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  1. MrJJ_sniper

    GIFT CODE (each valid once, while supplies last)

    Thank you sir, I activated CREV-9F874-ADXTY
  2. MrJJ_sniper

    Dockyard: Kansas

    HE ships will be very happy indeed.
  3. MrJJ_sniper

    King Of The Sea Mission Code

    Thank you very much sir!
  4. will it be the usual "7-10 business days" for SEA KoTS code to start working again.. ~_~
  5. MrJJ_sniper

    Not code, but gifts for everyone

    Thank you Captain
  6. MrJJ_sniper

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    Opened 19 super containers, one of which is a ship, after playing for 4 years, finally opened a super container which contained a ship. phew~ Anyways the loot: 1x T8 Bayard 3000 doubloons 45,000 coal 25 Basilisk 25 Red Dragon 50 Ouroboros 50 Scylla 100 Zulu 100 Indiana Yankee 200 Sierra Mike 2x 7-Day Premium Time 1x 14-Day Premium Time Wish everyone get something good in this 5th Anniversary, and thank you Wargaming! Happy 5th Anniversary! 🙂
  7. MrJJ_sniper

    (Building) USS Anchorage

    Because research points can be obtained by earned easily, just reset tech tree and grind it through whereas steel is either in recurring missions/ranked/clan battles/containers/snowflakes which nowhere easy as research and grind
  8. MrJJ_sniper

    There won't be any Halloween Event this year

    What i perceive is they keep shelling out new ships / new events / new packages to try to reap more money before finally at the end...close the server. Having new content is nice, but what i am afraid is they're going too fast, eventually ran out of ideas. Like a famous quote "don't run before you can walk" 😕 , but what do i know...maybe they have too many stuff to bring out ?
  9. MrJJ_sniper

    How to Play DD Against Radar?

    Tip #1: Know your enemy team i.e. how many radars, what are their concealment (Dm. Donskoi ~12.4km etc.) so you know if you spot them you will get counter radar, know places they WILL go (typically behind / close to islands) spot them for your team, try get team to kill radar ships. Tip #2: When there are CVs and Radars, don't dive into caps at beginning of round. The CV will always look for the DD, so stick close to your friendlies for AA support (i know..AA doesn't do much) but always check mini map for the radar ships and CV planes, than plan whether you want to contest cap or do scouting or torpedo runs or scout enemy DDs which are harassing your BB/CA. I don't think WG will have plans to change radar anytime soon, it seems they know about it but have far more things (i.e. releasing ships, events) to do than worry about the radar issue. However, with the reduction in AA concealment without firing AA guns for DD, it does help a bit for DD surviving longer. TL: DR. Don't play aggressively in beginning, take a look at what the enemy does and play & relocate your ship accordingly, the one who makes move first often gets the short end of the stick.
  10. MrJJ_sniper

    T6 clan battles.

    I didn't even bother with CB with CV in it, i have nothing against CV but its so tiring having to play competitively and have to worry about the sky as well. The last ranked season with T8 already burnt me out, had to play because i need steel to get the steel ships..
  11. MrJJ_sniper

    Summer Sale Discussion

    so far we can only earn , if i recall 15 summer tokens for the combat missions. I assume there be more? i am interested in the T8 ship containers but it costs 180 summer tokens 😕
  12. MrJJ_sniper

    Are special captains REALLY worth 175000 coal?

    @OP , have you checked what Nikolay Kuznetsov and Luigi Sansonetti can do!?!? , put them into Kremlin or any Soviet ships and Venezia and let me know...
  13. MrJJ_sniper

    DD players how you feeling now with DD ?

    It's all part of the game, CV > DD, like the CC's say, play passively...why RUSH the cap in first minute...when CV is out there in the skies, play passively around fighters, radars. Of course you might think you are useless, but spotting enemies and enemy DDs, giving these valuable information to your team is better than nothing.
  14. MrJJ_sniper

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    at this point its more of a punching bag ship....
  15. MrJJ_sniper

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    This ship has sigma 1.6...ugh.. So its a close quarter combat ship