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  1. MrJJ_sniper

    FXP for Tech Tree or Premium ship?

    I'd rather grind the ship because its part of learning to play the ship properly and playing the game itself...I rather spend fxp on Hulls
  2. MrJJ_sniper

    Public test rewards

    since when does it say "main account" ...? It says "Reward on Public Test Server". Public Test Server is not main server......
  3. MrJJ_sniper

    ​📢 Important Message for the Community

    sounds a lot like the politicians here, all talk and all, promise this promise that. Once a paper has a marking on it, always has a marking on it, no matter how much you use the eraser to erase it, its still there.
  4. MrJJ_sniper

    Moving On (Back to playing more)

    That is a long paragraph 😮
  5. MrJJ_sniper

    NA CC Update

    Sayonara Capt'n Yuro! 😮
  6. MrJJ_sniper

    ​📰 Update 0.10.7, Missouri Event and Economics

    use my money to buy Missouri to support Wargaming after campaign ? ............LOLSSSS
  7. glad I see that button, I was wondering "I'm so screwed now, I have to waste my time resetting each commander one-by-one"
  8. MrJJ_sniper

    About Asia Server so many bot

    Been in a match with an ally Z-31 DD, first 5 minutes the ally DD reverse back into A8/A9, then join combat later near end of match. Well, I don't need to say how it ended....
  9. MrJJ_sniper

    Do U think Dazzle does something?

    4 skill points I rather take something else...(i.e. Concealment Expert, Radio Location etc.), least I can use these skills instead of "Hey , shoot me please to make it work" skill
  10. I propose World of Shipbots!!! lolss
  11. MrJJ_sniper

    Ara ara, Asashio~

    Asashio: I'ma TORP that Cruiser!! lolss
  12. ^ This. 1) Players does not have map awareness (i.e. does not know when to attack or defend) 2) Players (most) lemming to one side and does not create cross-fire situations for enemy, causing one side to collapse instead of delaying that flank. 3) same as #1, Players does not know when to re-locate a position. (i.e. always sitting at one position aka. Sitting Duck) 4) Players unaware of score timer (aka. amount of time remaining to reach 1000 points) Wargaming has endlessly promoting ships and events and does not seem to educate the playerbase. King of the Seas was a great opportunity and can use visuals to high-light / replay some good plays by players, but we don't see that. Hell, I have to watch CC's youtube videos to not be a complete noob (thank the gods there is Flamu, Flambass, Notser, Overlordbou and many other good community contributors that have tutorial videos!!)
  13. MrJJ_sniper


    Playing more battles does not mean the player "will improve". However, certain battle statistics can be implement (i.e. If you want to play T10 DD, you need to have average spotting damage, avg 50% win rate across your DDs etc.). I know this limits players accessing higher ranked tiers...but if you want better and higher quality gameplay, you need to filter the players...unfortunately.
  14. It expired. But thank you.
  15. MrJJ_sniper

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    I didn't bother with this event, mainly the imposing "TIME LIMIT ON MISSIONS" , it gives me the vibe of constraining me to do it as if work didn't already give me a DEADLINE in real life, it puts me off. Best thing was When Alena (Shark) vs Dasha (Eagle) event, it was the one of the BEST ones due to the fact it wasn't as constrained and the most notable were pretty looking camo "Don't thread on me" for Worcester.