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  1. Biggus

    Did somebody say "Royal Navy Battleships"?

    Looks like the E-Type Jaguar of BBs:- A long, long bonnet and the cabin at the rear.
  2. Biggus

    Did somebody say "Royal Navy Battleships"?

    Tally ho eh what old boy? England expects every man (or woman) to do his (or her) duty. "Rule Britannia, Britannia rules not much Less than the Spanish Or the French Or the Dutch." Always look forward to new ships, especially BBs, and especially RN ones, which come complete with a silly accent.
  3. Biggus

    For those who just want to take it easy

    This^- As long as you turn up and shoot at the enemy and not your own team you're OK in my book. As for the guys who go crazy in chat with "noob" and all that. Here's a hint, go check their stats after the game.......they usually stink. Happens all the time, some kid goes postal in chat and after the game you find he's a 41% player. However.........winning IS more fun than losing, so if you're consistently under performing in battle either overall or in a particular ship you need to figure out where you're going wrong. Much of the time you'll be playing in teams that include a significant proportion of players that are pretty average or even actively bizarre in their play, so being able to react to how the battle is evolving (watch your minimap ALL the time, just like the rear view mirror in a car) is as important as being able to hit what you're shooting at. You can usually tell within seconds of the game start who knows what they're doing, they're off straight away in a sensible direction, doing what they should be doing. With luck the rest will wake up sooner rather than later and make some sort of contribution to the battle............
  4. Biggus

    down the gurgler

    I enjoy the game still, but I'm so moved by your touching story of disillusionment that I vow never to play again.
  5. This. The lowest winrate I've ever seen with enough games to make it fairly authoritative was in WoT in the low 30s, and you'd have to be far worse than AFK or a bot to get that %. I can't see how you could get 13% unless the sample was fairly small.
  6. Biggus

    Do not discriminate only Japanese warships

    Clearly time to form "IJN Lives Matter" to fight the veritable holocaust being wrought against the players of Japanese pixellated ships! UN Security Council here we come!
  7. Biggus

    Officially Christmas here soooooo

    Happy Festivus and all that earthlings.
  8. Biggus

    How to de-arp my game?

    There's and option to deselect the silly ships in the ship display/carousel selector
  9. Biggus

    How to get dreadnought for mission

    You've answered your own question. Unless you break off to heal you won't get one.
  10. It's already often hard to stay with the battle in US battleships, so imagine trying to do so in something with about a third of that speed when submerged. Subs are ambush predators that rely on their prey wandering past oblivious to their threat. Trying to work them into a fast paced naval engagement would lead to totally unrealistic gameplay.
  11. Umm, your record only shows ONE Kraken in total.
  12. No, you're not alone. Platooning up wastes time while your platoon mates go and feed their cat and such like. Too much farting around.
  13. Sick of DDs that don't start moving until two minutes into the game and sick of the excuses. Such is life, if you can't get into games on time go and find something else to do instead of ruining the game for everyone else.
  14. Biggus

    Ban by "Complaints"

    If you chat in game like you post I'd just mute you, but I guess others complain.
  15. Biggus

    How about a new tree

    Nooooooooooooooo. Um really, just no.