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  1. USN! USN! USN! USN!:) German Destroyers are also great in my opinion from tier 7 - 10:)
  2. Hmmm... my Fletcher is on AA build (I just feel comfortable with protection from planes). Looks like Kidd is down my alley:) Im really really inclined on getting it.... but still holding on to my cash as I dont play tier 8 that often. Mostly 4, 7 and 9
  3. Hmmmmm..... Should I get it? Or should I NOT get it?:) Ive been looking into this for the longest time
  4. I completely agree... i already have it actually.... its quite enjoyable... but heck.. what do I know... I play DDS... any CL/CA (Except British ones) for me is a new experience. hahaha
  5. Finally! Cleveland is going up the ranks! So technically, it is the same as Mogami with 152mm and more AA Powah!:) And New Orleans is going to be the same tier as Indianapolis? hmmmm.... the Premium CA is basically an older design then N Orleans.... I hope they Buff up the Indianapolis as well.
  6. Fletcher or Black Missouri Baltimore Tier 9 Sims Belfast Belfast Tier 7 Clemson Clemson Clemson Tier 4
  7. Lol.. its very easy to be brave, if you have nothing to loose. For me... clicking behind a keyboard and mouse, bravery and cowardice are not relevant... because what do you have to loose or gain? :) Now.... Stupidity, on the other hand...... is something i find relevant to PC games:)
  8. Clemson.. yes... If you are havin a bad day with tier 7 - 10..... Clemson is like warm coffee on a cold day. - comforting, relaxing and reassuring in the right hands that you know you are in a very reliable and capable boat:) It will train you to do well in upper tiers.... But, another reason why it seems to do well... is because most enemies in lower tiers, dont really know how to counter DDS that well, specially BB drivers in tier 3 - 5:) So it just a plain Jane fun ship to play. V170 is also good.. but the reason it has better stats, because its a much newer ship compared to clemson, thus rather smaller sample size. And many already know how to DD when they use the V170.
  9. Belfast, Sims, Bylaskawika and Campbeltown... YES... it is fantastic:)
  10. I dont mind going up against BBS:) sometimes im the lone DD in the team.... BB vs DD... fun fun... as long as there is no radar! hahaha
  11. At times, I run an overclocked Core2Duo with 4 GB of ram with the game.. no issues here with patches:)
  12. Reminds me of NavyField. Lol.... i still have my SS and CVs which, are all the result of trading lol.
  13. Hi Captain! If you have the XP go for it, personally... I found the Brit cruisers to be much more fun from tier 5 up:)
  14. Yes, Tier 3 and 4 are currently a lot more fun, for now :) BUT.. i dunno about 5 and 6... the power creep in those tiers are very evident:)
  15. T7 Is fine in T9:) considering it gets T5 MM most of the time:)