavlovsk has a short time fuse for its AP which is similar to Stalingrad. Stalingrad can be an odd one was its considered as a "Super Cruiser". Improved AP penetration angles which is very nice (Richochet begins at 35 degrees and it's guaranteed at 25 degrees). Gun caliber of 305mm which can overmatch cruisers with 16mm plating at T9 and T10 (Neptune, Minotaur, Smolensk, Colbert). Moskva, was a tech-tree ship which got changed to "Special" status to make way for the alternate branch. AP penetration angles are the same as other cruiser's (Starts at 45 degrees, guranteed at 30 degrees). Accurate guns which are to be reckon with. Potent HE and AP with high velocity. AA Defence, very potent AA with good range. 6.6km to 6.9km max range. Ability to use "Defensive AA Fire" to boost continuous damage by +50% and flak cloud damage by +300%. Do note this does not mean you are immune to being strike, you may be lucky if they run into your flak cloud in which you may be rewarded with a fireworks show. Long-range AA range is between 6.6km and 6.9km, Mid-range AA is between 3.5km and 4km and Short-range AA begins at 3.1km which is further compared to other nation's short-range. Maneuverability, faster than average, with Petropavlovsk being quite an odd one out having 32.5knots max. Rudder shift is alright and can be worked with but due to the nature of RU ships being quite long, their turning radius is rather huge. Concealment, on average they have a larger detection compared to other nations. Tallin, Riga and Petropavlovsk can be quite stealthy in it's own class, (Petropavlovsk with full concealment can reach a detect of 12.4km). Moskva's and Stalingrad's concealment is rather huge at 14.1km. Captain Builds, do note there will be an upcoming change to captain builds in the future 10 pointer captain build (Tallin, Riga, Petro, Moskva, Stalin). You may choose between Adrenaline Rush or Expert Marksman. 19 pointer captain build, for Stalingrad. Being a Super CA, you have a 60sec burn time, you might want this to reduce the damage you take from fires. 19 pointer general captain build. If you don't see yourself using HE often or the fire chance is sufficient, swap it out for Jack of All Trades and Expert Loader. Again, this varies on a per user basis depending on how they play. Upgrades, Slot 4 can be changed to something that suits you better, for example, Stalingrad would be better of with Damage Control System Mod 2 So to conclude, RU CAs are long range cruisers. Stay at range to provide support. But that does not mean you should stay max range at all times. Situation varies on a per game basis. HE and AP are both quite potent, so do know when to use what shell. A broadsiding CL/CA? Load that AP. Same can be said when BBs are broadsiding but armour values for different nation's may vary to please to study their armour layout and thickness. You have radar, 12km range (Tallin, Riga and Petro has 15sec action time, Moskva and Stalin has 30secs, without special modules), and please, you can still pop radar for the team, don't have the mentality where "I will only pop radar when I have a line of sight to the enemy". Keep your eyes peeled at all times, don't get caught offguard especially when you do decide to turn, or it might be a ticket back to port. Zoom out after taking the shot, look around a little as you reload, don't get too tunneled visioned in on a single target, spread that damage out. Prioritise your targets. See a DD? Take a shot on it, you have high velocity guns that make it easier for you to hit. Russian CL's, main branch (Chapayev, Dimitri Donskoi, Alexander Nevsky, Smolensk) Armour, comparable to other nation's CL armour thickness. Has an ice breaker but don't fully rely on it when presenting your bow as right above it is 25mm. Smolensk is a "Super-Light" and its covered with 16mm plating all around which makes it overmatched by 234mm+, and takes damage from DD caliber guns which has a penetration of 19mm. Artillery, Russian CLs are quite weird in their so called "caliber" where Donskoi and Nevsky has 180mm guns. Smolensk being a "Super-Light" has 130mm guns and Chapayev has 152mm. HE shells are potent and can penetrate same tier cruiser's. Chapayev has a 1/5th calculation (Present on T8-T10 cruisers with caliber of 152mm-155mm), Donskoi's and Nevsky's has a 1/6th calculation which grants it 30mm penetration. IFHE is needed to penetrate 32mm plating but wont be enough to pen 38mm plating which are present on USN BBs. AP is very potent when being presented with broadsides. High shell velocity gives it better penetration and makes it easier to land shells at longer ranges. AA Defence, very good AA, with its long range reaching up to 5.8km which is the average. Odd one being Nevsky having 5.9km AA range for its long range. Long-range AA is between 5.8km and 6.9km, Mid-range AA to be in between 3.5km and 4km and Short-range AA at 3.1km which is further compared to other nation's CL/CA. Maneuverability, fast speedy cruisers that can reach up to 36 knots for Donskoi and Nevsky. Rudder shift is alright but with RU ships being quite long, their turning radius suffers at +900m. (Smolensk being an odd one given it's "Super-light" classification) Concealment, on average, their detection is larger compared to other nations. 