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  1. yansuki

    Big Trouble in Little Baltimore

    can i have yo on my divison whenever i play my german bb? btw i love to push and tank shots for the team. i just need AA. they are german bb'skryptonite.
  2. yansuki

    WoW, just sinOP

    nice damage my FDG can tanks lots of HE but ate lots of AP. and FDG has shitty AA, torpedo protection, and dispersion as trade for her toughness...
  3. featuring some Yuro sling shot drop.
  4. yansuki

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    casual 10k damage against harugumo at 19km.
  5. yansuki

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    500mm penetration at that range? holy shit. no wonder it still are scoring citadel against angled target. nothing in this game can stop its shell. also that shell velocity is cruiser level. not even zao can evade it at long distance.
  6. yansuki

    FXP past German T9 BB or USN T9 BB?

    iowa is a solid ship. as for FDG its really painful grind. she's tanky asf but her guns rng are hairpulling. not to mention on this current meta. german bb are carrier food. already got montana few days ago. still grinding for GK.
  7. doubt they would. remember korea has law that oblige company to show the % chance for lootbox. but they never comply and only pull out. they choose lost income there rather than revealing the chance. it so dubious.
  8. who design this ship? >gets accurate the father the target >encourage sniping and camping >can blap destroyer beyond 14km >railgun shell on bb >better penetration than yamato 460mm guns... excuse me?
  9. yansuki

    Death of the destroyers role.

    are you kidding me? IJN long lance torpedo are the weakest torpedo in the game. sure they have longest and highest alpha damage torpedo. but they got the highest detectability range of 2.5km. only potatoes get deleted by those . it doesnt matter if you got high alpha damage torp, if you cant hit your target. they are mostly useful for area denial or clump up ship. i have more success on gearing 16.5 km torp. best torp are the usa with good concealment, range and damage. can hit all kinds of target. deep water torps has the best concealment and good damage, but they only hits capital ships bb and cv.
  10. yansuki

    German BBs Dispersion

    just use stock guns. those larger caliber dont overmatch 30mm. also german guns benefit from faster reload. specially since they have crappy dispersion. more S@#% you throw to wall, the better. i havent got GK (i only got frederik) but i tried it on space battle. i even use meme secondary build, and i really like her. i got average 120k damage per game. really tanky and pack lots of punch.
  11. yansuki

    German BBs Dispersion

    actually. there's a bug with stationary target. WG cant shoot stationary target even at point blank range. you have to aim little bit higher to actually hit them. e.g: if you try to hit broadside stationary target, don't aim at water line, most shell will fall on water. aim bit higher. not to mention auto target are bugged, its important to manually use x select target. also check mini map if targeted ship is highlighted, if not, its auto target bug. wows has lots of bugs since beta that was not fix yet.
  12. yansuki

    German BBs Dispersion

    german bb accuracy are so atrocious. though sometimes a well aimed shot still get bless by rng. though most of the time the rng are hair-pulling. also, stay away from IJN dive bombers and any torpedo bombers. they are too clumsy (despite being a brawler bb) so they eat all the bombs and torpedo drop in your general direction by aircraft. stay close to cruiser like usn, and french for aa protection.
  13. its a kid, she got nice AA also heal iirc.