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  1. Gotta wait for some time until they adapt to the smoke nerf though.
  2. the first stage of the last week is hard for me...
  3. I feel like OST is not even trying there...
  4. Do you really had to necro a thread from May?
  5. The only CL that is not affected by the IFHE change...
  6. *thinking about Atlanta/Flint*... Even more NOOOOO...
  7. pretty sure Atlanta/Flint is unaffected by this change...
  8. Sometimes i have to wonder what's the point of smoke if there are so many things that can make smoke useless?
  9. My Mogami is crying in the corner right now when she heard about the IFHE changes...
  10. If you have 1 blueprint, you get Bellerophon, 2 blueprints you get Orion and Iron Duke (also the HMS Iron Duke flag) if you have all 3 (at least that what it says on the portal). You miss out on 1 of them, you will only get the T4 Orion.
  11. RIP my 155mm Mogami...
  12. Well just go co-op and you can spam HE whatever you like and no one will ever complain.
  13. Don't have Mino but i have Neptune so it still works.
  14. Maybe you should know that Minotaur with AA range upgrades and AFT can have maximum AA range higher than their own air detection range.
  15. Yeah but did Mino shoot? If he shot his guns or his AA, he will have an increase in detection range. If he shot his main guns then he will have the detection range equal to his main guns range. And if you didn't shoot before he did, then you'll spot him before he can spot you cuz of gameplay mechanic.