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  1. raxcave

    Back to see whats up

    wait so usn bb is worth keep grinding or should try hands on german bb,,
  2. raxcave

    Back to see whats up

    my usn cv fighters, are eating dirt , to ijn fighter, last when i was here, they use to go chew ijn fighters, like butter with knife, what I am missing,, and cv players don't try to kill each other at the start which is a good thing, in past first thing cv use to do was kill enemy one then focus on other ships,,
  3. raxcave

    Back to see whats up

    Been so long , came back to see what's up,, and what's changed,,can i get short summary of german BB, Russian line, UK line,, feel free to add me in-game, I welcome all high to lowest LVL, tier players,
  4. i took some months break, but now i am back and i forgot while shooting from a bb, on a bb, under what range ap ammo is good, above what range HE, i kinda a remember some one saying me, shoot HE round when bb is on 10k or above range, Shoot AP round,, its its under 10k range, but i forgot,,
  5. raxcave

    What are some keeper battleships?

    anything other then colorado
  6. raxcave

    BB OP?

    BB is just gamble, if you have a good co ordinated team you will rock, if you don't you will just realize its too late to do anything, untill you will be alone in front of most of enemy team, every one putting what ever they got on you, so BB is as good as its team, while dd and cv forgive mistake and if played right can do more dmg then bb, end of day BB re not op, its DD thats op in hand of skilled player, coz A skilled DD playing hide and seek with enemy, and knowing when to torp and when to run, can win if 4 vs 1 then a BB in 4vs1.
  7. raxcave

    Looking for Teams, Now Easier!

    i was kinda out station, so whats news on clan, why not make it a clan instead of teams,
  8. i used Credit card, debit card nothing works, any idea when can i be able to buy from premium shop, wrote to support no answer from them so far. i am trying if for last 4 days,
  9. raxcave

    latest update WTF have you done

    its a balanced game as far as I can see, it takes skills to master a class of ship, for now I would say IJN has better DD,BB while USN has better Carrier and cruiser, I don't see anything else wrong with it, I meant better in sense, that class don't need lot for practice, to get good result, but in had of a skilled player IJN Cruiser , cv, Usn BB,DD can be deadly
  10. so is there any answer of this problem , i am also facing it now
  11. raxcave

    World of Torpedoes!

    I think problem is in lack of team work, everyone wanting to be rambo thinking there class can do everything, if you are a bb get crusier beside you ask them, they will help keeping dd away and give hard time to cv also, meanwhile when enemy cv is busy with you don't. Be shy to ask your friendly cv to take out enemy cv first, only if cruiser focus more to protect, friendly cv at start until enemy cv is down, solves most of problem.
  12. raxcave

    Who has the better Secondary Arnaments?

    For me it's cv, coz it's secondary works best when you need it,
  13. raxcave

    Montana vs Yamato. A comprehensive look.

    Going by usn bb hoping that will be better in higher tier is waste I guess, time to stick with ijn bb, thanks for posting it.