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  1. ^ This. 1) Players does not have map awareness (i.e. does not know when to attack or defend) 2) Players (most) lemming to one side and does not create cross-fire situations for enemy, causing one side to collapse instead of delaying that flank. 3) same as #1, Players does not know when to re-locate a position. (i.e. always sitting at one position aka. Sitting Duck) 4) Players unaware of score timer (aka. amount of time remaining to reach 1000 points) Wargaming has endlessly promoting ships and events and does not seem to educate the playerbase. King of the Seas was a great opportunity and can use visuals to high-light / replay some good plays by players, but we don't see that. Hell, I have to watch CC's youtube videos to not be a complete noob (thank the gods there is Flamu, Flambass, Notser, Overlordbou and many other good community contributors that have tutorial videos!!)
  2. MrJJ_sniper


    Playing more battles does not mean the player "will improve". However, certain battle statistics can be implement (i.e. If you want to play T10 DD, you need to have average spotting damage, avg 50% win rate across your DDs etc.). I know this limits players accessing higher ranked tiers...but if you want better and higher quality gameplay, you need to filter the players...unfortunately.
  3. It expired. But thank you.
  4. MrJJ_sniper

    Battle of the Beasts progress...

    I didn't bother with this event, mainly the imposing "TIME LIMIT ON MISSIONS" , it gives me the vibe of constraining me to do it as if work didn't already give me a DEADLINE in real life, it puts me off. Best thing was When Alena (Shark) vs Dasha (Eagle) event, it was the one of the BEST ones due to the fact it wasn't as constrained and the most notable were pretty looking camo "Don't thread on me" for Worcester.
  5. MrJJ_sniper

    What was your bid for Coals?

    50 million bid and no win for me. I was planning to get the coal to trade for T9 DD Neutrashimy..oh well, I guess I'll wait for that discount resource coupon 😞
  6. MrJJ_sniper


    If you think this is bad, I always lose playing BB nowadays but always win playing DD, I want to grind my T9 Lion but I guess that's out of the plan if this MM continues where I am forced to play a competent DD who doesn't die 3-4 minutes into a game. DD requires really high map awareness, which I think some players don't have nowadays. Its even worst in Ranked when T6-T7 when our Gneisenau and New Mexico went to Line 9-10 to do their own thing.
  7. MrJJ_sniper

    Silver Ranked Battles

    Nagato is (410mm) and Iowa (406mm) , vs the enemy JB (380mm), its sad to see two ally BB lost to a T9 JB, I left the west flank to help middle (because no need for 3 BB to fight the JB), didn't expect the team to actually gave the enemy " Buy One Get One Free" deal.
  8. MrJJ_sniper

    Silver Ranked Battles

    I feel your pain, I had a match (its random) though, my ally Nagato (T7) and Iowa (T9) , CANT even take out an enemy JB. What did the enemy JB do? killed our Nagato and rammed the Iowa (full hp). I start question if my team can even aim ...
  9. MrJJ_sniper

    Dutch airstrike in action

    It has "reload" , one of Flamu videos hover to the Airstrike icon, and it says "80 seconds" reload for T9 Johan de Witt Video Reference: Look at 39:10. But..after watching it, I am questioning whether the planes will restore fully once a charge is fully charged or not (i.e. You will have a full squadron even though your planes gets shot down) link reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do_8lYRIWt4&t=2438s
  10. MrJJ_sniper

    I guess he didn't watch KOTS?

    or maybe he watch it but still can't interpret what it means. lolss
  11. MrJJ_sniper

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    The games I am in are ally DD's dying faster than enemy DD's. I find they have no map awareness, and charge/cap/flank-in when clearly they have no backup. I improved my gameplay watching youtube videos (Flamu, Flambass, Notser, ichase) since Year 2 WoWS, and went from a (48% -> 51.5%). Now, if only these individuals is willing to do the same because there are hella lot of gameplay mechanics (i.e. smoke, radar, hydro, CV, creating cross-fires, kiting, defending/attacking flanks, maximizing your repair party etc.), and simply just playing the game nowadays without knowing game mechanics and map awareness is just asking to be sent to the port and be a liability for the team
  12. MrJJ_sniper

    Should I spend coals on Pommern or Flint?

    Short Answer: Neither I don't have Pommern nor Flint, because: 1) Pommern is a brawling ship, look at the meta right now...there's ALOT of HE spammers. And T9 faces T10 (Thunderer, Des Moines, Republique) etc. 2) Flint, my cousin bought it and he says it doesn't differ much from the Atlanta other than the fact it has smoke As I have alot of premium T9 BB (Musashi, Jean Bart, Georgia), I'm shifting my focus to premium DDs (Marceau, Neutrashimy) / Legendary Captains instead.
  13. maybe its a sign I should go grab the Nelson ? /hmm..🤔
  14. MrJJ_sniper

    Precious Doubloons

    Always ships. Why? -Anniversary -Snowflake
  15. MrJJ_sniper


    Fellow Captains, I have looked into the OP's stats (will not stat shame). I do agree the skill department of his needs much much improvement. How can someone with 15,330 battles and still not improve. @OP , I would suggest looking at the ship strengths / weakness, Game Tactics , Cross-fires, When to retreat/defend, Map Awareness, Know what can overmatch your ship armor and what can't. For example, recently I play Stalingrad and always go island sit there and bow tank (IN A CV GAME). But after I watch videos of Stalingrad with CV gameplay, I don't do that anymore and I changed my tactics/strategies and win games with it, I chose to sail and kite a bit and play as a heavy support cruiser. Sometimes, one need to change/adjust his style before going on a rant about something which might not be the case...