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  1. shemrafael987


    I could only pull 50k if pitted against t5 6 and 7. i guess i was just out skilled on that match
  2. shemrafael987


    Has anyone inflicted 0 damage on the indy before? When pitted against tier 8 with their monstrous AA, a good cv player, and a well experienced cl/ca. This is embarrasing
  3. how has gameplay changed for you after the 0.5.6 update? What are your experiences? Do you have any tips and strategies for other players?
  4. id agree on the default, less micro, less trouble, more reserves,higher margin of error. PS keep your eye on the MAP for those sneaky DDs
  5. shemrafael987

    USN CV grind (up to T7)

    I just got the Indy today My DB and TB are always wiped out i cannot achieve more than 3 torp hits due to monstrous AAs maybe because my planes are low tier i guess its much more beneficial to use AS on Indy and let the high tier CV and BB do the damage a complete change of play style from the bogue. Its like moving from t28 proto to the t30 ;(
  6. shemrafael987

    0.5.6 Patchnotes (NA=May25)

    I lost an entire TB squadrone on a new mexico earlier and now this
  7. shemrafael987

    torpping friendlies

    A key to easily say "look out for my torpedoes" not necessarily, as you wont be expected to do the noob job over and over again, youll do better in the future.
  8. shemrafael987

    A CV Cheat?

    you can wipe out 3-4 squadrons on one strafe within seconds, done it
  9. shemrafael987

    Question for cv players

    yes it is a pain that we need to live with indeed AS bogue could never out perform a 1 successful torpedo strike from a balanced bogue and im willing to have 1 fighter squadron compared to 2 DBs against a zuiho, its just a matter of out playing the 112 but there was this one gameplay i had xD which my team had to deal with AS bogue and Strike Zuiho xD frustrating lol hahaha xD
  10. shemrafael987

    Question for cv players

    you got 71% wr on a AS loadout? o_O i dunno man, if it works for you, good for you. but what ive encountered so far on my bogue is that balanced loadout always beats AS and Strike loadouts
  11. shemrafael987

    Question for cv players

    And it also usually(in my experience of always winning against them) costs them the whole game by missing on the damage output. I prefer the basic loadout