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  1. NeonDagger

    USS Enterprise as a Premium Warship

    Probably shinano too will be a premium ship since she wasn't listed in the Developer diarrhea Japanese Warships
  2. NeonDagger

    Has anyone ever destroyed a torpedo ingame?

    Nope You can't destroy torpedos I tried it.
  3. NeonDagger


    You could just pre order the game and get a CBT access or join give away contest
  4. NeonDagger

    Full version ?

    Everything will be wiped out when the game releases because it would be unfair for the new players and the stuff you bought such as prem/gold will be recredited
  5. NeonDagger

    Concerning of Pre-Order packs

    Depends on the role you want. Sims for very good medium range kiting and dodging fire or Yuubari for a more aggressive and she has the best AA in her tier. I prefer the yuubari cause it's a melon
  6. NeonDagger

    Official 0.3.1 update

    I'm a bit upset no Shinano
  7. Go home CV you're drunk
  8. NeonDagger

    Unofficial upcoming stuff in 0.3.1

    I hope they will increase the 2nd armament's accuracy though while I was playing as the amagi I was trying to save my teammate and I ended up killing him...
  9. NeonDagger


    The Destroyers and Subs are like Cat and Mouse Without the Subs the destroyer is like life without meaning
  10. NeonDagger

    Why there no penalty of teamkill

    Perhaps Because it's still in Beta test and that's why there is no penalty for it.
  11. NeonDagger

    Difference between alpha and beta

    Alpha and beta are generic software development terms. Alpha refers to the earliest stage of testing, when the developer is still doing a lot of work on the software, but is testing what has been done so far. This generally has a lot of bugs and crashes. Beta is the next testing phase, and is generally using a much wider test background than alpha, beta releases are mostly finished, it's just testing for any unusual crashes or bugs before a full release.
  12. NeonDagger

    [CONTEST] Ocean Mine Sweeper #1