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  1. Sup people, how are you doing today? I first played this game during its beta and finally decided to come back into the game after disappearing for a good year or 2. The last time I played this game was when the German battleships were released on the live server, just to give you a sense of how long I've been away from the game. Anyways, I'm here to catch up on the meta for this game. Being away for so long, there must be changes to the ships that I used to know and love. I would really appreciate if you kind people could make a summary of the current meta and cool new features that wargaming had added to the game. Links to videos or posts which help explain the newer ships are greatly appreciated. I really appreciate all the help I could get!!!! Thanks in advance :)
  2. JoSnaps

    0.5.3 Cleveland

    I miss my 18-sec turret-traversing cheatland I cri ;(
  3. JoSnaps

    For Singapore players!

    Such muny sg players I cannat handlezzzzz.
  4. its sad that its frm 7 to midnight Sg time cause I liv in SG but I hav sch and I cant play during d night (cause reasons). really bothers me. Been wanting to try this gamemode out in my cheatland but guess wouldn't happen. Probs wait fr some PH or sch holidays fr a chance. Haish
  5. JoSnaps

    Forum game: The Unluckiest Captain

    Joe has 4 kills. He pleads to his team to give him another kill for a kraken. Team killsteals all remaining ships. (Based on a true story)
  6. JoSnaps

    WoWS Haiku

    In a Cleveland Gets 2 T5 aircraft carriers Makes a sinister smile
  7. JoSnaps

    RNG is strong in this one.

    what mod do u use brb?
  8. JoSnaps

    How To Play Cleveland

    Tq guys fr sharing yr experiences wif me. Hope u guys hav a gd day ahead
  9. JoSnaps

    How To Play Cleveland

    I just got my Cleveland and I am struggling to adapt to d tier 6 lief. Could u give me some tips on how to play it to its strengths and hide its weaknesses (if it has any). Tq
  10. JoSnaps

    PvP too hard.

    Hey. I know dat feel when I sucked in WoT. But bcos of WoWS, at least I feel dat I'm good in one Wargaming game. Also, U should be in an American Cruiser cause it's like a German cruiser mixed with a Japanese cruiser in the lower tiers. Also, stick near to your team and follow them wherever they go so that u can "learn" from them in a battle as you will survive longer and you will be protected from aircraft attacks. To me, Cruisers are noob-friendly cause they are very versatile and if you are caught out of position, you will still have a chance of fighting off whoever is attacking you. Just keep on practising and prctising and within a month (that's how long I took), you will get the hang of it.
  11. JoSnaps

    Is this game just too Hard?

    Watch the Mighty Jingles or any other guides on youtube. They will show you how to master yr ship cause diff ships hav diff strengh and/or diff weaknesses. Also, as a CA player, shoot AP at other CA's and shoot HE at anything else. Also, dont fire from yr broadside as other CA's and BB's can Citadel Penetrate you. GL ;)
  12. JoSnaps

    What if World of Warships was realistic?

    The only reason I play dis game is bcos I suck at WoT. So if this game was realistic I would cry myself to sleep ;(