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  1. ahwai82

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    i got jaguar and guepard, i didn't pay a cent so no complain here also as a responsible adult i don't care what lootbox, i don't i won't spend any money on them and that's the way it is
  2. ahwai82

    Hindenburg or Zao

    Henri is better, more fun more capable 😁
  3. ahwai82

    15 game losing streak

    very normal, i have rant in the past but now just logoff and go fap furiously 😀
  4. ahwai82

    Can't handle the grind

    got mine as well, sitting in port seeing no action as i don't dd 😄
  5. ahwai82

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    belfast need torpedo and heal, why fiji get all of of that but none for belfast clearly fiji the op ship
  6. ahwai82

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    i didn't care and now im at the last stretch, few more days of daily missions to get the 100 token
  7. ahwai82

    Question for you, WG's 2=3 Summer Sale Team

    Lets exchange, my Kamikaze for 5k steel 😁
  8. just 74k to get to kremlin, just gonna take my time go thru soyuz 😀 what commander skill does everyone use? i go with tank build PT, AR, SI, CE, FP, BOS and last 2 points JOAT?
  9. ahwai82

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    well this is how i play fdg and should work with bismarck, move up but not too close to a point of no return and spam HE the most important part is to not over-extend and also not end up too far away..forced to run just run if can push you push weird i have fun go thru fdg even with all the bs cv rework but the reload buff does help fdg
  10. depends though on situation, if yamato/musashi anticipating it's not a good idea go against them still though i find it not fun to play such ships in asia server where everyone camp far away, plus all the ridiculous he spam these days
  11. ahwai82

    Guys, FDG is not bad

    grind past fdg to gk a month or 2 months back, i shoot HE most of the time burn bb with the fast reload plus when AR kicks in it's even faster so i got quite a few of arsonist and witherer lol playable even with my potato skill but still it's just crap
  12. ahwai82

    Worst. Newport. Ever.

    i played only once the whole week and i got 5 star this reply just to annoy max
  13. so far going well, not say have good wr do a million damage in soyuz but i position well do alot tanking support team just see yamato and other big guns coming i get my bottom and run lol
  14. ahwai82

    Hi Halsey

    i have john doe on montana and halsey on DM
  15. done with vlad today and move on to soyuz, a much better ship even i lose 3 match but my 4th match got 205K damage, 4 kills and 5 achievement and practically carry hard RU bb though he spam is the worst, good at tanking bow on but fires is very annoying so positioning is very much important to success playing them