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  1. Maybe you should know that Minotaur with AA range upgrades and AFT can have maximum AA range higher than their own air detection range.
  2. Yeah but did Mino shoot? If he shot his guns or his AA, he will have an increase in detection range. If he shot his main guns then he will have the detection range equal to his main guns range. And if you didn't shoot before he did, then you'll spot him before he can spot you cuz of gameplay mechanic.
  3. Like humusz said above, the stats show in the loading screen don't count upgrades and captain skills so most players will just ignore the loading screen stats.
  4. My Neptune will like it when the 2nd stage of Yamamoto campaign goes live.
  5. There are cases when enemy hides behind island but without lock-on, your shells cannot lob over the island to hit them. With lock-on your shells can somehow lob over island and hit them anyway.
  6. Double posts.
  7. I was talking about fighter9374 though, it seems he already edited that.
  8. You might want to edit one of your posts up there. So many profanities in just one post might bring the banhammer upon you (are the moderators still sleeping?).
  9. Oh right, that clan...I met one of them the other day and he complained about my division is useless which has a stock Dmitri and my Ibuki (who doesn't have a 10 points captain). He complained about Baltimore being the worst T9 CA while i pointed out that Baltimore has 2nd best AA without DFAA, best AP shell and has long-lasting radar to boot while my Ibuki is almost considered to be the worst T9 CA in the whole game.
  10. You do realise that you are talking to the guy who has more than 13k battles right? Don't play much? I don't think so.
  11. For the record, OP, you didn't even pass T5 yet so why bother with T10 so soon?
  12. For the record, he doesn't have to cuz he's the same as us.
  13. I really shouldn't have played in the evening cuz MM will screw me all over with potatoes teammates who prefer to snipe than to play objectives... Played this morning and won the very first match. EDITED: and yes, she's a great ship and i like her name (look at my profile pic and you'll know why).
  14. 3x3 16inches at T7 would be overkill though (ignoring that she has Izumo's turrets layout and better repair).
  15. I'm really having trouble with Neptune right now...Not because she was bad but weekends MM couple with +200% 1st win event screw me all over. Can't get a decent team for a win and Neptune is stuck at 0% WR now....