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  1. mmyatt95

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    USN cruisers Cleveland and up Atlanta new Mexico and up most cruisers past T6 gets defensive AA fire which with no investment can massacre half a sqn and then your spread is so wide you can miss a stationary battleship and from your stats i would guess that you have very little experience in carriers considering they only make 1% of your battles while i agree with he manual drop removal in low teir carriers because of the almost non existence of AA at t4-5 then T6 comes up and suddenly everything cruisers get a you strike miss and you loose half a sqn button so carriers pick off isolated ships because its all they can hence why strike midway goes one of 2 ways the enemy team sticks together and you do SFA or they scatter and you use them as a punching bag
  2. mmyatt95

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    every new line has increasingly effective AA and you want to say that crap they removed the manual drop from t4-t5 higher teirs USN cruisers and BBs can decimate aircraft the idiots that yolo out in the open are the ones that get killed
  3. mmyatt95

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    here we go i though i left this sort of shit in world of tanks
  4. I was thinking of another mod slot for CVs and a module called dive angle modification 1&2 Module 1 would increase the dive angle making armor penetration easier but the run is shorter so they have to fly through AA more Module 2 would decrease the angle but the dive starts earlier so harder to hit but AP bombs are likely to bounce What do you guys think
  5. coming from a CV driver your best bet is to not look like an easy target stay with your cruisers you go out by yourself and im going to DB you