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  1. ahwai82


    if you wanna know why just run mm monitor and you get your answer, 41 to 45% wr players with total 1k battle playing t9 t10 the experience is gonna be rough i never really wanna care how other does but these days most of the matches are so one sided its very boring and tiring to play
  2. ahwai82

    Dutch airstrike in action

    make the plane fly in from border not out of thin air, then we can see the planes coming and thinking who gonna receive the fun..you? me? him? its exciting! lol still though if wg keep things as it is i can see a alot of div with a dd, get close because the ship can with the concealment then hide in a smoke and send the fun
  3. ahwai82

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    i like playing wows i wanna play but i don't wanna play a 5min losing or winning match..its not fun all these "get over it" is just nonsense
  4. ahwai82

    Goodbye Hardwork worth of resources and metals.

    not worth it but how you wanna spend is your own choice
  5. ahwai82

    Italian Battleship Containers Contents

    dont expect anything wont be disappointed
  6. To me this opens up more possibility and ships, so more variety and tactics than stuck playing certain few ships but to top clans changes nothing as they would find the best lineup and best tactics. So in the end clans will still play with few ships just not these ships. Good point some can grind their t9 also like you say clan can focus more on playing together than ship lineup. Maybe this a good decision by wg maybe just changes nothing, only those play cb have the answer.
  7. lol so balance these ships need to be banned and restrict
  8. ahwai82


    i love max
  9. cc is nothing anymore now anyway apart from the codes and giveaways all that this whole thing is just hilarious and in some ways just reality of living in the world now, nobody can take any criticism can add this to just another shitshow from wg lol
  10. ahwai82

    A T9 ship for 1.5k dubs?

    if you willing to spend 1.5k db go for it if not sooner or later you will get it anyway
  11. after 1 month...lets see every t10 is thunderer, bourgogne, yamato..repeat and repeat same ship over and over so playing other ship is pointless plus horrible so camping taken to even more extreme in asia server death of light cruisers..cant do anything being spotted all the time by cv and also everyone camp 24km away good point commander sharing much better and finally a simple recall to click on..some things are good but most are rather negative thus nobody can see the positive things on this whole commander rework
  12. ahwai82

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    how you counter cv? by hugging the border! cv wont come for you as cv need to fly far away wasting time and you have your team as the meat shield to go thru first..this tactic proven to work! just chill everyone no need to argue on this lovely valentines day although i have to say i'm sad i don't have a date and i'm gonna be playing wows whole day long lol
  13. ahwai82

    i played the new patch

    not playing much at all, even play 2 or 3 match bores me..thunderer 27km away yamato 26km away everyone just snipe a snipe galore nonsense and waste of time
  14. ahwai82


    you got makarov, he got a makarov, she got a makarov, everyone got a makarov