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  1. ahwai82

    Same kind of match 2 days straight

    same as well, yday played like 9 or 10 times got like 3 wins..its just bad bots just straight line to enemy or nobody in team bother to play sit far away..every match a one sided blowout..nothing much can be done except just close game and dont play
  2. ahwai82

    Thanks Weegee for making me semi-hard grinding.

    moskaba my first t10 back 2 years ago but never played much of it, not my style even the gun is so damn good and of kos being rasha like venezia and the buff hinden now, both are real good and suit my playstyle so anyone grinding for moskaba gudluk
  3. ahwai82

    Wows in Ultrawide

    using x34a with gtx1070 for 2 years over set to high setting on everything, runs nicely at 70fps
  4. ahwai82

    Directives and Other Drama

    hilarious disaster
  5. ahwai82


    have the freexp but dont know how to play dd so wont buy..so noob 😒
  6. ahwai82

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    the grass is not always greener on the other side 😂
  7. ahwai82

    why click battle button?

    carry harder is just another phrase when have nothing else to say lol how to carry harder when other in team doesn't wanna do anything, dd have spot have cap but others choose to sit behind island fapping game got worst but players got even worst these days, i'm long from being a good player but at least play decent play your role
  8. why? if not gonna play the game dont play..go do something else stop ruining the game more good grief the state of players these days
  9. ahwai82

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    if dont have more range how to snipe from the back and keep ship shiny..think about it!!!
  10. ahwai82

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    colbert and ohio is surely tempting but not gonna do it, time consuming and no motivation wanna regrind again after done once gonna get smolensk, yoshino and some other ships is enough for me
  11. ahwai82

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    i got jaguar and guepard, i didn't pay a cent so no complain here also as a responsible adult i don't care what lootbox, i don't i won't spend any money on them and that's the way it is
  12. ahwai82

    Hindenburg or Zao

    Henri is better, more fun more capable 😁
  13. ahwai82

    15 game losing streak

    very normal, i have rant in the past but now just logoff and go fap furiously 😀
  14. ahwai82

    Can't handle the grind

    got mine as well, sitting in port seeing no action as i don't dd 😄
  15. ahwai82

    bElfAsT iS FaiR ANd BaLAnCEd

    belfast need torpedo and heal, why fiji get all of of that but none for belfast clearly fiji the op ship