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  1. MrJJ_sniper

    What is the trick to lighting fires

    Hello, I did some searching and found this webpage, I believe it should answer some of your concerns! 🙂 https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  2. Here are some which I am playing, not sure if you are interested: - RE 7 - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Alien Isolation -Shadow of the Tomb Raider -Guild Wars 1 / Guild Wars 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn.
  3. MrJJ_sniper

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    After rework? this is so depressing...at the end its a lost. I don't mind losing but at least teach player on positioning better instead of sitting at the back?
  4. MrJJ_sniper

    This FKED UP than EVER

    This is why I don't play cruisers anymore, they got the short-end of the stick this time around.
  5. MrJJ_sniper

    The right way to play BB

    darn, no wonder it is now free to demount ship upgrades, it is so I can slot in range mod in the 6th slot, potato me I am...
  6. MrJJ_sniper

    Scenarios Based on Actual Battles

    Having played since 2012, the current trend is putting out new ship lines (USN BB, Italian BB) in such short amount of time (New German DD, Submarines soon). The time and effort to put into these, isn't it better to put some of the effort into making some Scenarios? The World of Warships I know before in 2012 has evolved into something that is for profit, and I respect that. But seeing a game I have played for years, it sad to see it goes like this.
  7. MrJJ_sniper

    📰 ST 0.10.2, New ships 🐯

    I bet my money if its a Dockyard ships its going to be a German ship. I mean, we have a record of getting the short-end of the stick? lol
  8. MrJJ_sniper


    Thank you very much Sir!
  9. MrJJ_sniper

    How to get 775 free doubloons in 0.9.12

    i'll hold onto my eggs until Wargaming releases the "FINAL" shipyard. They have a reputation in making things "difficult" for the player base ~_~
  10. MrJJ_sniper

    Regarding Santa Crates

    (1) "After 2018 it was not present in the description anymore, as it was deemed excessive to the already detailed description. " Me: So, any players after 2018 joins World of Warships and buys them, how are they notify of this than? (2) "We will work on improving the next Santa event with the feedback and concerns you voiced" Me: Right............................................
  11. MrJJ_sniper

    Are the Santa Boxes Rigged?

    WG: Working as Intended. I am surprised people are still falling for it, either they don't know WG well enough or are "very curious".
  12. Well i know where i'll be spending my coals on ...(175 000 coal commanders)...still need to get the German/France/British special commanders. 🙂
  13. MrJJ_sniper

    GIFT CODE (each valid once, while supplies last)

    Thank you sir, I activated CREV-9F874-ADXTY
  14. MrJJ_sniper

    Dockyard: Kansas

    HE ships will be very happy indeed.
  15. MrJJ_sniper

    King Of The Sea Mission Code

    Thank you very much sir!