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  1. Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    No compensations for the players is one thing. Another thing is....they didn't even apologize to the players who bore with their error. Even on WoWs site, the only thing they said is "Thank you for your cooperation". That's not an apology no matter how you look at it. More like they were trying to tell the players to deal with it and buy DoY to complete the campaign. Thet clearly don't even care anymore and just aim for profits instead. Sure the Moderators said sorry but not many people check the forum to see the apology.
  2. Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    So no compensation nor any changes to the tasks to compensate the players for their errors. Well played WG.
  3. Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    They won't fix it until tomorrow's morning so we're out of luck. And they didn't mention any compensation either.
  4. Come on WG, is this even THAT sensitve?

    If the Duke of York has premium bonus exp and credits unlike the Graf Spee then i don't really mind the grind. But if not...
  5. Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    It should be since the exp requirement for the task is already ridiculously high, and some players already wasted a lot of precious flags/camos for it.
  6. Campaigns

    Tips: for High Caliber, go in Ranked Battle and try to do as much damages as possible.
  7. Can you spot it and how was it possible?
  8. DDs detection in 'new' smoke mechanic

    FYI British Cruisers from T8 and above have both sonar and radar but they have to give up smoke for the radar.
  9. Any RN CL expert?

    Gotta wait for some time until they adapt to the smoke nerf though.
  10. Octopus Marathon - Fast and ...

    the first stage of the last week is hard for me...
  11. Server clash SEA vs EU details

    I feel like OST is not even trying there...
  12. atlanta feels like a complete waste of money

    Do you really had to necro a thread from May?
  13. The only CL that is not affected by the IFHE change...
  14. *thinking about Atlanta/Flint*... Even more NOOOOO...
  15. IFHE and smoke changes

    pretty sure Atlanta/Flint is unaffected by this change...