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  1. seriously? SE on BB???? CE is the best choice then FP with all the HE spam now
  2. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    yday a graf spee just turn round and round in spawn the whole match do nothing, surely a bot too bad i dont have replay or take a screen shot..utter dumb of me
  3. 50 gamescom camo i dont expect anything great but 50 camo is better than nothing
  4. Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    yes, if you have bought anything from premium shop before this offer you are not qualified big slap on the face for us long time players
  5. Topic Redacted

    i'm not talking about i can't play this ship, i'm talking about the sheer lunacy of HE spamming from kitakaze and harugumo which i can't do a thing and keep getting sunk by them have 30K or 40K health don't matter, they just keep spamming and spamming HE i'd be down in a minute..so fast i barely have time to scream help lol anyway all of us go thru rough times, game keep changing with new ship then the change of meta and so on i guess for me just have to deal with it or stop playing damn! that guy must be very lucky..very rare i set 2 fires sometimes even 2 or 3 salvo not a single fire but my fire rng always bad, like i see everyone play zao keep setting fires mine doesn't
  6. Topic Redacted

    monarch is not lion and conqueror have stupid HE shells so this ship don't lit anything on every salvo
  7. Topic Redacted

    you say you can't play your dd i say i can't play bb, getting spam to death by harugumo in my monarch its not fun and frustrating it's awful i just stop playing
  8. as i remember i don't enjoy donskoi grind, it's big it's clumsy and guns that is nor here or there(don't have enough points for IFHE that time) also unforgiving if you make a mistake, once you got into spot you shouldn't you are gone have played nearly all T9 cruisers except for seattle, donskoi the one i will not even bother to play again..but this is my opinion so buy the ship have a go at it if don't like it pursue other line
  9. I really hate this operation

    anyone can suggest any tactics but ultimately players is still clueless it's a waste of time except for a decent 7 person div with perfect lineup once again WG just have to kill the fun, reduce the income not make it operation impossible as playerbase is just not up for it
  10. been using since november last year, no issue anything works everytime i click play thats the important part i have a decent internut connection and a decent pc
  11. Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    played a few its alright, getting 3 to 5 stars as long everyone knows what they must do its easy if not you know the outcome it's full of premium ship, its the scenario to use your premium T7 lol
  12. it's been so for a long time, i play past T8 mostly in T10..quite a work out if i have to say in a cruiser and now in monarch also going thru the same pain only worst
  13. khaba need buff

    yes! need buff like 2sec reload and 10k more health run double rudder..take SE skill..use speed flag..use speed boost when engaging and use heal then go out shoot anything in your range..so much fun
  14. where is our sharkbait??? i would vote for sharkbait
  15. MM Rant

    sad to say game as now it's really bad i have played T9 T10 match that lasted less than 10 minutes, unbelievable one side can be so bad get stomp over so quickly even if we blame WG doing this doing that i think players is the biggest headache of all, everyday i would see something truly mad with how players plays this game