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  1. USN_CV63

    ETA of Enterprise to SEA?

    WOWS North America has released HSF ships, but it still has no idea about the USS Enterprise release date in WOWS Asia. Sad.
  2. USN_CV63

    Why are Asian servers full of non communicative players?

    As they said - language barrier is a huge problem... not all Asian Countries people have knowledge of English.
  3. USN_CV63

    When can we buy the USS Enterprise?

    So, do you know the exact release date?
  4. USN_CV63

    When can we buy the USS Enterprise?

    It's sad for me, although I watched HSF Animation, that I don't want to buy those ships.
  5. USN_CV63

    When do we get HSF...

    I wanna get an Enterprise instead...
  6. Hello all, WOWS North America have released the USS Enterprise on June 30. When can we get this? Anyone has any idea? Thanks.
  7. USN_CV63

    I cannot buy Hood

    I will try at that time.
  8. USN_CV63

    I cannot buy Hood

    Your official website says that Hood standard bundle unlocked on June 8, 8am UTC + 8, but I can't enter the purchase page - the page disappeared. What's wrong on the server? Or this item have been canceled for some reasons?
  9. USN_CV63

    hood is on sale on it own

    I cannot see it, and it says what page is dose not exist.