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  1. This would be a super cool event... specially those who are interested in actual history:)
  2. Lol!! Really? ... hmmm..., UNLESSS.... you share the same computer:P
  3. Missouri Accuracy

    I just got Missouri. Lol... Im not entirely sure about its performance now.. BUT.. I still have to get used to BBS, as i usually just play DD
  4. Will Missouri be gone forever?

    I just got the missouri.. freeking OP... lol.... im no BB player.. I play DDS.. but the missouri is just freeking fun.
  5. Minekaze is too OP and I love it.

    kamikaze is a "pre Nerf" Minekaze :) If you like the "Mine" you will like the "Kami' much better.
  6. What really frustrates me

    Join the PTS so you can get extra flags:) thats what I do to replenish supplies... Ranked battles also does have significant flag rewards.
  7. What's wrong with Amagi & Murmansk?

    Murmansk was really a fun ship.. but i agree with it being made of paper... and easy to citadel regardless of the angle.
  8. The US camouflage

    Personally, I like the Historically accurate ones. The Bismark/Eugen Atlantic camo, Fletcher Premium Camo, Indianapolis Camo... if it looks as it did historically, Im Likey.... Regardless how how others see it.... it will all end up a rusty hulk in the bottom anyway. lol
  9. The US camouflage

    Lol... each to his own:P camo is camo..... meant NOT to make ships attractive:P
  10. Im at 545k.. and I used all my Flags... sigh.. Grinding is a @#%$$@... and the funny things, is I am not even a BBplayer... hahaha.. I just want it for the sake of having it in my port. I don't even need the credits it can generate because im not into collecting all the ships in the game.
  11. The state of this game

    Learn the weaknesses of radar and sonar ships and acct accordingly. Belfast is strong firepower wise.. but, is paper thin with no repair.
  12. I completely agree with this. But, OP should have seen it coming. You got to look into how you have been playing the game before you blame others. Though, there are times when it will be very hard to carry to win, but more often then not... It is not Impossible. Strive to become better and take in that mind set that you can make a difference, If you really wanted to. FYI, Some encouragement for the OP. I started off this game with much improvement needed, And I only started to change my mindset at 2500+ games starting with 42% - 43% WR.
  13. Do you regret purchasing that boat?

    Sigh, Sad to say, Ill have to agree with the Indianapolis as mentioned by MikuChrome. I really really like the ship.. but... its super squishy, as in... no matter what I do... unlucky shots seems to become lucky if shot at an Indy... BUT, im still trying to learn from it. lol... I believe they should give it a little better accuracy buff or something like that. [Quote: Indianapolis. Cruisers with 203mm has never been any exciting to play thanks to its RoF. Larger than Pensacola. WAY slower rudder shift time compared to Pensacola. Having one less gun than Pensacola. Same Kind of AA Firepower as Pensacola. (Suffering from having 127mm Single mount DPs) All those bad things I mentioned above for T9 Radar on T7 ship and better armor. This "Better" armor doesn't do anything when it comes to taking hits, Battleships still go through it like butter and HE shells from Cruisers still do damage and you'll be taking more hits since you're larger.]
  14. Any "Tool" The enemy will use to expose your team's units or "Plans"... should be destroyed. Radar/Sonar ships and scout DDS are used specifically as the fleets EYES.