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  1. Honeywell

    stuck at first loading

    -Issue: stuck at first loading after launcher Screenshots: screenshot attachedShip: -Map: -Occurrences: everytimeTested: everytimeSeverity: it stop me from playingDetails: i have no mod, my driver,vc++,directx is uptodate, try to delete preference.xml, problem still there, already check and repair game integrity twice, problem still there i had update this morning (17 nov 2016), problem still there, wows cpu usage at 35%-40%, ram used 279mb my laptop spec : -i7-4710mq @2.5ghz -ram 16gb -64bit win8 -put the game on ssd do you guys has solution?
  2. Honeywell

    a house on boat [glitch]

    Issue: there is a house on all of my ship at home port, i close the game and open again, the glitch gone. i just want you to know this Screenshots: attachedShip: all my ship in portMap: home portOccurrences: after one battleTested: the problem gone when i reopne the gameSeverity: not severe,i just let you know