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  1. _Nova_

    No.1 CA player's Youtube channel

    thanks for letting us know mate
  2. _Nova_

    Manual drop

    its not a pinned topic, so don't expect that everyone must read it..
  3. _Nova_

    Manual drop

    whenever a player comesup with something most of the alpha/beta testers troll OP, surprisingly i see 90% of these guys replies in most of the threads.. where are the normal players ? testers are more in asian server than players ? and coming to maual drop..yes it needs some tweaks, hope cvs get balanced at some point..also BB's
  4. _Nova_

    Wows = torps?

    yes mate, u understood wat i'm saying...
  5. _Nova_

    Wows = torps?

    you guys are trolling rather than posting something useful....nice The purpose of the thread is different than wat u guys are trolling here, i mean battleships are weak as they don't have torps and slow as well , they need some rework to make em more enjoyable .. discuss on that shhh
  6. _Nova_

    Wows = torps?

    thanks for ur time explaining it..
  7. _Nova_

    Wows = torps?

    oh well, its a question regarding wows is all about torps only? i'm not asking help me, how to avoid that and this ,,,;) if not, u can lock this edit: that's wat i observed in early low tiers upto 5, i hope it gonna be fun in higher tiers and after some patches/updates..
  8. _Nova_

    Wows = torps?

    yeah i like it, that's why i play BB but u get 1 or 2 hits like that but that also in rare cases and later eat torps as usual LOL
  9. _Nova_

    Wows = torps?

    Hi I have been playing from past few days, i like playing BB more and dds sometimes.. but the problem is cruisers, dds, carriers, all 3 classes out of 4 got torpedoes... All i can see in battlefield are torps nothing else.. wat's the point of BB tech tree then ? they are slow, sluggish and get killed by trolling dds and carriers, not only that but cruisers also....ohh damn come on.. No point of grinding Battleships ....
  10. Thanks for taking time to make this guide.