12.8km surface detection for Nevsky when built with double concealment. (Smolensk given it's status can get up to 10km surface detect with double concealment). Captain Builds, do note there will be an upcoming change to captain builds in the future 10 pointer captain build, universal for RU CL 19 pointer captain build, if you want to penetrate 32mm threshold, your fire chance will suffer. (Smolensk excluded, special build below) 19 pointer captain build, if penetrating 32mm isn't your priority and all you want are those fire 19 pointer captain build for Smolensk. Why is Last Stand there? This ship is quite prone to have its engines and rudder knocked out from high caliber HE and I am sure you do not want to be a sitting duck. If Last Stand isn't to your liking, go for Jack of All Trades. DPM Smolensk build with 3.6secs reload and 16.6km range. Refer to "Upgrades" below. Upgrades, Slot 6 can be changed to range if needed if you find it lacking, varies on a per user basis. If you are in a Smolensk, reload is the better option and for Slot 4, change to Propulsion Mod 1. To conclude, RU CLs again are also quite similar to its CA variants. Long range support cruisers. Stay at range and provide fire support, but doesn't mean you should stay at near max range at all times, situation varies on a per game basis and there are times in which you can push up to provide more support. HE and AP are very potent but you will be using HE most of the time to set fires until you are being present broadsides, then switch to AP. High velocity shells with good penetration. Can reliably penetrate CA citadel plating (exposed citadel plating, some CAs have spaced armour or turtleback so it may vary on some occassions where you could only penetrate at closer ranges or for turtlebacks, longer ranges*). You have a radar that lasts up to 30secs with a range of 12km (Except Smolensk), and please, you can still pop radar for the team, don't have the mentality where "I will only pop radar when I have a line of sight to the enemy". Eyes peeled at all times, keep yourself at an angle, show broadside and it might be your ticket straight back to port. Don't be too tunneled visioned in, you can still zoom out from time to time to assess the battlefield. Spread your damage onto various ships, prioritise your targets, take shots at DDs. High velocity guns makes it easier to land your shells on DDs but this also varies on the player's ability to lead/predict the enemy. American CL, alternate branch (Cleveland, Seattle, Worcester) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, American CA, main branch (Baltimore, Buffalo, Des Moines) (Alaska, Payto Rico: Super CA) Armour, armour layout for USN CAs are average. 27mm on the bow, stern, side and deck on Baltimore and Buffalo. 380mm are incapable of overmatching those plating but 406mm still can. Des Moines has 27mm plating on its bow and sterm and a 30mm side and deck plating which makes 406mm to bounce off it when angled. 457mm are capable of overmatching 30mm plating. Baltimore (slightly above) and Buffalo (almost 2x higher than Baltimore's) has an above water citadel which starts from the front 127mm mount to the back 127mm mount. Des Moines has a larger above water citadel where it begins from its front turret all the way to the back turret. Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, British CL, main branch (Edinburgh, Neptune, Minotaur) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, British CA, alternate branch (Albemarle, Drake, Goliath) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, German CA, (Hipper, Roon, Hindenburg) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, Japanese CL/CA, (Mogami, Ibuki, Zao) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, French CA, (Charles Martel, Saint Louis, Henri IV) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, Italian CA, (Amalfi, Brindisi, Venezia) Armour, Artillery, AA Defence, Maneuverability, Concealment, Captain Builds, Upgrades, Soon to be added, pictures will also be added.
  7. HoChunHao

