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  1. only got munchen from 10 container
  2. ahwai82

    Birthday Coupon

    properly setup since wg announced it, maybe just late or something else but it doesnt bother me
  3. ahwai82

    Birthday Coupon

    my birthday 3 days ago(7th) and i receive nothing lol
  4. ahwai82

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    well sometimes everyone get lucky, nobody shoot at us, the enemy just let us feed on them and this easily inflate our ego
  5. ahwai82

    Des Moines DON'T work for me anymore

    new ships and how the game is played now have killed ship like DM DM is about positioning that means using island and hugging island means easy target for CV some say play in the open..gotta be kidding right..DM is not design to fight in the open yet some try to force it lol like infamous mr shark will say, forget bout it go play cv instead lol!!!
  6. ahwai82

    Is it worth coming back?

    from cv rework to upcoming subs well goodluck lol
  7. ahwai82

    Who stopped grinding Pan-Asian Cruisers?

    Such ships is dead long ago when the sniping meta takes over Look at the matches you play these days, long range sniping or run to the back..probally one out five match you got a exciting fun match but most of the time you know how it goes Fxp is the way to go for me, not gonna waste time and frustrate myself playing them
  8. ahwai82

    Blimp Mode

    opposite of fun for me every match 4 dd and everyone just sit far away..then team melted very quickly and does nothing in the end just the same crap just faster than random
  9. ahwai82

    This is what a dumb game looks like

    well no doubt the quality of players is just awful these days, look at most of the match either you gonna win in 5min or lose in 5min..its really bad
  10. ahwai82


    played once, have my fun brawl with a richelieu and NC and this is also because can brawl when other run away tough luck with this ship, over 10km the gun is unbelievably wonky fxp to solve the problem lol
  11. ahwai82

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    only this, flag camos and 500db
  12. ahwai82

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    another 15k coal, so total coal now at 714K lol
  13. ahwai82

    People you've encountered in-game

    @Rina_Pon Well played my friend, we didn't win but you are a damn good dd player and carry my sorry arse too.