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    Community Contributor: Streamers Enroll!

    Hi Team, Here are my Details: IGN:???Stream ID:O0mattmanaway0oAverage No. of Viewers:5 - 15Streaming channel link: www.twitch.tv/O0mattmanaway0o Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mstntaJtE60cSmu2lVBpA I post Ship reviews and general game play on a regular basis
  2. mattmanaway

    Why does Wargaming Hate me so!

    Why is it that in 9 out of 10 games hat i play i am two tiers below everyone else WHY!!! have i done something to piss wargaming off????
  3. mattmanaway

    A couple of Gripes

    Hey Team, Firstly i just want to be up front: This is a god old fashion moan. I Know that these issues are going to be dealt with in the coming patch, but quite frankly it cant come fast enough. My main issue that i am having is the balancing. i moved from the EU server to the asia server to play with my friends and i have found the balancing on that server to be barely tolerable I have not had ONE GAME since changing server that I have not been AT LEAST one Tier below every other player. and alot of times i am two - three tiers below other players. at that point it is not worth even playing because they all out gun, out range, and out manuvour you. Quite frankly i am sick of it. another thing that i would like to complain about is the fact that i do not believe that the damage done by the larger shells is accurate or represented.well enough. i say this because i can fire 200mm HE shell at a battleship and do 1000 damage, i can then go and fire a 356mm HE shell and do 1000 damage, oh and i wont go into how many times the enemy has managed to take 2 thirds of my health away while i could never even get close to that on them. a third issue that i would like to raise is the inconsistent damage of torpedoes it doesn't matter where i get hit by torps i loose most of my health, the other day an enemy battleship ate 6 of mine, thats right 6 torpedoes, and the total damage was on about 60% of his health.... does wargaming just have it in for me or something. My last two issues that are starting to piss me off are WALL RIDERS & KILL THIEFS, what in gods name possessed, wargaming to allow ships to pass halfway through the map edge, so that only half of the ship is able to have hits on it count, while they are able to keep shooting back at you with no issues. Also those dirty rotten bloody kill thiefs, so many times i find that i have done around 70 - 90% damage to an enemy vessel just to have a team mate notice the low health take one shot, get the kill and walk away. that bloody bugger should get a KILL ASSIST, at best, while you should get the credit for kill or get a kill assist as well because it is becoming a joke at the moment, you literally have team members that follow you around the map and wait for you to take most of the damage off of the enemy and swoop in to take the kill.... i have really had enough right about now, so i hope this patch is going to be a good one.