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  1. Goodie999

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    I originally read it to mean only first purchase during the bonus period (incentivising large purchase rather than multiple small ones). Why would the make it only for ppl who have never bought anything?
  2. Goodie999

    How to find Aussie clan

  3. Goodie999

    How to find Aussie clan

    Hi guys, Just joined wows. Been on wot for a long time. What's the best way to find an aussie (or english speaking) clan to help learn the basics? I'm a bit thrown off by the lack of 'clan' section in the forum (unless I'm blind). Ideally just a clan of not-terrible, non-douchebag people to play together. Feel free to shoot me a pm here or in game. Thanks heaps
  4. Goodie999

    Any Mac players out there?

    I've literally just started ships after wot for a long time. I use mac on both - I press fn+F button (e.g. fn+F5) to send those messages. Occasional other key swaps with control/alt etc. just need to experiment. Hope that helps.