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    Throw game

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    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    Give me a reason to play IJN DDs. What is the significance of this line?
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    Bug Report: About the IME in win10

    Sorry my English is poor... I mean something like this does not come out.
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    Bug Report: About the IME in win10

    Issue: Trouble inputting Chinese, Japanese in Win10 Screenshots: It shows nothing, but I really typed something. After I hit Space the default word comes out without any other candidate to select. Something like these does not appear. Occurrences: AlwaysTested: See screenshotsSeverity: High impact. Though I can type English but it annoys me sometimes.Details: I use Microsoft Pinyin input in Win10. It does not work using Japanese input method either. I dont know if it occurs in Win8 or Win8.1 but it works fine in Win7.