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  1. yansuki

    Doing badly in Zao?

    play RN BB, they works same but better survivability, heal and AA.
  2. give him a break, he/she was just ordered to post it. its wg management fault for covering the #$%@ mistake, they will never admit of releasing unfinished ship to try cashing-in the hype on gamescom.
  3. yansuki

    i feel a storm coming we may need a zeplin

    even unicrum player cant make this piece of floating @#$ work, dont even bother paying 60$ for this @#$%. i'll rather buy triple a games than paying for this. or multiple VN games on steam.
  4. yansuki

    Warning - Do Not Buy Zepplin

    waiting for flammu to put a final nail on the coffin of garf zeppelin.
  5. yansuki

    4th skill RU DDs

    AFT is a must. CE is questionable for RU. AFT,SI for more heal,demo, torpedo detection range, survivability expert.
  6. yansuki

    Is “Defensive AA Fire Modification 1” better?

    imo the sonar mod for some ship is the only useful one. Def AA mod is worst than 20%AA range, which increase planes panic range.
  7. move near USN CA like atlanta, pepsicola and indianapolis. use island as cover so you wont get shot.
  8. yansuki

    Atlanta Ranked Consumables Dilemma

    if you want you can go manual AA then pick Sonar. still Atlanta has OP AA even without defensive barrage.
  9. bring sim on rank smoke allies and spot for them while capping occasionally sending torpedo for to scare enemy not top damage no medal sometimes no kill just 40k average damage still top exp every-time sometimes i've been thinking of free exp nagato or bring shinyhorse just to smack those player who bring schors and pensacola. Meanwhile on WG HQ