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  1. good for you guys can get ibuki to work, there are so many ships to play i dont wanna waste anymore time fxp to zao play one match and the difference is unbelievable lol anyway play a little roon today and this is what i say fun, excellent ship that noob like me can play decently
  2. it doesnt for me, weekend or no weekend im surely on a losing streak
  3. glad im not the only one find ibuki absolutely astrocious forget royal navy, played till edinburgh but not playing much, for some reason playing this line everyone in my team will sit at the border..i can never understand i get fedup and i just have zero fun
  4. Ibuki is just straight up bad for me, probably because i don't understand it. Slow shell velocity and no armor playing too close easily get sunked play too far it's hard to hit anything. Not fun and first time i gave up fxp to zao Donskoi got great guns and radar. Quite fun get close to smoke ship radar them and kill them. It's not a amazing ship but does its job decently as a long range and close range. Have my fun go thru to moskva. Roon just got it few days ago and only got my 1st upgrade but so far can't say i have any success mostly down to how dumb i played it but with time i can figure it out bit by bit. Baltimore lack of credit to buy it for now but i expect to be similar playstyle to NO. French well still stuck at algerie, probably i need rdf to have some awesome match lol! This is just what i think of these ships, ibuki the worst for me so far and the rest that i have it's workable and quite fun to play just i need to remove some stupidity from meself. What you guys think of the T9 cruisers?
  5. thanks for the advice :) this commander is from cleveland but now more like atlanta commander than cleveland maybe i should respec as a specific atlanta commander since i rarely play cleveland anymore
  6. bad isn't it, this few weeks have been poor for me too..match after match my team just melt so fast or team just throw away match it just unbelievable makes me think i did not do enough or team just plain bad but someday i get the chance to rolled over enemy team, some good days some bad days i guess thats the way it is..when you rant about losing surely most here will kicked you hard..just dont be offended lol
  7. now i have PM, AR, DE and AFT and nearing to 14th point BFT better choice than DE?
  8. only 5 in a row try 9 in a row lol someday is just not your day, you can only wonder why your team got steamrolled so badly but the truth is out there..somewhere lol
  9. so the choice a difficult one CE or IFHE but with all the island hugging IFHE a better choice but sometimes find meself fight in the open as well you know so much camping nowadays got bored have to find the fights what a dilemma lol
  10. atlanta question nearing 14th point, take CE or IFHE?
  11. why bother get to t10 fast, its boring its slow its a massive snorecampfest
  12. try 1st time with atlanta 5 stars, 2nd time also with atlanta 5 stars so much fun with the machine guns
  13. im on desktop with gtx1070 and acer x34a wows looks absoluetely amazing
  14. find cover always and use AP when opportunity comes fun ship if you can find your way with it
  15. mogami is fun but skip ibuki i fxp ibuki away to another universe, best decision ever lol