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  1. MrJJ_sniper

    Thoughts on player behavior on Twilight Battle

    if you guys see [VEL] players in twilight, they will shoot and kill you, just for your information
  2. MrJJ_sniper

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    i don't like about the update is them bringing in WiP ships into the game, this is a LIVE SERVER, if its being tested, put them back into the PTS server if its not ready. Our team see a WiP ship (Venezia) and not to mention a Smolensk, our team just melt. Oh did i mention the Venezia and Smolensk player carried the team??
  3. MrJJ_sniper

    Svyatozar camouflage

    Is there a mission in order to get the camo...? If so, did you finish the mission?
  4. MrJJ_sniper

    RN and Halloween Event Stuff up

    Easy. Find players or clan members to division up. How hard is it?
  5. MrJJ_sniper

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

    Much Obliged Commander
  6. MrJJ_sniper

    Late tier premiums problems.

    I guess i am not the only one who sees ichase complains this and that, i stopped watching his videos lately, i rather watch Flamu's reviewing other player's gameplay, and commenting what is wrong or right.
  7. MrJJ_sniper

    Free signals code

    Thank you very much OP
  8. MrJJ_sniper

    A new deep water torpedo

    A new DD named Asashio have torpedoes that can only hit BBs.
  9. i agree with OP the campaign is too time limiting, we all have lives to go through, and spending rest of the time grinding it isn't fun at all. This stands true when your team is not focusing on winning but instead torping / kill stealing BBs. I started to have a mind that if i finish it..great, if not...its not anymore than a game pixel.