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  1. ahwai82

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    got 2 first blood with buyfast and one kraken with fiji, thats just 3 trying for hours
  2. ahwai82

    Exeter's Last Stand Part 3 #Stage3

    oh my another one lol it says T6 to T8 RN cruiser, dd or bb
  3. why didnt read properly lol
  4. ahwai82

    jean bart is my new waifu

    got mine too today this ship is so awesome the sound keep popping and gone off lul
  5. ahwai82

    WoWS Update 0.8.1

    shells go thru island, my back guns clear island but front not..i shoot and front guns go thru island but wont register hit
  6. ahwai82

    Well thought out stage requirement

    shoot down 30 planes try 7 times to finally got a match with double cv..done with atlanta 2nd 4mil potential damage, did it in helena but sail in the open jiggling like madman 3rd is easy just do damage so much logic and this is only the first part
  7. ahwai82

    while everyone is drooling over alaska

    the gun velocity on kron is much easier to land hits but the accuracy of alaska when caught broadsiding cruisers and bb is satisfying kron much easier to do well in and alaska not for everyone
  8. ahwai82

    Sound tearing issue

    is it your name or the game? 😀 anyway the sound bug is annoying, even fem that day streaming the sound almost make her fall off her chair 😄
  9. still alright, shot down 17 ranger planes and 18 from shokaku
  10. ahwai82

    Trials of Exeter

    after 7 times finally double cv match 😄
  11. ahwai82

    Trials of Exeter

    first i tried cleveland...nope not a single cv 2nd time i try fiji......nope still no cv 3rd time cleveland again and yes no cv at this point everyone ranting in chat full of disappointment and i'm just gonna give up
  12. ahwai82

    Alaska vs Abstinance - Dilemma

    Paladium! get the damn ship! lol dm and alaska completely different ship, both even played differently alltogether but alaska gun is accurate so satisfying land big damage salvo
  13. ahwai82

    Alaska vs Abstinance - Dilemma

    sushi and kron level the credit earning anyway no hint of any german freexp ship so why bother lingering, just get alaska and play
  14. ahwai82

    salem or jean bart

    Why not both?
  15. world of alaska tomorrow 😀