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  1. Sikkem_Rex

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    This bug has something to do with the wow mod-station. If you disable the mods, the health bar will go back to normal. At least WG now know where the problem lies.
  2. Sikkem_Rex

    We Were All Noobs Once

    Way to go Romulus. Let's just get better than Bex. 😄 As Bex would say.. "Get gud".
  3. Sikkem_Rex


    Chill out people. Ancient Ruffian did state he mostly plays co-op and scenario battles. Doesn't game rage only occur in random and ranked battles? :D
  4. Spelling and grammar is no longer important obviously. Teachers are too busy complaining about their pay and having hissy fits by striking. (Re: Australia). Is it any wonder the younger ones suffer? Anyway, I wish wargaming would email those that participated in the PT for feedback, instead of it showing up as soon as you log into game. I couldn't give feedback, but I sure hope all the issues I encountered were recognised by other participants and submitted to WG to fix.
  5. Sikkem_Rex

    Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    I got 3 SC's with my 3 T10 ships. No premium ships, no premium time, no free doubloon's, but I did get 150 camo. I am happy. :) I love the free stuff.
  6. Sikkem_Rex

    The Ring. Public voting has started

    Notser isn't going to enter.
  7. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    After so many games in the UF scenario, I have found the solution on how to get 5 stars most of the time. 1. Don't allow dd's in battle. 2. bb's can not heal in heal zone. 3. more reward for the bb who goes after Atlanta. 4. Must have more than 1 bb to start battle. Every time I have had a win of 5 stars, no dds ... It's all in the combination. 2 or 3 bb's, the rest cruisers. What frustrates me so much is bbs in the heal zone. I have been in a battle when using a cruiser, need to heal fast, only to find 2 bbs with more than 50% health, sitting in the heal zone. This gives cruisers with low hp no where to manoeuvre to dodge incoming fire. BB Captains, you have a heal, and you get 100% damage back on flood and fire. Why do you need to be in heal zone when you are suppose to protect the aerodrome from enemy planes? Are some people incapable of thinking? Is there only tumbleweeds passing through their ears?
  8. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    [content removed] Violation general insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  9. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    CLASSIC!!!! :)
  10. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    Since when does a language barrier interfere with common sense? No matter what language one speaks, brains are certainly an advantage.
  11. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    On a positive note, don't you think that this concept may entice players to play as a TEAM?
  12. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    I agree, the easier the mission, the more boring, however, some folks use the wrong ship, that being, DD's. It's only fun when the team has strength. ( bots easily dodge torpedos). I honestly believe WG would have more success with the .... well lets say "happiness' of players", if they prevented destroyers from entering battle. Remember, only dd's could play in the lovely Dunkirk scenario. Why not exclude the dd's from this one? They had their fun, now it's time for the other 3 classes of ships to show their might. I love dd gameplay, but not in this scenario.
  13. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    Since I last posted in this thread 47 mins ago, I have won 2 battles, last one with 5 stars. No CV or dd's. I think 3 bbs and 4 cruisers might just be the key to win. IMO, it doesn't matter how well you play dd's, this scenario needs fire power. So, correcting my last statement, this mission is likely winnable without dd's.
  14. Sikkem_Rex

    ultimate frontier failure

    Everyone wants a challenge and to have fun, however WG has gone to the extreme with difficulty. I suggest to WG, if you want to have the bots more powerful with accuracy, fire chance and citadels, then add more players to the scenarios. The mission is doable, but winning has become highly unlikely.