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  1. Adorable_KeQing

    I have FINALLY...

    Congrats on your achievement, I am sure it took some time, but got there eventually.
  2. Adorable_KeQing


    Quite offtopic don't you think? Especially what you replied has got nothing to his 1) and 2) point. Each of us has a difference preference to our battle layout, our mods and what we want displayed. Maybe for him there is a use for it, and there isn't for you as you deemed it messy, from your point of view. I have something similar for a very long time, and I can assure you its fine by my standards (User dependant), and I have use of such mods. I don't think there is a need for us to judge a player's UI in which how they want to configure it to their preference. If it works for him, then all is well. Back on topic, what Garfield mentioned has been mentioned multiple times by the community with the imbalance of hybrids and radar cruisers per team, but as of now, there doesn't seem to be much effort being made to address this issue.
  3. Adorable_KeQing

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    ??? And those players being? Nothing against them, just pointing it out and replying to your messages. If my so called reply seems like a "LOL!" to you, then I guess this is it. If said ship isn't working out for you, then I guess it's time to leave it and play another ship, rather than just trying and be frustrated.
  4. Adorable_KeQing

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    1) The ship in no way itself is nerfed. Infact nothing has changed about the ship. It's all due to the new additions of ships and the playstyles which changes over time. Nothing stays identical over time. 2) Do you not realise your damage record is like once in a blue moon for certain ship? Or even all ships when stuffs goes your way and somewhat being farm all those juicy damage? The same can be said about me. What you should be looking at for damage is your ship's average damage, and compare you recent damage to your ship's average. Is it increasing? Is it decreasing? There are factors that affect it. 3) Well, I guess your positioning could be questioned? Islands are your friend (Does not mean you should hug it constantly, spotter planes still exists and you could still get slapped back to port). You also need to realise the ship itself has a boxy look, and game is littered with 457mm guns at T10, which overmatches your 30mm mid plating. If a ship isn't working out for you, why not put it to rest? Or assess what could be the cause of it, and find a fix for it. Fix being adapting. Best is to simply put it aside, rather than brut forcing it only to hit a brick wall full of frustration.
  5. Adorable_KeQing

    Random reporting

    You won't see your karma dropping if your karma is at 0 to begin with.
  6. Adorable_KeQing

    "I killed the enemy CV, so I am entitled to winning the match"

    Not too sure, All I know is that I was not aware of his presence in battle at all.
  7. Adorable_KeQing

    "I killed the enemy CV, so I am entitled to winning the match"

    Asia, Musashi is easy, easy XP, point and click Pretty much, the enemy Khaba ran into my hydro. Aimed for his superstructure. Withered him down. Same can be said for the other Khaba on the enemy team.
  8. The title says it all, gets really frustrating. So now we have a new mindset aye? If I kill the enemy CV, then I am entitled to have a victorious battle. And the reason why he chose to strike and kill the enemy CV was because their CV decided to spot him for their DIV. Again, kudos to the enemy team. Match really wasn't in my favour to begin with, did what I could in the Sherman. And speaking of the Forrest Sherman, any of you got your hands on it from the containers? What are you thoughts on it?
  9. Adorable_KeQing

    People you've encountered in-game

    Found the legend himself, Some of you may remember him.
  10. Adorable_KeQing

    GRONINGEN build and commander skills

    If you are still looking around for builds and might wanna consider changing it a little, here is mine. Groningen stats scuffed, quite a new ship, potato some games cause weekends, anyways, here you go, Basically identical builds, one being maxed out. Also, I find its base range to be sufficient. If you do find yourself lacking the range, you are playing it wrong.
  11. Adorable_KeQing

    Armoury QOL improvement suggestion

    Welp, looks like I missed something then, given that my perspective is from another point of view, and yours is also viewing it from a wider point of view. My apologies then. Thumbs up to people like you who points out something I missed. Not being sarcastic, have a thumbs up. Well, my expertise are clearly not in programming, in management but in the culinary sector.
  12. Adorable_KeQing

    Armoury QOL improvement suggestion

    Sorry for bumping this thread again, But damm, it took the WoWs DEV Team 6 months to implement this. I mean hey, it's progress right?
  13. Adorable_KeQing

    A wasteful Amagi....

    DD numbers. Mine being the left side, and the right side? Well, there is no need for me to mention about whose it is. If I can pull my weight and many others who are average at best, not sure whats causing yours to look like it is. I hope I can get a logical explanation to this. I have seen QQ players that I always asume to be universally bad (which tends to be true 90% of the time), but still outperform those numbers on the right side. Go ahead and blame on the team for not providing guns. If my team ain't gonna give me support, then so be it, I try to pull my weight and sooner or later, they will come in. Either by making use of my spotting, or to be a meatbag for me, a bait that is. Your mentality isn't bringing you anywhere. You would only push up when said "guns" push, but the thing is they don't, and the moment they don't, you just hang in the back being what you do best. Why would the "guns" push up when they see a DD like you just hanging in the back?. Also for the love of god, you are in a Kiev, make use of your guns and be annoying to the enemy team. Thanks. At this point, this is dunning kruger. No matter what is being said and so on, it reaches a dead end. Even we sometime could get through a 10m lead wall, but you? Well, this is a special case. Its just impenetrable. You would make a good shield for long distance space travel, being the meatbag to shield all those asteroids or even suns along the journey. Just that dense.
  14. Adorable_KeQing

    A wasteful Amagi....

    Nah, don't have to. Even without doing so, I know you contributed to the team 10 times over more than him, and 10 times more is already considered as being generous under my standards.
  15. Adorable_KeQing

    A wasteful Amagi....

    I can't stress on how many times I have encountered Mechfori in my game, Met him last night when he was in his Kiev, and as expected, performance is not ideal at all. I really wanna try to stop myself from sharing his stats but sometimes I just have to. This screenshot was taken on 1908 HK time today, his Kiev performance. Now, how does one generally be this well, questionable. I am certain it ain't that hard to play a Kiev especially when all you got to do is sail around and gun around. How does one simply explain such performance? I hope I don't get the "guns dont support crap" from him again. But Paladium, my kind sir, can you provide an explanation for this numbers? I simply just can't compute this. Even a QQ numbered player could have performed way better. And last night's match, I know I am doomed the moment I saw him on my team, and as per usual, he did surely blasted the guns crap into team chat.