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  1. +100 sins only nerfing AA of their precious kremlin paper beebee. why not reduce its deck armor like other bb so HE can spammer can farm it like other normal bbs.
  2. even flolo agree that Yostar has way better marketing deparment than WEEGEE, maybe they should learn a thing or two from them. https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu/clip/ArtsyBloodyTermiteNerfRedBlaster
  3. yansuki

    Starting a fire here.

    im talking about tier ix and x dd, they suffer the most due to long range radars, power full rockets/bombs and faster shell velocity from soviet ship, also tier x italian sap.
  4. yansuki

    Starting a fire here.

    maybe its about time to give all dd a repair party. giving dd with 2+1 (from superintendent) will greatly help their survivability. while buffing the HP heal of dd who can't use smoke. also they need to remove shimakaze 20km torpedo, they need to buff the other two torpedo mode.
  5. yansuki

    Starting a fire here.

    for all these years, the community are trying to teach new dd players how to play dd. capping, scouting and screening for bigger ship. yet WG are keep on trying to reset the community effort.
  6. yansuki

    Starting a fire here.

    DD is already the hardest ship to play (after the cv rework, cv used to be the hardest), now they are making it more even harder. did the dd players upset WG? why they are treating the dd like shit. more radar ships stealth radar cv rework submarines and now this bs. i don't see any merit in playing dd at all. now everyone will play shimakaze with 20km torpeo at the back.
  7. yansuki

    WG is advertising people to play CV lol,

    its asian server, its filled with weebs, and weebs has lots of money to burn on gacha games. WG want a slice of money from those weebs therefore the anime advert. i've also heard WG will get another AL collab this year, meanwhile we will get PR3 ship on AL.
  8. yansuki

    WG: russian bias dont exist

    i hardly pay attention to his games, mostly there for memes and chat with other weebs on chat. AL grind is more tolerateable than Wows grind. as much as i want to play wows for some pew pew, game is unbearable for me. add the fact that asian server are having bots problem. its a too much pain for me to handle.
  9. yansuki

    WG: russian bias dont exist

    i hardly pay attention to his games, mostly there for memes and chat with other weebs on chat.
  10. yansuki

    WG: russian bias dont exist

    shit i potatoed and put WG instead of EA. was watching flolo and playing AL while posting this.
  11. yansuki

    WG: russian bias dont exist

    at least EA is releasing C&C remake this year. they also listening to fans feedback on C&C remake. that's some +++ to me.
  12. yansuki

    WG: russian bias dont exist

    "YET" they haven't fix bugs that exist since beta. those lock on bugs. dispersion bug and some bugs i forgot even existed, ah, now there's that major bug like desynch bug. but from what i heard on reddit, maybe WG just slow the tick rate of servers to keep up with high traffic during corona season, instead of upgrading their server to handle more traffic. wg nowadays are more busy releasing premium ship asap, since prem ship make money and bug fixing don't. little by little they are becoming like bethesda.
  13. yansuki

    WG: russian bias dont exist

    you reminds me of another terrible game developer
  14. also WG: why soviet ship has both rail gun level balistic and improved pen angle at the same time? why russian non-exsisting ship get all the good stuff, while other nation has to trade something to get good at something. meanwhile usn has improved pen angle but has to be balanced by floaty shell arch and british has no HE. this game has great art that all about it, balance department has no idea of how balance work. maybe they should slap soviet flag in all ship so the balance department will treat other nation better. how can they expect to sell this game as "esport" like what they are doing in KotS when balance is tipped heavily on one nation.
  15. yansuki

    Roon is weak and boring to play

    tbh seatle is not that bad. i have lots of good game with her unlike ibuki. i have ambushed dd and RN cl with her radar+hydro and push caps. meanwhile ibuki is forced to play long range gunner with her slow shell speed. ibuki is so boring to play,. you have one play style and that is long range gunnery. she's so squishy if bb looks you in the wrong way, ibuki will get deleted or get crippled. i rather play seatle whole day over playing ibuki for 10 game straight. tbh if they fix seattle bad turret placement, make her fire all of her guns without giving much broadside, she can easily be one of top tier IX CL.