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  1. yansuki

    Kamchatka - Guide 151

  2. yansuki

    Thoughts on KOTS

    ja, i think that's was the reason of their lost. i love how NA bring the aggression to the table. though they have some issue with communication. like the game where 07 rush C flank with CA and BB. henri rush too fast and got deleted. they even collided with other team. it was the kremlin who save the day there. wait, was it 07 or PWP? kinda forgot which team was that.
  3. yansuki

    Thoughts on KOTS

    it happened couple of times in EU Kots and EU VS NA. mostly happened when DD exploit a gap in enemy defense. or against stalingrad anchoring a cap point. love this new KotS without CV. it has more brawling potential, than with CV.
  4. yansuki

    Thoughts on KOTS

    yeah, its so fun to watch them charge helpless BB and BC too. that one is impossible with cv around.
  5. yansuki

    Thoughts on KOTS

    no, the game was more fun without CV. KotS with CV is boring. watch them play so passive and get pick in distance. without much actions. game without cv is way more exciting since more strats are open like rushing a flank or dd charging BB or BC with torpedo. bb can now rush CA too. instead of getting pound to pieces by CV. it award more risky play that is not possible with CV. the only boring part is the new Russian CL that has its own smoke generator and spam yamato to death. meanwhile kremlin survives longer so US use her with great effect. she's also better at brawling without sacrificing long range gunnery like german. IMO they should implement ship banning like in Moba, where each team can ban 2 ship each. those ship will cant be use for the rest of the round. this way teams are force to use other ships, instead of use using russian BIAS SHIPS.
  6. yansuki

    Big Trouble in Little Baltimore

    can i have yo on my divison whenever i play my german bb? btw i love to push and tank shots for the team. i just need AA. they are german bb'skryptonite.
  7. yansuki

    WoW, just sinOP

    nice damage my FDG can tanks lots of HE but ate lots of AP. and FDG has shitty AA, torpedo protection, and dispersion as trade for her toughness...
  8. featuring some Yuro sling shot drop.
  9. yansuki

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    casual 10k damage against harugumo at 19km.
  10. yansuki

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    500mm penetration at that range? holy shit. no wonder it still are scoring citadel against angled target. nothing in this game can stop its shell. also that shell velocity is cruiser level. not even zao can evade it at long distance.
  11. yansuki

    FXP past German T9 BB or USN T9 BB?

    iowa is a solid ship. as for FDG its really painful grind. she's tanky asf but her guns rng are hairpulling. not to mention on this current meta. german bb are carrier food. already got montana few days ago. still grinding for GK.
  12. doubt they would. remember korea has law that oblige company to show the % chance for lootbox. but they never comply and only pull out. they choose lost income there rather than revealing the chance. it so dubious.