    Detonation or deva strike clarification

    @Man_Over_boredPlease enlarge the image and look at the explanation
  8. HoChunHao

    Advice for newby wants to get better

    I am sure there is some here and there but I did not notice it. It is mainly in the form of replies to threads. But I can surely get one in the works.
  9. HoChunHao

    Advice for newby wants to get better

    Map awareness is always essential. And it varies from class to class in which area you would position yourself in. Spot weak sides, flanks in which you could take advantage of. Know your class, know their roles of each different classes. But do not it may differ for different nations even if they are in the same class. Play to their strength. If you are playing a DD, please do stick with your team at the start of battle. You do not want to head out alone too early just yet unless you know what you are really doing. Being in a DD doesn't mean you have to rush cap first. Look around, look at how the enemies position themselves. Take a look at this thread below, it has been awhile and not updated yet but most of the points still stands. Have some form of situational awareness. Know whats going on in your surroundings. Example includes don't get too tunneled visioned in. Look around you, there is no need to stay in bino view all the time. Know your shells. HE being good does not mean you should stick to HE, HE and AP has its place. Know when to use AP or HE. Know their penetrations too. Some have 1/4th, 1/5th or 1/6th calculation. You can see their penetration in port under "Artillery" when looking at your ship. Know the basics of overmatching. Don't know? Armour Value x 14.3 = Caliber needed to overmatch. What is overmatch? Shell simply just punches through the armour dealing damage instead of richochet/bounces/non-pens. You can refer back to S4pp3r's reply. Wanna see how your perform compared to the server? Take a look at this site. https://asia.wows-numbers.com/ Referring back to your "aggresive" playstyle, try hold back a little. Don't get too trigger happy also while you are at it. Asia is known to be very passive and loaded with ∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎∎. I myself is an aggresive player but you got to learn to adapt from match to match.
  10. HoChunHao

    Is there still a way to get Jerzy Świrski now?

    All good, and just so you know, the commander is a "very nice to have". The Pan-European DDs will still do just fine without it. Don't let that discourage you from grinding it.
  11. HoChunHao

    Is there still a way to get Jerzy Świrski now?

    Hello, as of now, I don't think there is a way for you to obtain the commander "Jerzy Swirski" It was available to be obtained from a temporary campaign called Strong-Willed which I do believe is now unavailable. It ended on Update 0.9.9. It will take some time until WG does decide to bring it back by adding back the containers in the Armoury.
  12. HoChunHao

    Ships undercover (Invisibility)

    Hello OP, please help me understand this and correct me if I am wrong, Also just so you know, whatever happens to the enemy team can also happen to your team. There is no such thing as the "red" team having such perk while yours doesn't. With the exceptions of extremely questionable teammates. If I remember, World Of Warships is a game. I am sorry but I am having a really hard time trying to understand this. 1) Are you saying that the enemy got radared, and got spotted by it, spamming shells and once the radar on your team goes away, they get unspotted? Well, isn't that the point? If the enemy did not shoot back to get himself spotted, he should no longer be detected after the radar wears out or get out of it's spotting range. This applies both ways. What can happen to the enemy team can also happen to yours. The only one sided crap I see now in WoWs is that the players you generally get on your team is just outright tomatoes
  13. HoChunHao

    Random Disconnects???

    This was the 2nd time it happened
  14. HoChunHao

    Random Disconnects???

    So, anyone encountering random disconnects? Like 5-10mins before the creation of this thread and previously? Quite a few of my clan mates got DCed so are some of my friends Screenshot from myself and a clanmate of mine.
  15. HoChunHao

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    Aye, where shall I begin? Lets see, If you enter co-op and just race in and ram enemies then start new game that's pretty toxic to people trying to enjoy the event. How is that considered as "toxic"? Please help me to understand. And defition of "enjoy the event" being? You mean COOP to grab those snowflake rewards? Only an issue if you are trying to enjoy a game. If you are in a DD that hasn't loaded torps yet, or a slow BB that gets off a single volley. Everything in your reach is rammed, not enjoyable. So are you saying its not enjoyable because you can't get your damage numbers when in a DD or BB because the enemy was rammed? If your enjoyment is to see damage numbers, Training Battles is a thing, rack those damage numbers up my pal. If it prevents your coal drop more so. I am sorry but how are any of this related to coal? Do you know the requirements for snowflakes? No? Alright, 300 BaseXP or a Win. Simple. And the only thing I see that can be related to your "coal" is that enemies are dying too quickly to the point you can't get your damage, which results on lower XP gains which means you need more COOP games for your daily resource containers? Choice if you want to be toxic to the community. Your definition of "toxic" really differs to our definition of it. If this is considered as "toxic" to you, I do wonder what actual toxicity is to you. Im not saying that. Im saying for people wanting to enjoy the game that this behavior is ruining that enjoyment. I made it clear? I know you can do it, i know its the best way to just get your coal and run. But its crap for people who want to play, not the ones trying to get coal. I'll be brief here, COOP experience is still the same as before. I noticed no difference. Just more players, thats it. I guess seeing as those are actual players, they are taking away your damage and is ruining your enjoyment? Who like to win without dying and using some skill. Are you not winning? Using some skill? Please elaborate on "skill". Skill being to outplay COOP bots? Or utilise captains??? Help me to understand please Then you are playing in a toxic manner. So, if one does not play to your expectations or what is to be expected to be your "enjoyment", its considered toxic then? With this logic in mind, I can consider my teammates in randoms to be toxic because they are not doing what is to be expected and win the game.