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  1. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Why have you done this Wargaming?

    I’m a health care worker I’ve literally done. Nothing but work for 12 months even in Australia where the outbreak was minor out healthcare system is still in overdrive, not everyone who plays this game is a child and not everyone who plays this game is working from home. I’m not saying this to blow hot air I’m just trying to point out that not all of us have time to regrind whole lines of ships three or four times, or In your case can employ child labour!?!?!.
  2. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    Well where French players mad about it?, I don’t see how it defeats my argument When what I’m saying is that there shouldn’t be historical ships behind the bureau wall, the fact that there already are is irrelevant. I’d be just as mad if I was French and the Colbert just got added and it was stuck behind a paywall pretending it’s not a paywall (excusing the fact that they already have three full lines of ships and a bunch of premiums).
  3. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    Hit the nail on the head, I’ve wanted vampire in the game ever since they put in daring and when I saw that the ship was announced so close to Anzac Day I was getting ready to eat some good old humble pie because I thought WeeGee was about to do something almost nice and put the ship out for discounted dubs/FXP, And now I’m just about as god damn livid as I’ve ever been with them. To put it into perspective ever since this god damn pandemic started I’ve been working five six days a week and working and ungodly amount of hours. Whatever free time I’ve had I’ve tried to play what I can and accumulate some resources as not to fall behind but 55k RBP I cant manage that and I don’t think a lot of people even if they had the time could manage that not without pulling out their wallets. The fact that Smoland, Friesland and Hayete can be free xp but for some reason this can’t annoys the hell out of me. If the research bureau is going to have ships in it and I kinda think it shouldn’t the only ships it’s should have are non historical blueprint ships ships that people aren’t going to care about or that don’t hold sentiment for a country or their people, could you imagine of Missouri or Shinano where made bureau ships But yea on the whole up yours WeeGee our former PM put it best when he said.
  4. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    Congrats on cucking us Aussies twice with Vampire, once by giving us the wrong one and now putting it in the bureau because god knows the Dutch can get a tech tree line but We've got to grind for one god damn ship.
  5. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    I became the beached whale

    The bbc has already picked up on the event hopefully greenpeace will get to us soon.
  6. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    I became the beached whale

    Lol Hell yea dude I'll be crushing tier six matches in that bad boy
  7. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    I became the beached whale

    Lol well if they do this shit again next year I'm covered how many more tier 6 prems can there be
  8. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    I became the beached whale

    So Before I knew the crates where another crap tier scam by WG I got like 40 of them because hey why the hell not, and like pretty much everyone else I got nothing but shit tier ships from the short list. But what I did notice was that I thought I got most of the ones from the short lists so maybe if I got another 40 or so I'd do better (This was drunk fuchs thinking I came to regret this heavily the next morning when I sat up felt my headache then looked in my bank account) Any way I thought people might be interested in what I actually pulled.
  9. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    I’m at work so I can’t really write out an essay for you but I’d say you need to branch out and play battleships from other tech trees, get a bit of a feel for how this ships your fighting play as I said the kremlin once you learn to play it is a bloody monster of a ship you just need a bit more experience.
  10. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    What happened to Hoods AA?

    The cv rework happened, every ship had their AA neutered some just got it worse than most.