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  1. ahwai82

    Izumo is so much worse than I thought :(

    Even going thru iowa is awful for me Everyone point their bow towards me i struggle to do damage, if not this i get huge damage angling by T10 bb if not this i get burn to death Then the dispersion is just infuriating most of the time, shoot at angling target the dispersion will be awesome but shoot broadside ships the shells go everywhere Well i didnt play izumo yet but i'm gonna just fxp to yamato and save the frustration
  2. ahwai82

    Graphics Card temps in port

    i read from somewhere game loads all your ships in port so when you click on a ship then to another it loads quickly but in turn using alot more of the gpu thus it gets toasty don't make sense to me but this is what i read from somewhere awhile back
  3. ahwai82

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    nobody mention lion, the ship to counter bow on musashi and yamato lol
  4. ahwai82

    jus wth is wrong these 3 days

    nothing wrong just you are in a losing streak like all of us do it's very normal to lose 5 in a row and win once unless you can carry you just gonna go thru defeat after defeat hang in there my friend, you have rough time so does everyone....if this makes you feel better
  5. same lol played so long opened many SC and not a single ship
  6. ahwai82

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    it's a arcade game -the end-
  7. ahwai82

    How to Bismarck

    sadly with how the game it is bismarck suffered too much either you gonna be HE spam to pieces or being easy xp for T10 tank build gonna last you a little longer, secondary build before you get in range at any ship you are going down meta have changed and ship like bismarck is very very rough to play now, not all your match gonna be like this but prepare yourself to be disappointed anyway gudluck and have fun
  8. ahwai82

    Team missing, if found please call -

    one sided match like these is very common now can go on for a long stretch so better to call it quit
  9. ahwai82

    Players in Arms Race Vs Random

    im enjoying arms race as well and didn't even bother to play random anymore more yolo more action and simply not so boring
  10. ahwai82

    RN Normal Container OP

    only got acasta, well better than nothing lol
  11. ahwai82

    Operation zzzzzmo

    no wonder i get reported once
  12. ahwai82

    Operation zzzzzmo

    my sims with atlanta commander, bft+aft+dfaa+flag+aa modules easy 60 planes kills so easy xp and credits plus fxp kinda boring sail around click on planes and shoot some small botes but easy xp and credit i will still play
  13. seriously? SE on BB???? CE is the best choice then FP with all the HE spam now
  14. ahwai82

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    yday a graf spee just turn round and round in spawn the whole match do nothing, surely a bot too bad i dont have replay or take a screen shot..utter dumb of me
  15. 50 gamescom camo i dont expect anything great but 50 camo is better than nothing