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  1. patri3x


    Forget it it was just bad dream! Have a great game!
  2. patri3x


    See harpoon01 i dont want people to know name of the hack as indirectly people will go for it. That is why i send private message. If you are not suitable for that job then just step away. I am serious and dont question my integrity. OK
  3. patri3x


    Hack submitted successfully to moderators. I can pray only now!
  4. patri3x


    Its a aim assist hack dont worry dd it do not spot you in smoke. It must be radar. I am only talking about aim assist hack which some clients have incoming shell tracers where it will land before shells reaches you. Thank you sending to moderators.
  5. patri3x


    Hi I want to submit a client which is used for hacking in wows and i tried generate a ticket for same. But wargaming dont allow submitting exe files and files more than 3 mb of size. Then what i am supposed to do? I will not definitely submit this client at forum as more people will fall for it. So please guide or super moderators contact me. I dont cae if i get banned forever from wargaming.