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    World History, Guns, Ammo, War Ships, Tanks, Aircraft.
    - Part time Safety Consultant, Part Time Pilot, Full time Sandwich Eater.

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  1. Are Cruisers the new DD's?

    DDS are specifically meant to go under BBS and bang them up. CLS/CAS are specifically meant to go under DDS and counter the banging... BBS are ment to look good and Bang everything up!:) CVs are meant to overlook all the banging!:)
  2. Stop nerfing DD's plztykk

    what DD's have you been playing?
  3. Please help me git gud!

    If you want to be gitgud.. embrace the strengths and weaknesses of the ships you play, and learn from your mistakes. Learn from your playstyle and just adapt to the situation that you are in.
  4. Doing well in horrible ships.

    Hmmm... coupled with the fact its low tier ... yeah.. its a good boat.. my bad:)
  5. Doing well in horrible ships.

    is the campbeltown a bad ship?:) i seem to be doing well in it.. and it a lot of fun!:P
  6. Torpedo Acceleration trait

    I have it on my Gearing captain. Pretty cool! From 16km range to faster but still good 13km range. I can actually torp more ships and give them less reaction time compared to if i had the longer ranged torps.

    Reporting = A way to pacify the ANGER of the one... who is reporting:P
  8. prem ,ship Missouri

    I have around 390k Free XP. hahaha... well I am no BB player, but I know a good boat when I see one:) I hope to be able to get Missouri in 45 days:P If I get 8000 Free Exp A day... Looks like its a possiblity:P
  9. Goal(s) in 2018?

    Goal for 2018 - Just keep playing , having fun and GitGooder.
  10. Please Dont do this in Ranked

    Sigh... Captains, please don't Farm for XP in ranked. Bring your Best ship, in its best configuration with your best captain so you can contribute to your team with your best game play. Many other captains are trying to carry, but if you don't do your share, its gonna be really hard. Good luck out there.
  11. If they could increase AA capabilities of the Z52.. that would be really nice... Its always a priority target for aircraft:(
  12. Personally, I don't really care anymore if I encounter a stat basher. Lol..... I just let my playing to the talking... or, at least I try to.. and Enjoy doing it:P
  13. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    USN! USN! USN! USN!:) German Destroyers are also great in my opinion from tier 7 - 10:)
  14. My first impression of USS Kidd

    Hmmm... my Fletcher is on AA build (I just feel comfortable with protection from planes). Looks like Kidd is down my alley:) Im really really inclined on getting it.... but still holding on to my cash as I dont play tier 8 that often. Mostly 4, 7 and 9
  15. Pun for Kidd

    Hmmmmm..... Should I get it? Or should I NOT get it?:) Ive been looking into this for the longest time