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  1. Scharnhorst vs Gneisenau

    i dont enjoy gneisenau much but still i keep her and now share commander with scharnhorst dont play her anymore at random but bring to operation its damn fun
  2. don't think i will fork out money for it, it cost RM12.87 and i can eat 2 days of lunch lol so i rather choose lunch over a digital box just wait and see, if this the end what a big BS
  3. have 11 duplicate and need 4 to complete so anymore mission coming or this is it?
  4. well i was in my iowa in a t10 match midway det me, my teammate iowa got detonated by benson and one enemy dd got det from hindy so many detonation lol but this match my team win so its rigged i guess for enemy team
  5. Secondary build skills

    i suggest SI over BFT, then go for CE and 14th point take AFT secondary build can be useful but its usefulness is quite limited, you wont find many match a close brawling especially playing bismarck in T10
  6. why should WG do refund fxp is yours you choose to use it and buy the ship, wg didnt force you to buy it and by now you should know what you getting into you dont like it well too bad
  7. Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    i only have iowa now and still completely stock played less than 20 times but its alright to me, play it right its quite a ship how does iowa compare to all other t9 bb?
  8. got bretagne opening last 6 crates
  9. Maillé-Brézé contest code

    grab some of the flags, easy enough to do it thanks for the codes
  10. i'm 0%..didnt play y'day in random
  11. opened 3 and nothing "as expected" lol
  12. this game is beautiful!

    im playing on a ultrawide with everything crank up game look damn gud
  13. french ship is snail or escargot?

    does these frenchies need rdf?
  14. operation narai is back

    it will be back in few weeks time now time to level up commander in my cleveland lol
  15. spec help

    buy the most expensive or get detonated *choose wisely*