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  1. 被弾0で爆沈

  2. Why AP? HE is better since u cant expect any citadels
  3. What's your karma?

    195 but decreasing these days..
  4. ランク

  5. 賛辞が送れない

  6. I killed my self

    Maybe you were fighting "allies"...
  7. 3 New Players

    I dont think tier4 5CVs even a threat...
  8. Hey, how about radar thats the biggest thing
  9. HSF Harekaze worth it?

    Really depends on how u play, but 1 4 sure its not OP
  10. where has unicum gone?

    ranked battle is all tier6 tho
  11. >SHIRAI_2015


    這個人專門在論壇找碴的 可以不用理他

  12. 然而3樓不是還幫妳翻了嗎,這還看不懂?
  13. Why u set your profile private? If u show it to us, maybe we can gib u advice and think about every game u play were u perfect all the time? If not, stop complaining
  14. 轉換經驗是一場騙局嗎

    https://worldofwarships.asia/zh-tw/news/specials-and-events/pve_launch_weekend/ 都明明白白寫在這了,不看怪誰?