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  1. mabe they are working on or mabe they forget send support ticket or talk to mod fast as after 12hr keys can be pass to someone else.
  2. thanks, I got 2 codes and both work now I can download and play.
  3. 1 Question will the codes be given by a alpha player or by the mod ?
  4. xD mabe there are 2 asia pages as compare to region I am gone to offical page of wot asia and then I click fb I saw there my names and 2nd mabe this is 1 page but the post is being custom.
  5. mabe but I searched and I only found 1 page with the name of world of warships asia and in it I saw my name in contest that I win
  6. in image names are in italic and I think admin never use italic.
  7. take pic by pressing prt sc and then past it in paint tool by press ctrl+v and then save it and upload it at tinypic.com copy direct link and post link in post option image and press ok buttom
  8. Hi, I also win in contest as you can see in contest my name is there and I did not get any key till now I am still waiting