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  1. To whoever it may concern, I had just recently bought myself the premium russian T5 BB OKT. Revo.............. but I have a few questions about it seeing as I am still able to complete the missions. I am aware that IF I do have the premium camo, I will be compensated in silver coins. But what IF I do have the shit itself which I do in this case. Will I be compensated in doubloons or silver coins. And in under what circumstances do you only get compensated on doubloons? Getting a premium from a SC? Thx
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    I can relate.
  3. hochunhao

    Moskva - is this ship hilariously OP?

    Basically just skill level. There are times where I have good games in my Moskva and there are times I have bad games in it. You are a support cruiser where you sit back and burn shit and delete those ships who dares to show you their broadside especially BB's in 10km or less. The ship I would call more OP would be the ZAO. If the enemy GB or Yammi knows what they are doing and when to hold their shot and when and which part of the ship to shoot, BOOM you are gone. Don't just go and call a ship OP when all you did is testing the ship in PTS and what I can tell from PTS is that most players there are full POTATO. Go and try the Moskva if you manage to get it in the live server. It would be a different story
  4. So on the NA region, a port slot is being provided and the rewards are more appealing. Goes back to the SEA region only to be disappointed by the rewards. NO COMPENSATION for previous users who has own those ships. Why does the SEA region provides one of the worst rewards that could be provided compared to other regions?