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  1. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    I’m at work so I can’t really write out an essay for you but I’d say you need to branch out and play battleships from other tech trees, get a bit of a feel for how this ships your fighting play as I said the kremlin once you learn to play it is a bloody monster of a ship you just need a bit more experience.
  2. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    What happened to Hoods AA?

    The cv rework happened, every ship had their AA neutered some just got it worse than most.
  3. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    From what I’m reading it would seem that your play style is more suited to that of a Yamato or conqkuk but as everyone else is saying doing poorly in a ship as well documented for being the height of soviet bias as a kremlin it sounds like more of a you problem than a team problem
  4. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    To Lemming or Not to Lemming?

    If I’m in my Bismarck or Massachusetts I’ll head off on my own if you can set them up just right they are fantastic at holding flanks by themselves, l probably get sunk half the time but I’ll have a blast and get a ton of credits and xp doing it.
  5. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    The only one i ever got that wasn't useless signal flags.
  6. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Random Battle Teams

    Also in doing that try and find your crux class of ship it could really just be the way you play suits another ship type, I must admit I'm still not the best at the game but i found that i did my best in KM Battleships and i do better more often then not in them. It could really just be your playing the wrong ship for you.
  7. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Guidance on KM BB line

    Its really just the standard secondary build for the Bismarck really, the GK not so much
  8. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Is this real ?

    I have Georgia its a good ship if you have the coal and you like the idea of a fast moving secondary spamming high calibre battleship then she is totally worth the coal, if you don't like the idea save your coal and wait until they add some new ships you can get with coal.
  9. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Guidance on KM BB line

    The Bismarck makes it all worth it, probably one of the only viable secondary builds still out there i love mine to death. Fat freddy is a bit poor and the GK is a little hard to get right these days but can still work under the right circumstances. \ Also Hoods always seem to want to die by your hand in games...
  10. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    ANZAC Day 2020

  11. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    WINNERS - Anzac Day Approaches

  12. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Anyone experienced any lags for past few days?

    I had to give up playing yesterday it was pretty god damn bad.
  13. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Where do you shoot a Jean Bart?

    The simple answer is you don't shoot them i avoid them and aim for something else if at all possible they are such a pain in the ass, but if you must load HE and hope for the best.
  14. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Bot Everywhere

    I have been noticing bots more and more and for some damned reason i always seem to get stuck on the team with them .
  15. Der_Ozeanfuchs

    Advice for spending 190k coal

    If you don't have Smolensk get it because its going you may not want it but you will kick yourself for not getting it later, but my advice would be to get USS Georgia its a great ship and you don't really need to be a battleship player to play it well it sort of has a play style all its own.