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  1. EndlessAnarchy

    IJN CV dominate the sky

    Ask for escort with cruiser last night I positioned my cleveland between our CV and the enemy planes coming over and voila 25 enemy planes shot down and guess what we had a very happy CV team member you have to remember carriers are useless without support history has proven this
  2. EndlessAnarchy

    Atago - Grossley Overpowered - Pay to Win Indeed!

    To The OP if it is truly pay to win then what about the Atlanta that thing falls apart from anything that just so much looks at it if your playing it wrong But if you use it to her strengths she is fantastic Ie use the islands hang back don't lone wolf and hang behind main fleet and cover everyone else I can guarantee that the enemy wont single you out unless you are presenting yourself as an easy target like Derping alone in front of any other friendly ship or spending to much time in the open if your having such a hard time stick next to a battle ship and use her as a shield or stick with higher tier cruisers or linger behind islands and take pot shots at distracted enemy ships
  3. EndlessAnarchy

    Montana vs Yamato....... Montana win....

    Id say the purple unicorn will win because horses are stupid
  4. EndlessAnarchy

    cant login

    server is down for maintenance check the wow website there is an announcement